Enlightenment on Atomic level


Enlightenment usually does not occur all at once. Most of the time we enlighten one of our energy bodies at the time (astral, or truth body, of conceptual, for example) – and that takes lifetimes! 

Once that body becomes Light, it supports similar process in the other bodies. But it is a process… Sometimes people think that they must “get their affairs in order” because if they ascend, they will “disappear from here” instantaneously. (That is possible, but very rare, and usually is accompanied by something very dramatic and painful – like dying of bleeding out and suddenly understanding the whole picture of Spirit).

Enlightenment is a gradual process, when we become lighter and lighter – we let go of attachments to outcomes, to things, to people; we open our hearts to all of life and welcome it while intensely feeling the Soul-Self. 

Because becoming lighter takes time here in the material plane, you will be able to get all your affairs in order before fully transcending 🙂

The main component of Enlightenment is that we must become lighter! That encompasses all the areas of your life – in the food you feed your body, in the experiences you choose to have, types of people you socialize with, types of movies you watch; in how much time you choose to spend alone, listening to the Great Silence, in exploring in following your intuition and inner knowing, etc. 

The more we focus in and let go of the external definition, the more we come in touch with our Soul-Selves.

The atoms that our bodies are made of, the molecules made of atoms, the large organisms made of trillions of molecules, and our perception of reality – all are speeding up. The other matter (which typically is not fashionable to consider alive), like rocks, crystals, metals and gasses – is changing too. We, human beings, are experiencing days getting faster. 

As the atoms in our bodies spin faster, we step into a different level of density. Each dimension has a “density range”, so if our 3D atomic structure (of this Simulation and of our bodies) vibrates faster, it extends into the 4th, 5th etc. density – outside of the range of 3D. 

The speed of vibration of your atoms determines the dimension you are able to perceive! 

I.e. in order for us to ascend (transcend this simulated reality), our atoms have to spin faster – our molecules will vibrate faster, transferring our awareness into a wider dimensional range.

The ascension is an “inside out flip” of consciousness. The speed of vibration of atoms will eventually make them not like the atoms we know, that our body is made of now. At that point we turn our simulated reality inside out.
It takes no linear time, or one can say “it happens fast” from human perspective. One second seems fast only to us – that is because of how fast (or slow!) we are able to think. From a universal perception, a second is an immense amount of time. Nature’s clock runs faster than our thought, so one second is an enormous amount of time in which many events can occur.

If you feel anxious or exhausted, but you have not done anything to cause it (didn’t deprive yourself of food, water, sleep, didn’t over-do, etc.) – then it might be because your atomic structure is integrating planetary updates, speeding you up. 

There is much more information about this in my book “Mission Alpha” – check it out HERE.

Take a breath, tune into yourself, make sure you allow enough time in calm grounded presence, sit in the Great Silence and give your body a chance to catch up and equilibrate with the new speed.