The Stairway of Ascension

The Ascension of energies is progressing on Earth. But it is NOT as an escape from the difficulties of planetary chaos – it is an EXPANSION of the range of available energy. And it occurs in stages. Think of it like a huge spiral stairway, but the top of it is in the clouds. Then the clouds part and the next section of the Ascension Stairway becomes visible – this is how the stages work. And people stand on this stairway and are able to walk further up when the next portion opens up.

Not everyone stands on the same consciousness step though, we all are on different steps. Not everyone wants to keep climbing up either. Most people are on the lower portion of this Ascension Stairway and are not very interested right now in moving up, preferring to squabble with one another instead. The ones who are at the very top, waiting for the clouds to part, are us – the Forerunners of Transcendental Ascension. This group consists of the “forerunners” (advanced Earthlings) and “starseeds” (souls from elsewhere who came to Earth to facilitate this Ascension).

Each time a new stage occurs (the planetary 3D range expands and the next portion of the stairway is revealed), we have a choice: to remain where we are or to dare going further. Sounds like a no-brainer – of course we want to go further, right? But in reality most are still struggling with incorporating the existent stage and are not really internally ready to move into more processing.

One of the issues with integrating the current Higher 3D Earth range is the constant “looking back”! Remember that one cannot live in the Higher 3D and the Lower 3D at the same time – you have to choose. And when the desire energy brings one into the Higher 3D while the fear energy traps one in the Lower 3D, the person is split, unable to integrate or move on.

The Lower 3D Earth right now is a place of tribal warfare – people who are in the “horizontal belonging” to their tribes attitude (families, friends, religions, politics, sports, etc.) It is a needed stage of development, because one cannot move up the staircase without the clear and strong identity that is linked into some comprehension of their spiritual Self. As one tribe clashes against the other (psychologically, emotionally, or physically), the identity of individual Self is eventually forged. But this is a very long process for which many incarnations are often needed. Thus people die, reincarnate, and often continue with the same tribal morphogenic field until the individuality is established. 

Tribal consciousness is the training ground for the individual consciousness – by one standing up for something larger than oneself (the tribe), one learns to expand the internal energy range, builds the Astral and other higher energy bodies, and eventually finds one’s differences with tribal beliefs – this builds internal friction, which then results in the direct experience of “standing alone” – individuality of the Self. This takes many lifetimes and humans on Earth are in the process of learning this.

The Starseeds and other Forerunners of Ascension have already learned to separate from the tribe. Many are still struggling with “standing alone” in their own uniqueness – and this is definitely the area to work on. The “looking back” into the tribal Lower 3D Earth occurs because one’s safety beliefs are linked to other people instead of to oneself. If you know that you are safe because you are in the “vertical belonging” energy (i.e. you are the individual Self linked to your own Soul on the journey here in the matter reality), then whatever is occurring in the Lower 3D is irrelevant to your safety. 

Be compassionate to the current chaotic learning step of humanity, but remain not linked to it – one realizes that he/she is on a different step. This allows for the freedom to move upwards on the Transcendental Ascension Stairway.