Soul Lineage Codes

Discover Your Ancestry,

Awaken Dormant Superpowers,

& Fulfill Your Mission on Earth

AUGUST 5th - DECEMBER 30th, 2024



 You’ve been on a spiritual path for ages, yet your Purpose still feels as elusive as your car keys when you’re rushing out of the house.

Despite devouring spiritual books, meditating like a monk, and surrendering to the divine, you’re still left wondering, “What exactly am I supposed to DO?

You hop between desires, spiritual paths, and manifestation techniques, like a multi-D butterfly, hoping to land on the certainty of your place in the world.

You can’t seem to trust the signs you’re receiving, and when you do follow through, the results feel foggy.

You’re frustrated with the current state of the world and wish you could bring forth the profound insights you feel in your heart.

You’re tired of emotionally reacting, but despite years of therapy and self-work, you still wobble in your alignment like a yoga newbie in tree pose.

You know you’re here to awaken the human collective, but figuring out how to create this impact without shocking your nervous system or uprooting your life feels like trying to solve a cosmic riddle.

What if you have a secret Mission to fulfill,
meant to uplift humanity?

What if that Mission also meant to bring you joy,
a sense of belonging &
deep inner peace?

Just imagine…

Getting direct support from your Soul family – like having a spiritual cheerleading squad!

Feeling certain about your purpose and how to live it – finally knowing which way is up on your cosmic GPS.

Never again questioning your value – because you’re a divine rockstar and you know it.

Allowing multidimensional love energy to enter your being – it’s like a constant hug from the Universe.

Feeling emotionally balanced despite external circumstances – Zen mode: activated.

Trusting your Soul Group to co-create with you on Earth – helping you heal both humanity and yourself.

Resonating the frequency of your highest truth at all times – because your “star DNA” is now online.

Positively affecting the human collective as you go through your daily life – spreading good vibes like confetti.

Activating amazing superpowers from your Soul lineage – because who wouldn’t love discovering some hidden gems within?

Welcome to the

A 22-week program for spiritual seekers
who are ready to claim their Soul Inheritance,
step up their Soul Mission,
remove blockages, to support & healing,
and live in high frequency & conscious mastery.


By reconnecting to your Soul family, you permanently heal that “abandoned on Earth” feeling, no more guessing games about your cosmic origins.

By owning your spiritual inheritance, you ignite a deep sense of belonging, joy, and fulfillment, allowing divine love and guidance to flow in like a cosmic GPS.

By activating your star genetics, you become a sovereign being amidst low-frequency chaos, gaining the ability to regenerate and heal your body like a true cosmic superhero.

By claiming your Soul Mission, you unleash those dormant superpowers you’ve been saving for a rainy day, fully embracing the value you hold for your Soul Group.

By resonating your truth into the collective humanity, you shed any fear of visibility, confidently stepping into your rightful place and role in the world.

What is included:

22 Multi-D Energy Transmissions (each 8-hour long!) – to activate your Soul Inheritance and clear what might be in the way;

10 Masterclasses – to understand the mechanics of how your Soul got into 3D, how your DNA can activate star codes, and what your Mission on Earth is really about;

6 Meditations – to help you embody the transcension experience, the Soul Lineage Codes, and unique resonance of your specific Soul path;

Journal prompts to integrate the material;

That is hours and hours of nowhere-else-available teachings that will help you find your true Purpose, activate star genetics, and unpack your way to impacting humanity as you live your life in alignment and joy.

PLUS Transcripts & MP3 of all the trainings;

PLUS all video & audio material is ENERGETICALLY ENCODED to help you absorb & apply it, expanding your energy system as you study!

PLUS a private Facebook Group where you can ask Eugenia questions and connect with other students!

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LESSON #1: Reconnect to Your Soul Lineage

Say goodbye to feeling adrift! Discover your unique resonance and identify your Soul group of origin. Reconnecting to your Soul lineage unlocks a profound sense of belonging and self-worth. In this lesson, you’ll learn to release the need to micromanage and overthink, fostering deep trust in your own perception. This newfound clarity helps you claim your Life Purpose without feeling spiritually inadequate. Plus, you’ll find it easier to communicate with your Soul Group as the pieces of your larger life puzzle come together seamlessly.

