Your Divine Rights


All these issues we come to Earth to work out – karma, family, genetics…

Do we have any rights?? Yes, we do.

We each have the right to be a unique Self, the right to exist, the right to know – it is a Universal Law.

There are many more spiritual rights that we do have as the incarnate entities. But often the messages we receive from people are exactly the opposite.

We are taught that saying what you actually feel is inconsiderate, or that wanting something will only hurt you. Or even that being yourself is rude! We are told we will hurt other people if we name the truth, that it is impolite. That if you claim the space for yourself, or consider your needs first, then you are selfish and bad. We often hear that we will never know or see the spiritual world, or God, because it is too far out of our reach etc.

But we all have the right to our spiritual Self! These rights do come with commitments though – we as Souls made these commitments before we incarnated into the material bodies.


Each chakra is responsible for a particular energy frequency, which also coincides with a divine right and commitment.

The Vertical Tube holds the right to be unique and our commitment to that uniqueness. When the energy flows freely through the vertical tube, we stand in our personal uniqueness.

“A vertical flow of energy feeds all the chakras and connects them to each other. It looks like a hollow tube filled with light. (You might be familiar with the Indian traditional name for this vertical tube—the ‘prana tube’—and the Universal energy flowing through it, ‘prana’).

The tube shape exists on each level of the aura, one inside the other from the etheric level up to the conceptual, just like all the chakras (similar to the Russian matreshka dolls). Energy pumps up and down inside the tube. It is like an internal engine without which we cannot exist; it is the ‘warp core’ of our being. Energy charge moves in multi-spiral motion in both directions.

The top and bottom of the tube are open vortexes, known as the crown and the root chakras. The narrow tips of the other chakras connect to the vertical tube perpendicularly (at ninety degree angles) from the front and the back of the body.

All the chakras have to be open for the vertical flow to work well. If our chakras are clogged and not functioning, the vertical flow is disrupted, limiting our ability to fully exist here on Earth. The body becomes weak or ill, the energy levels cannot communicate with each other creating fracturing of the personality, making us feel alone, lost, stuck, trapped and not worthy of love. Pretty much a fragmented vertical flow locks us in our personal hell…”

– excerpt from the chapter “Human Energy Field Anatomy, Part 2: Chakras”  

The root chakra reflects our divine right to exist – if you are in a body, you have the right to be here, period. Your Soul Contract with the planet is your “legal documentation” for your right to be here. This is also your Soul’s commitment to the “mission” of being in matter and learning through that experience.

“The will to live is the consciousness of the root chakra. If that chakra is closed, we will have no will to live and the physical body can literally die without having any particular illness (‘she lost the will to live after her husband died and slowly withered away’). The amount of energy available to the physical body is determined by the root chakra. Even if the other chakras have a lot of energy, but the root is blocked, the physical body will be in trouble, unable to get the supply of energy ‘food’ necessary for health…”

 excerpt from the chapter “Human Energy Field Anatomy, Part 2: Chakras”  

The crown chakra is the right to know and the commitment to pursue the Higher Knowledge. This is not a mental knowing through analytical thinking. Crown chakra knowing is conceptual and holographic – it is a deep understanding of something, when your whole being is involved, not only your head. And we have the RIGHT to know what we NEED to know, and that is contingent on our choices to seek the Higher Knowledge.

“Crown chakra acts as the bridge between the human energy system, including the physical body, and the Soul. When the crown chakra is open and healthy, we feel connectedness with the Universe, being a part of All That Is. Spirituality becomes an experience, not a dogmatic idea or a mental concept. This experience is unique to each person, it cannot be easily explained in linear words. It is a transcendental state of being.

Through the crown chakra we can comprehend infinity, whereas to our personality infinity is an abstract concept, not an experience, because we live in a finite linear reality.

The crown chakra is also responsible for a sense of purpose in our life. Faith (not to be confused with religion) is the gateway to purpose, which rewards us with feelings of peace, belonging and wholeness. This purpose in life is not a direct linear plan. Humans often make the mistake of thinking that their purpose in life has be a particular career, or marrying a certain person, or writing a book/making a movie, or starting some campaign, et cetera. It is never this linear; it cannot be.

The crown chakra receives guidance from the Soul about a particular type of learning we are here to do. The Mission Alpha of each human is still to get their Soul connected into their body, which eventually turns the physical body into Light/consciousness. Built into this main ‘mission’ are smaller ones about particular types of learning. Someone might choose to learn courage, and he can do it by becoming a firefighter or a single dad. Or speaking up for yourself can be learned by getting a job as a public speaker or by telling the truth at a family dinner.

The energy of the crown chakra is what guides us into these situations, magnifying the intuitive feeling that ‘this is it, this is my moment to do/say something’. This is the purpose we are talking about, the access to the synchronicity of the Universe.

The crown chakra is not only accessed when we are in meditation, its power exists as spirituality 24/7…”

 excerpt from the chapter “Human Energy Field Anatomy, Part 2: Chakras”


The 2nd chakra is the right to like or dislike something. You might not have an option of not doing something, but you still have the right to not like it. Ability to like and dislike is a requirement for creation!

