Recognizing the Enveloping Light in your Body

The Enveloping Light around Earth in the 3D has been increasing and vibrating more, as it receives its charge from the Galactic center. There is a difference between our more familiar way of processing vibration (from the outside inward) and this new from-the-inside-out vibration.

The processing in the familiar way, and typical integration, is experienced often as an internal struggle, sometimes it’s a full out war between the Lower Self and the Higher Self. There is definitely friction, and the Ego must stay centered and aligned with the Higher Self to keep integrating the incoming energies and to clear/change/process the old that is in the way of the new. 

This processing is a necessary step of any integration of new patterns. And when this processing reaches the body, the body might have aches, tensions, pains, pressures, weaknesses, oddities, etc. – this is the “body vibration” as the lower etheric layers process and integrate the incoming new energy. Without the body going through these uncomfortable vibrations we cannot fully integrate anything. When there is no resistance, then the body vibrating is more pleasant to us – it feels like an inner hum as the body comes into alignment with the more harmonious energies.

The Enveloping Light is a very different type of experience. It feels as if you are surrounded by a cloud of soft Light that is beaming into you pulse-like waves. Then something from the inside of you begins to pulse to match these incoming waves. That pulse is first felt in the energy field, but eventually it is felt in the body. 

In the energy field this pulse is experienced as two waves bouncing between the outer edge of your field and your Core Star (or you can think of it as the you-inside-the-vertical-tube). Once there is enough charge, the incoming waves are able to vibrate the physical body – it feels like you are being “gently pulsed” or shaken by the soft Light. 

This only feels uncomfortable if the internal Light that we were able to generate through the processing of our own issues is not bright enough to match the external Enveloping Light. 

Thus, if you are experiencing this pulsing and it feels jagged and rough, it is because the system is not calibrated properly – i.e., back up and do some personal processing to amplify the charge of your own field first.

So, tune into your own Uniqueness and commit to consciously amplifying your own Light – so that incoming cosmic Enveloping Light can easy enter your body and activate your Soul’s blueprint.