Learn the cause & resolve
your discomfort

Have you noticed lately how personal discomfort levels have shot up? Considering what is going on in the world recently it is very tempting to slide into the Lower Self fears and defenses, being torn between the desire to hide, to help, and to self-protect.

You are uncomfortable for a reason – the reason is that your Lower Self beliefs are telling you to act in a certain way (worry, be scared, be angry, be protective, be desperate or negatively righteous about your opinions, etc.) while your Higher Self beliefs are telling you to act in the opposite way (stay neutral, Oneness-connected and Love-centered, aligned with the God Source inside yourself). 

Hopefully you are choosing the Higher Self mode – meanwhile, the Lower Self is freaking out, yelling at you that you are “being cruel and heartless!” or “jeopardizing your safety!!” or “escaping reality”… This inner dichotomy would make anyone uncomfortable and unstable!

But… The good news is that this is a transitionary stage – you need to learn to TRANSMUTE the Lower Self beliefs (not just to “ignore them”) so that the Higher Self mode is the ONLY mode left. In other words, instead of having two equally loud voices inside, you have one loud (Higher Self) voice and the other whispering (Lower Self) voice until it eventually AGREES with the Higher Self. 

We work on not following the immature advice of the Lower Self (hopefully succeeding most of the time in that) but this does not change the Lower Self’s opinions – we simply ignore them and move on. What happens then to the Lower Self views? – exactly: NOTHING. They remain inside, fester and grow stronger until one day we are triggered and they come out at us with a vengeance…

The key here is to help the Lower Self grow and evolve it’s immature beliefs in self-sacrifice and negative righteousness, fears and victimhood – not to just override them. 

Now is the time for good self-parenting – most of us were not parented well by our own parents (they had no idea how to do it!) and then we were not sure how to parent our own children (and so we did some of it out of incorrect beliefs), thus now we need to make sure we parent ourselves well. 

Self-parenting means that your Higher Self is parenting (in charge of) your confused and scared Lower Self’s inner child – this way the wisdom is parenting the fears and worries.

When your world-views and self-views are from the Higher Self, you know that safety is internal, and that true caring is based on a compassionate detachment and passionate participation only when beneficial for ALL involved, and that you must be in the Vertical Belonging alignment in order to be safe, caring and passionate – and this means that you must be INDIVIDUATED. 

You can still choose to do something good for the tribe (family or human in general), but not as a self-sacrifice, only as a self-add-on, a “passionate participation” when the benefit is spiritually appropriate for all who are involved.

The problems arise when the Lower Self patterns bleed out to the surface and the fear, or beliefs like “I must make sure they are ok” take over – it is like a momentary amnesia when you forget about the Higher Self view. From that place “fixing the world” by worrying about it seems a viable option. 

In reality, we are only adding to the tribal warfare when we worry and fear the future – we fall under the mind control of the lower morphogenic fields. So, continue working on staying in the balanced morphogenic fields of the Higher 3D Earth ascension timeline – thus getting out of the lower ones, unplugging from them, and remaining an Observer while LIVING your life.

Being powerful (self-masterful, sovereign, in charge of oneself) also means letting other people follow their own path, even if it is dissimilar to your own. If you want to live in the Higher 3D, you MUST let go of the lower 3D (you cannot be in both!) – this is how we all help to RESOLVE the current social mess of the tribal warfare mentality. 

BE the Light and Love, stay the course!