“The front aspect is located at the belly, the back one in the lower back sacrum bone area. They have different purposes, even though they work as a unit. They connect to each other through the vertical tube in the center of the body. Both aspects relate to the consciousness of pleasure, passion, abundance, joy, creativity, sexual potency and self-love in their balanced state, and shame, guilt and scarcity in their imbalanced state…”

 an excerpt from the “Human Energy Field Anatomy, part 2: Chakras”

The 3rd chakra is the right to want. This is not the same as “having it” – you might not have the right to have something (for example, it is not egregious to steal), but you always have the right to want it anyway 🙂 It is healthy to want, otherwise we lose the desire to create.

“The front of the third chakra represents identity power; it is a statement about who you are in the world. This chakra is filled with energy patterns called personal codes, which are operational programs for your identity. When the third chakra on the front is balanced, we respect ourselves and have high self-esteem. The potency of this chakra relates to mental clarity, the more charge we have there, the more sure we are about ourselves. We cannot respect ourselves if we do not have a clear idea about who we are; that is, if this chakra is clogged, we disrespect the Self and others. When we do not like something about ourselves, we tend to twist and turn our third chakra, making it ‘look’ down or to the side, instead of right in front of us…”

 an excerpt from the “Human Energy Field Anatomy, part 2: Chakras”

The 4th chakra is the right to be undefended. Believe it or not, we were not designed to walk around in all this “armor” of fears, anxieties and hyper-vigilance. We have a divine right to be open. This, of course, does not mean “exposed” as in naked. We still need to have a healthy boundary to define ourselves, but without the “armor”.

“The front of the heart processes the consciousness of compassion, kindness, love and connectedness with all life. If this chakra is balanced and open, we feel connected to the whole world, we are able to love not just people close to us, but all humans, all animals, the planet, et cetera. An open heart allows us to feel the whole person, not just what is presented to us. Kind of like ‘seeing the good in people’, the heart shows us that there is a capacity for loving and kindness even in the most closed off, scared and acting mean/angry/rude person. The open heart also can tell you if something is not true, if someone is lying about their feelings. With an open heart we are able to love without the expectation of being loved back. We do not necessarily give love to others; we allow it to flow between us and them.

The energy that this Universe is made of is unconditional; it is this pure unconditionality we humans call love. Universal energy equals Universal love, it is one and the same. Universal love energy can be twisted, diffused, pressured, or turned inside out, and we experience all these variations in different ways (as anger, hate, pleasure, joy, terror, cruelty, curiosity etc.), but before they were modified to make the diversity of expressions, they all were originally love. Since everything in this Universe is made of love, the heart chakra directs only this love energy towards someone; love cannot be separated into love and non-love, everything is love.

The front of the heart chakra also transmutes the lower chakra’s frequencies into higher ones. It does so on every level, serving as a true gateway from the lower personality to the higher. This connects to the action of the physical heart, which we will go into later. But the energy of compassion is the main one running through the heart…”

 an excerpt from the “Human Energy Field Anatomy, part 2: Chakras”

The 5th chakra is the right to speak our truth. If we speak our truth of the moment with kindness, it allows change. Speaking the truth as a means to hurt is not the same as the divine truth expression. Truth is not meant as a weapon, but as a transformer, anchorer or opener.

“The throat aspect represents self-expression and taking in life ‘as is’. This means that if the throat is functioning well, we can receive life’s circumstances as they come, no matter what they are, with trust and the assurance that we are going to learn through them. The truth of our being is the consciousness in the throat…” 

– an excerpt from the “Human Energy Field Anatomy, part 2: Chakras”

The 6th chakra is the right to see reality inside the illusion. Don’t ever let someone tell you that this material stuff is all there is! Life is sooo much bigger than that! When we get stuck on the circumstantial story, we forfeit our divine right to see with clarity. Claim it!

“The front of the third eye chakra is responsible for envisioning. Anytime we want to envision something, to come up with an idea for something we do not yet know or to see ourselves or others differently, we use the third eye. When it is balanced, it represents the ability to envision the Self in wholeness, we see ourselves as a precious/powerful/satisfied being, connected to the Universe…” 

– an excerpt from the “Human Energy Field Anatomy, part 2: Chakras” 


The 2nd chakra on the back is the right to have energy for what we need and want. All this stuff that “when you get older, you have less energy” is a lie! We have the RIGHT to have all the energy we want/need for our lives. But we have to believe it, we have to claim it, we have to let go of limiting beliefs about illness and aging (they only serve our fears)

The 3rd chakra on the back is our right to be whole. We are meant to be harmonious!

The 4th chakra on the back is our right to choose – it is the free will. People often live their whole lives in reaction to external circumstances, not realizing that they gave up their right to freedom, all the while feeling trapped. Don’t let that happen to you. Circumstances are only the triggers for the issues we already have on the inside. Dealing with these issues directly allows you to exercise your free will.

The 5th chakra on the back is the right to be independent. But, hey, it comes with a price – self responsibility. If you are fully responsible for yourself, then you become independent.

The 6th chakra on the back is the right to strategize. If you have one idea after the other, but can’t seem to figure out how to make them happen, you are not using your right to strategize. It is one of your divine rights, i.e. you are capable of figuring out anything you need to figure out!

There much more information about this in my book “Mission Alpha” – check it out HERE.

Fully claiming our Divine Rights and following through on our Soul’s commitments leads us into an amazing experience of our unique Self, present in matter and in the Higher Knowledge of our journey!