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The Transcension Method©

The TRANSCENSION METHOD© is Eugenia Oganova's
transformation system
for conscious Self-Mastery & karmic cleanup,
that leads to the ascension into higher frequencies of
Harmony, Abundance, and Freedom.

Love, Non-Judgment >> 

Learn to truly love yourself unconditionally so that you can stop feeling isolated or unworthy and finally feel like you belong and accepted as you are.

  • Acceptance of yourself, others, karmic lessons
  • Non-judgment of yourself, others, life
  • Unconditional kindness towards yourself & others
  • Self-worth & true Value
  • Riding emotional waves
  • Activate your Divine Self and 5D codes

Sovereignty, Boundary >> 

Become self-governed, independent, and self-reliant on your journey, so that you can activate your inner resourcefulness and create your sovereign kingdom, where you get to feel safe and free at all times.

  • Clear Strong Boundary
  • Always Soul-aligned & present 
  • Being an Individualized Self
  • Release “protective beliefs” that syphon your energy
  • Living UNDEFENDED because you are Sovereign

Authority, Higher Self >> 

Fully step into your Higher Self and live in alignment with your Soul, as a powerful force for good, so that you feel confident, capable, present and strong.

  • Always thinking, feeling and acting from the Higher Self
  • Self-responsibility & Self-Discipline
  • Becoming a conscious kind parent (Higher Self) to the Lower Self
  • Make decisions quickly, easily, with clarity of inner Soul guidance

Mastery, Soul-Self >>

Activate Soul connection, your Higher Self Authority, detach from the outcomes while aligning your personal desires with your Soul – so that you can clean up karmic attachments and transcend limitations of your Ego’s perspective.

  • Living your Purpose (conscious meaning)
  • Being worthy of your Mission
  • Being of Service & a Conscious Leader
  • Conscious Higher Self control at all times


TRANSCENSION GATE is for people who:

COMMITTED to personal growth and want to live consciously EVERY DAY;

Feel they’re meant for bigger things – like TRANSFORMING THIS WORLD!

Intuitive, SENSITIVE, self-aware, spiritual-knowledge-curious;

RESPONSIBLE for their conduct and perceptions;


This isn’t for people who want to play victim, who complain, blame, and avoid taking responsibility for their own journey, who aren’t willing to open their mind to a higher perspective, or who expect to become enlightened overnight.

What members of TG say...

"This will be the greatest, most supportive & enlightening group you've ever belonged to!"

If you are called to sit on the Council with the multi-D Guardians,
deepen your connection to Source,
align with the higher frequency collective fields and uphold ascension for humanity
so we all can experience 5D states of Unconditional Love, Consistent Abundance,
and Sustained Peace and Gratitude,
then Transcension Gate is for you!

Are you ready to step into your Purpose
and become one of the Leaders

of Conscious Awakening on Earth?

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