LESSON #2: Claim Your Soul Inheritance

Release the blocks to receiving guidance and abundant support from your Soul Group! In this lesson, you’ll let go of false priorities and scarcity mentality, healing the disconnect between where you are and where you come from. Open the gates to unconditional love, clear guidance, and abundance needed for your Earthly mission. Say goodbye to self-worth wobbles – you’re an integral part of the whole. No more separation pain – you belong. No more fear of disappointment – your Soul family knows exactly what you need and want, and is always finding ways to provide it for you.

LESSON #3: Activate Your Star Genetics

Become sovereign master of your own world! Say goodbye to emotional “protection spells,” boundary confusion, people-pleasing, and the urge to fix everything. In this lesson, we clear any negative interference and energetic implants you might have picked up, setting you free to fulfill what you came to Earth to do. Serve humanity at the highest level without fear of pollution or retribution. No more identity confusion or falling under someone else’s influence – reactivate your Soul Group’s unique identity within your human form. Expand your beliefs in self-healing and unlock the ability to regenerate your body.

LESSON #4: Ignite Your Soul Mission

Have an audience with the Solar Council and activate your dormant superpowers, the magical abilities you put on hold when you incarnated on Earth. You’re essential to your Soul family, fully capable of serving as an anchor for your Soul Group’s energetics in the 3D Earth reality. Release feelings of being forgotten, insignificant, or unimportant. If you’re from an Earthling Soul Group (the Forerunners of the human collective), uncover the specific innovation you came to bring to humanity. If you’re a Starseed (a soul from the stars), activate your Solar Council “visa” and Mission. Learn what you must broadcast back to your Soul Group to complete the cycle and create the impact you crave.

LESSON #5: Living Your Purpose & Soul Expression

This is all about visibility! Time to heal past traumas of retribution and step out from the shadows of tribal control. You are here to lead humanity! It’s time to shine your divine light and claim your unique place, free from old limitations, agreements, and collective constraints. You’re meant to lead, to pioneer Maat, to stand out in divine truth, and to apply the energetic specifics of your Soul Mission to the 3D reality. As you fully show up and claim your authentic, bold self-expression, you help humanity rejoin the cosmic family. All your dreams come true when you operate from your Higher Self, speak the Truth, and apply the knowledge you receive for the benefit of humanity, animals, and nature.

Pay in Full

Payment Plan

Meet Eugenia Oganova

Eugenia Oganova is an international leader in personal transformation, a Transcension Mentor and Spiritual Business Coach with over 20 years of experience. She is the creator of the Conscious F.U.T.U.R.E. Method and the Transcension Method – systems that allow you to step into Self-Mastery and multi-D Abundance. She teaches practical strategies for Self-Love, Sovereignty, inner Authority, Abundance, and Soul-led Business. Eugenia supports conscious leaders in accessing their unique Soul Design Strategy, their innate expertise, so they can confidently realize their purpose and manifest their Soul Mission (and get paid well for doing it). 

Eugenia has traveled the world teaching her methodology and wisdom in 27 countries, took people to sacred sites around the globe. She’s clairvoyant since birth, a self-made millionaire, and has been featured in over 100 networks and publications. 

Eugenia is an internationally best-selling author of 4 books:

  • Wealth by Soul Desig Scale Your Spiritual Business to Multi-6 or 7-figures by Leveraging Your Inner Magic” (for Healers & Coaches)
  • Mission Alpha – The Wise and Passionate You (a manual for human energy-anatomy)
  • Awakening the Harmony Within How to Create with Spirit (a comprehensive practical strategy to take charge of your Personal Reality)
  • The Secret of Sekhmet – Why Akhenaten Challenged the Gods of Egypt (a metaphysical historical mystery novel based on Eugenia’s direct memory of her own lifetime at that historic period).

The Soul Lineage Codes Course is based on...

The Transcension Method©  

is Eugenia Oganova's transformational system
for conscious Self-Mastery & karmic cleanup
that leads to the transcension of conditioning & limitations,
reconnection with the Universal Wealth Energetics of Abundance,
and embodiment of the higher harmonious frequencies
at the leading edge of human evolution
(1D-12D range)