How to become a Master?

To become a Master of yourself (your mind, emotions, body, actions and beliefs) you must be self-responsible and self-disciplined.


Discipline is linked to the Selfhood. It is not something that happens to you, but something that you choose to practice

Self-discipline is a form of Mastery, without it we are not able to arrive at Enlightenment. 
The term of discipline has been perverted by the childish state of human kind, turning it into an external master over us telling us how to be, and us either following it, or rebelling against it. That is a view of a child, who’s parent is “making him do his homework”. That perverted view had been projected onto the Soul as well – as if the Soul is some external force, making us grow by creating pain and suffering. In truth, Soul does create the lessons, but it is us who determine how we deal with these lessons – if we rebel against the learning we are the ones who then create our suffering!

Occasionally even though you had implemented the positive change, somehow the change was there for only the short time, then reverted back to what it used to be. My question then is usually “Did you CONTINUE to implement steps for that change? For how long?” This is exactly what discipline really means – it is a form of self-mastery – i.e. we become the masters of ourselves by changing the perception of our reality, and through that, changing the reality itself!

We are all creatures of habit. But it is us who influences WHICH habits we choose to allow to exist, and which we must change. If life is not working out well, if there is pain, disharmony, inner or outer war, disease, suffering, depression etc. – we must look at the habits we choose to engage in and modify them. Using your #SoulWorkTools to find the proper perspective, a more harmonious way to be, and then implementing it CONTINUOUSLY – that is self-discipline. This is how we truly change who we are and the world around us – by first mastering ourselves!

When the new pattern/habit it implemented, it will battle with the old one and we must persevere in application of the new one, again and again, until the old habit simply atrophies due to the absence of the life force. It is our choice which habit we choose to feed with life force and which one we choose to starve. We control this – that is self-discipline. Not because someone from the outside told us to do it, but because we want to have more harmony and choose to be responsible for our behavior – internal and external. That will help not only each person individually, but human kind in general, and the planet as well.

Arriving at the Self-Mastery through the high level of discipline (self-responsibility) will be a full-circle moment as humanity, under the guidance of Spirit, moves into the cycle of time that will mark its tenure as guardians of the Garden of Earth.

Hundreds of years in the future, history will tell the story of how the unconscious humans almost destroyed the planet (irresponsibility), but twice came back from the brink of disaster, and sanity prevailed. Then from this juncture point the new harmony is distributed world-wide, making the seeds of compassion and oneness more readily available for all. This is the “balanced responsibility” (self-discipline).

There is a lot more information about this in my book “Mission Alpha” – check it out HERE.

What is from now on you CHOOSE to be fully responsible for you your thoughts, emotions, and actions?