Interview with Eugenia about
the Animal Spirit Guides

Magic Inquirer: Today we are going to talk with Eugenia about the animal guides, based on her book “The Secret of Sekhmet“. The totem animals had been employed by the shamans of many cultures. Tell us more about Simon-the-cat please.

Eugenia: Well, first of all, Simon is not a “totem animal” – he is a conscious energy entity who chooses to show himself to Craig in a form of a cat. He is not actually an animal, he is a being who can probably look differently depending on his desire and who he is interacting with. Because Craig was introduced to the idea of an “animal guide” by the shaman he met a long time ago, when Craig was looking to make a contact with that guide, the entity decided to show himself in a form of an animal – to accommodate Craig, most likely.

And second, “totem” means a “sacred symbol” – it is an archetypal energy, a morphogenic field or a group consciousness, used to identify a human tribe/group and uphold its identity. Shamans often used totems to guide them, but it is not the same as an actual energy guide. Totem is an overall archetypal consciousness of, lets say, bears, or eagles, or cats, while an energy guide is a unique being who might have been in a form of a bear, eagle or a cat at some point and thus prefers it, or just likes that form and thus chooses to show up in it to a shaman. When one interacts with a totem of a bear, for example, one interacts with a group soul of all bears (like an ultimate Mama Bear!), or with a morphognic field of what humans think/believe about the bears (like strength, survival, etc.) But when one interacts with an energy guide, it feels like a personal “conversation” – there is a back and forth, and that guide can have opinions, advice, show love/affection etc.

Magic Inquirer: You said that an energy guide, in the case of Simon-the-cat, an animal energy guide, right? That these beings present themselves to us in the form that WE expect?

Eugenia: See, our energy guides do that – they present themselves to us in a form that we are most comfortable with – as not to upset us 🙂 Most people are not ready for an idea that their favorite “angel” who they believe watches over them might actually be an alien-looking blue-skinned 6th dimensional humanoid, or a 4th dimensional reptilian lizard-looking female with a big heart chakra, or a 5th dimensional insectoid praying-mantis-looking being! That would be shocking to most people who are trained to think of “guides” and “angels,” and other supportive beings, in a human beauty terms, laced with centuries of religious pictures. 

We  even divide animals based on human perspectives – like spiders, insects, snakes are bad and furry cuddly mamals are generally good! In truth all forms are just that – forms. They are designed for different lessons. Some cultures might fear a snake while in ancient Egypt the very symbol for mystery schools of knowledge was a cobra called Wadjet. 

Since the main objective of an energy guide is to actually guide us, help us, it would be counter-productive to shock us by their very appearance! Energy beings are very patient about human prejudices.

Magic Inquirer: Why did you write Craig’s animal guide as a cat?

Eugenia: I love cats, I feel related to them 🙂 I myself have guides who look feline and I also remember my own lifetimes in the 6th dimension as a feline. Thus to me making Simon a cat was a very natural choice!

Magic Inquirer: You said that you remember your own lifetimes as some sorts of a cat. Can people incarnate into animals?

Eugenia: No, people cannot. The evolution of a soul on Earth progresses from the group animal soul into an individual human soul. But I was not talking about “incarnating as a cat”. See, the forms that we have here on Earth – like cats, lizards, butterflies, wales – they are all templates first. The blueprints for these templates come from beings who exist on other dimensions, who are very conscious and have civilizations on their own. When this Earth’s Simulation for Human Experiment was constructed, many multi-dimensional species had donated their blueprints to generate possible templates here on Earth for souls to play with, to incarnate into.

For example, here are 8th dimensional butterfly-looking beings who are amazing conscious creators, they belong to the Kadishtu group. They are not from our galaxy and are very far from the density of our 3rd dimension – they could not exist here. But they donated their codes into our Simulation, and this is why we have butterflies on Earth! Earth’s butterflies had evolved from other insects, of course, but the code of their possible shape was pre-installed into our environment. And since we have free will here, it could have been opened or not – we could have not taken that path of activating that code and then we would not had any butterflies on Earth.

The same with the felines. There are 6th dimensional feline beings – these are the ones I incarnated with. These beings also added their codes into Earth’s Simulation, and the evolution activated that code – this is why we now have multitudes of various feline species on Earth.

The consciousness of beings who donated the codes is always much much higher than anything on Earth – they created this Simulation after all! The forms inside the Simulation that mirror these great beings are much less conscious. For example, a spider on Earth is not a conscious being at all, while great Arachnian beings who donated the code are very much conscious.

Magic Inquirer: Simon-the-cat character seems to be frustrated a lot. Why?

Eugenia: Oh, this was mirrored after an energy being I knew… He was annoyed about having to downsize the information into the 3rd dimensional view. I myself run into this issue often when I try to explain a multidimensional concept!

Magic Inquirer: Thank you very much, Eugenia. This was very enlightening.