Shield Align

We are not victims. Ever. Of anything or anybody.

The past few years have been very intense involving planetary energies – the Lower 3D fear-based morphogenic fields have been “at war” with the Higher 3D harmonious “all is one” templates – this resulted in a lot of people being triggered into “having to prove that they could stay in the Higher Self” – through the challenging situations, negative moods, or body aches. 

As these “ascension symptoms” showed up, each person had to make a choice to go into fear/trauma/pain about this, or to stay in the Higher Self mode.

Many humans have experienced this planetary situation as a fear-laden turmoil, with occasional moments of insanity (just look at the current politics or the world situation in general). Many have had their negative mental loops re-activate (negative self-talk) or have been in a negative emotional morass (depressive self-diminishing swamp). 

When this occurs, it is easy to think that someone else is in charge – it couldn’t possibly be us doing this to ourselves, right? In reality there is a truth to both: there are plenty of negative agendas at play on Earth in the Lower 3D right now (including human and alien architects), but there is also an amazing awakening push for the Higher 3D and it is the RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH person to choose wisely.

People often talk about “implants” – some kind of manipulating energy-technology program that is affecting them negatively and if they could just remove it, everything would be alright… Well, this is not so. First of all, most of the time when we feel emotionally off, or psychologically triggered, it is not because of any alien implant, or a lower astral being attachment, but simply because we are not disciplined enough to remain in our Higher Selves, instead we slide down into the immature Lower Self viewpoints – and these Lower Self beliefs then generate the negative emotions that we want to escape. 

The solution here is to take responsibility for the immature beliefs and clean them up by UPGRADING your understanding and self-love – this will naturally resolve the negative emotions.

In a very rare case where there actually is an alien implant program embedded into one’s field, we are still not victims of it. Yes, someone must have wanted to put it into us, but we would have had to allow it. We cannot control who out there in the universe wants to do what – there are plenty of selfish beings, or just hungry beings who do not discriminate on their energy-food source! 

But just because someone wants to place an implant into you, or even eat you, doesn’t mean that they get to do this. Here is where the Shield Align comes in.

The Shield Align is a simultaneous overlay of four specific energy alignments (shields) that are required to make sure that no one can mess with your energy system from the outside – ever. (This includes lower astral critters, people who might want to drain you, social and alien manipulations, etc.)

The four alignments are:

  • Strong personal Boundary and presence in the Vertical Tube at all times;
  • Fearlessness based on a deep understanding that you are a Loving Creator of your journey;
  • Ability to make clear choices by resonating with your uniqueness / Self / individuality;
  • Free of any addictions by the fact of self-discipline and staying in the Higher Self.

Practice the Shield Align every day, adding one shield at a time. This is NOT self-protection or defense (these IMPLY an enemy!) 

The Shield Align is a self-sustaining right of every Soul incarnate – we just forgot how to do it over the long periods of being stuck in the dark. It is time to remember, practice, and be free!