Activated Internal Transformation

The current planetary changes are generating very strong “energy waves” from the center of the planet, as she is answering to the solar energy. The Sun is triggering these changes (as agreed by Pi, the planetary host, and the Solar Council) by sending towards Earth a lot of radiation with multitudes of new codes, meant to activate the planet (and the whole solar system, actually). There has always been radiation coming from the Sun, that is a normal “communication” method between it and the planetary bodies.

You might have noticed that it is very difficult to handle these energy changes at times… The oscillations of the electro-magnetic field of Earth affect directly our own energy bodies, creating sort of a cascade effect – when for a moment (or a duration of the fluctuation!) you are not at your center. My energy guides call these “temporary insanities” 

All these fluctuations are triggering our own issues – they never just put into you something that is not yours! So, it is very important to take responsibility for what is being triggered. Usually it is one of three things: unprocessed emotion, or anchor point of identity, or etheric fear. Sometimes one of these is triggered, at other times two or all three at the same time.

Unprocessed emotion means that there is something that is in the way of your spiritual development and it is on your emotional level, and it must be faced and dealt with in order for you to evolve further. This issue will be triggered by the planetary changes over and over until you face it, and deal with it (which sometimes takes years, so do not feel like a failure if you seem to have the same emotion activated again and again!)

The anchor point of identity is about how we see ourselves… Are you the body? Are you the personality? Are you your emotions only? Thoughts only? Are you too far out of your body and tend to forget that you are actually incarnated? Any issues in this identity anchor will be triggered by the planetary changes.

The etheric fear is all about the basic fear energy pattern stored in our etheric bodies. We have loads and loads of fear stored there – from all the lifetimes when we were tortured, killed, died in some catastrophes or were sick for a long time and felt trapped in our physical hurt bodies… Etheric fear keeps our lower selves alive, so letting it go is essential for spiritual development!

Here are the signs of each of these “temporary insanities”, so you can tell when they are occurring in your energy system (corresponding to a planetary adjustment):

For the unprocessed emotion: Your ability to remain clear in witnessing the external world disappears and suddenly you are overwhelmed by something emotional. That emotion has originated inside you (as in “it is your own issue”), not something projected onto you from the outside, but that internal emotion is often magnified out of proportion, dwarfing all the other emotions and thoughts. This might also be felt as an intense confusion, if this is your habitual defense against processing emotions; or as an intense anger wave, if that is your defense against fears and doubts.

For the anchor point of identity: Your body feels suddenly sick – like you are going to faint, or there is nausea, severe headache/migraine, and intense muscle aches (and other flu-like symptoms).

For the etheric fear: You feel utterly overwhelmed, like you just cannot process the input. This usually causes a high level of anxiety, or fear for no reason, with no “story” attached to it.

Applying the Self-love, self-responsibility, presence and the chakra awareness will help you handle these arising issues properly.