Awareness vs. Consciousness

We often use the words “conscious awareness”, meaning the same thing as “awareness” itself… In Maat (truth) the awareness is a Soul quality on its descent into density, while the Soul is on the involution path. The consciousness is a Soul quality on the ascent back to Source, while on the evolution path back home. 

When the Soul leaves Source, it has an awareness of Oneness. That awareness is often mistaken for consciousness in the people who feel the Oneness so deeply – it feels that since a person is so aware of the Oneness, that person must be very conscious. 

Nevertheless, one might be on the descent path into density and this is why one might still have a very strong awareness of Oneness. 

Return back to that Oneness without consciousness is an evolutionary non-fulfillment though – since we descended into the density of lower dimensions for the very purpose of building the conscious Soul! 

If one descends into denser levels of perception over the course of thousands of lifetimes, only to wish they could turn back and “go home” – they do not achieve consciousness. That entity will only be able to become more aware of the Oneness again. But this does not benefit the Source! 

In other words, we enrich the reality of the Source by descending into the illusion of density, away from Oneness, forgetting Oneness so that as we remember it again on the way back, we build our conscious understanding of the universe, thus enriching the Source with our own unique perceptions.

Individuality is an essential component of consciousness. One cannot be conscious without having a Self. 

One can be in awareness without a clear Self though, because awareness is wholistic – merged. Individuality requires a form of separation, but through that separation we arrive at conscious comprehension of experiences – which leads to personal wisdom, the conscious Soul (or what I call a Soul-Self).

Some currently incarnated Souls are ready to begin their ascent back to Source, increasing their vibrations and developing further their conscious Self. But there are many who have not yet generated that individual Self at all, who’s Souls are “asleep” – they are already too far from the Oneness to experience it, yet they have not began their return to Source because no wisdom has been gathered.

This is why so many Souls incarnated on Earth right now are choosing to go further down into density – this is the only way to separate enough from the tribal perceptions to eventually develop a conscious Soul (or a Soul-Self). It is going to be a very long road… 

The ones of you who are already on the path of individuality and consciousness will find that uniting with others on that same path, together applying all the knowledge and sharing experiences will bring you joy and a feeling of community of a much higher frequency.

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