The Ascension Timelines

There is more than one of everything that exists, including the timelines for the transformation of the 3rd dimension of this planet.

What are the timelines? Think of them as “possible developmental lines” of etheric and astral energy. Only the timeline that is grounded into the etheric and physical reality of this planet (i.e. linked to the entire First Subharmonic of the 1D, 2D and 3D) will become the primary one that the body of Earth will follow.

The timelines for Ascension of the planet are the possible scenarios, developed by the Solar Council, the Kadishtu, and influenced by ALL beings on Earth – the Mineral, the Plant, the Animal, and the Human (lower and higher consciousness) kingdoms. This explains why it was so important to arrive at the 22% of human beings holding the higher consciousness energy in order to change the planetary course in 2012. Because we arrived at only 18%, the entire timeline of Ascension for the whole 3D could not be done, but a portion of 3D was able to “ascend” into an expanded range as planned (this is what became the Higher 3D Earth).

Going forward there are many proposed scenarios. Some timelines imply the eventual split of the Higher 3D Earth from the Lower 3D (because the gap becomes too large), with the Higher 3D joining the 4D (i.e. merging with the lower portion of Agartha in the Second Subharmonic – the 4D, 5D, and 6D). In some of these timelines the Lower 3D remains where it is now while the Higher 3D progresses on. In some less likely timelines the Lower 3D actually descends into a much less harmonious place than it is in now (sort of the version of where “humans destroy the earth” and then have to rebuild it, and through this process they grow up), while the Higher 3D merges with 4D Agartha of Earth.

Other timelines show a possibility of the Lower 3D “catching up” in vibratory frequency to the Higher 3D, and becoming “one 3D space” again (no more Lower and Higher 3D, but one 3D that is similar to the current Higher 3D).

There is no way to say which timeline the Earth will follow – only that if each of us does our best, we will help the Solar Council and all the citizens of Earth to create the best possible scenario. We are each fully responsible for OUR OWN internal space – in how we behave, which principles we stand on, what we allow ourselves to think and feel, what actions we take (and don’t take!) 

No one else is at fault for our own discomfort and pain – everything is a lesson. And if that lesson is proceeded into without resistance, we will have much less discomfort!

We all have an opportunity to support the timeline for planetary development that activates experiences of an awakening nature for the entire 3D of this Earth Simulation. 

There are many timeline possibilities for the evolution of Earth, and for a while now the Lower 3D Earth has been digressing downwards into density to mine for more friction, while the Higher 3D has been moving progressively at an accelerated pace. The timeline that the Solar Council and the Kadishtu beings are attempting to bring our planet into is meant to help the Lower 3D to finally “turn the corner” and begin the process of moving out of unconscious density, thus bringing more opportunities of accelerated awakening to the Souls that have been asleep in the dark.

This timeline is meant to bring forth many benefits including: heightened spiritual experiences for the “primary-schoolers” who have not had them yet, challenging the fanatical “victim mode” and the toxic projection of authority of the “middle-schoolers”, and catalyzing the “high-schoolers” into looking inside of themselves (instead of playing out their inner struggles externally). If this timeline is the one that we collectively choose, there will be a global shift in how we understand the human race, a quickening of the necessary changes in the financial structures because of the amplified transparency of the dealings, plus changes in religious views moving towards unification of the concept of the Divine, and an amplified acceptance of peaceful solutions when conflicts arise (cooperation vs competition).

This does not mean that if we chose this timeline, we will suddenly have a paradise on Earth – global peace and love, and no hunger, etc. – that takes consciousness, and consciousness is what  humankind does not have enough of yet. But this timeline will set the planet onto the path of change towards caring – about the planet, about each other, about our own health, about how we invest the money we have, about how we use our technologies, about how we treat other nations, etc. In other words, if this timeline is chosen, the Lower 3D Earth will begin its ascent towards the Higher 3D Earth, hopefully eventually closing the gap between them and unifying the 3rd dimension once again. And that is the beginning of harmony.

How can we help?

  • Stay out of the Lower 3D affairs! The Solar Council right now can use EVERY person who is ABLE to vibrate at the higher rate – so, do it, vibrate at the highest rate you can (instead of constantly looking over your shoulder into the spiritual, political, financial, and social messes that the Lower 3D is in).
  • Stay self-responsible. No one is at fault for your experiences. Ever. If you are uncomfortable, or in pain, this is either a RESISTANCE to an experience (i.e. you feel discomfort because of “friction”), or a component of the INTEGRATION of the new Light Codes. If resistance is the cause – find your emotional REACTIONS to reality, and deal with the conceptual Lower Self misunderstanding. If integration is the cause – be supportive to your system and deal with the fear-based emotional reactions.
  • Stay in self-love. This is the time when all the issues we have tend to come up to the surface and trigger the hell out of us. Whatever your habitual reaction is – fear, judgment, pain, blame, sorrow/depression, exhaustion, over-analyzing, spacing out, anger, hiding – deal with it by LOVING yourself no matter what. You still have to deal with the incorrect conceptual program that has generated the reaction, but it is essential to know that you are LOVED by the Universe, by the Solar Council and the Kadishtu, and by your own Soul – you are always loved.
  • Stay in a leveled self-worth perspective. What you feel or do does not change your internal spiritual worth from the view of the Soul/Source. You can like or dislike how you are, what you do, what you feel, but your worth remains the samet