How to deal with
people of lower consciousness

If you are vibrating in the energy range of non-judgment and detached compassion, but still are living “in the world” (as in – have a job to go to, have to interact with relatives and your children’s teachers and other parents, have not-so-conscious friends, etc.), then you would agree that it can be extremely difficult. The main reason for that difficulty is that “the world” is mostly in the Lower 3-D Earth range.

Currently our planet is divided into the Lower 3-D Earth and the Higher 3-D Earth. These “two earths” co-exist in the same material space, both anchored in the atomic structure of our planet. They differ by the range of consciousness, not the location.

This means that you might be standing in front of a cashier in a supermarket, and he won’t notice you, since you are in the “higher earth” range, and he is in the “lower earth” range of vibration – and you might have to do something to get his attention, to which he would be startled when he finally recognizes that you are standing in front of him. Or you might be having a conversation with your not-so-conscious friend, or another parent from your child’s school, and you will say something that makes total sense to you – but they look back at you with a blank stare as if what you just said was a total non-sequitur, or they might not hear you at all as if you hadn’t spoken. My personal favorite is when people literally run into me in a bank, or opening a door in a store, and have a look of complete confusion on their faces as if I suddenly materialized in front of them, because I was so much not on their radar that I didn’t exist in their world prior to impact!

If you are vibrating at a higher frequency Earth rate, you might find that the person you are talking with is not able to relate to what you are saying, as if they are not comprehending the words, even if the words are actually simple. This is because when we speak, all the words in our linear sentences actually come out of the energy pattern/beliefs, and if your beliefs are of a much faster vibrations, even though the words are common, the meaning might not be translatable to many you are trying to communicate with. So prepare for the blank stares!

Does this mean we should not bother trying to interact with people who are in the Lower 3-D Earth? Not exactly… It is beneficial to remember that even though you might be vibrating more congruently than the person you are talking to, you are NOT better than them! There is no hierarchy of consciousness, or hierarchy of dimensions! One plane of existence if not better or worse than the other – this is a matter of opinion. At your level of consciousness (let’s say in the Higher Self mode), you might prefer a peaceful harmonious environment, while to someone at a slower level of vibration (let’s say a Lower Self mode) your idea of “heaven” might look like a “hell” – they would see it as “boring and dead”!

Someone on a descending path (going further into density), towards the end of it, might find separation, judgments, competition and arrogant belief in their rightness not only “fun”, but also necessary, as the “only way” of existence. While someone on an ascending path might crave more harmony, beauty, cooperation, etc.  Someone, who is only beginning their descent into density might also want Beauty and Peace, but for a very different reason (because it reminds them of the Oneness they recently left to incarnate here!) – that person might judge the current state of separation on Earth as “insanity”, yet they themselves are required to go through it – in fact, that would be the very reason they chose to come here in the first place! So, remember – one vibration is not better than the other, but you have a choice with which one you want to be synchronized. Thus when we judge, we only LOWER our frequency! Thus remain in the high frequency of non-judgment and self-love.