Creating A Morphogenic Field
for Awakening

We all would like to raise consciousness on this planet, so that we could live in peace, living harmoniously inside this material Simulation. We want everyone to “get it” and stop hurting each other and themselves, right? But this harmony will not necessarily occur throughout the unaware human masses. Why? 

Because the masses of people on Earth today are very much alright with the state of their consciousness and the planetary situation overall. They might not want war, some might want a loving environment for their family and friends – but the overall comprehension of the Universal Laws is so minimal that any of these “peaceful desires” are still rooted deeply within the duality of competition, of Ego’s “me vs. you”, and are in absence of self-responsibility. 

This is because most people on Earth right now are still in the process of building their individual Selves, thus they cannot reconnect to Oneness yet – that would be premature since the Self lesson is unfinished. 

This is why most people are still happy to function within the lower unconscious negative systems of social consciousness – they do not see the disharmony!

The change towards more harmony in overall planetary consciousness will eventually occur, but it is being brought about by the starseeds and the more conscious earthlings – the “Forerunners of Ascension” people – us. 

We are the conscious Creators of our own experiences, we determine our perceptions – i.e. we give meaning to our individual reality

Even though we all are capable of it, only the “forerunners” are actually applying that skill right now. Why? 

Because the masses do not have a mastery of it yet (since most do not have a clear individual Self to create with and be conscious of!) 

We, the “forerunners of ascension”, are the ones who can envision a harmonious world and, by holding such a vision, give direction for the mass consciousness to unfold into.

Individualized consciousness of high frequency naturally functions within the universal laws, thus even though each Self is unique, there is an energetic similarity – which generates a potent morphogenic field of harmony on Earth

What do we program such a field with? Self-responsibility and Love. If we know that we are the creators – then we are fully responsible for our creations. And then there is no more victim and abuser, only the lesson. 

If we are synchronized with the universal love energy – we are linked to Oneness, dissolved in it. In other words, self-responsibility is the Creator/Self component, and Love is the Oneness component – thus generating Individualized Oneness, or Unity Consciousness (or Christ Consciousness). 

If all the “forerunners” are as much as possible within that state, we together amplify the morphogenic field on Earth that will support the Higher 3-D Earth, and lead the masses into that direction – into awakening

So please, do your part.