This is the outline of the 12-part program (covering the 12 months of 2022).

During the Transcension Gate Quantum Evolution program you will:

 Deeply understand the planetary Quantum Evolutionary Cycles and recognize your place in them;

 Clarify the Vision of who you truly are on the Soul level – and how to stay on course with your Purpose;

 Activate a powerful connection to your Future Self and gain insights of how you’re meant to unfold your life;

 Clear your limiting karmic patterns (in energy and DNA) so you can finally become your Soul authority, and be fully alive, in joy and service;

 Activate your Quantum Conscious Leader role on Earth so you can contribute to the planetary consciousness transformation;

 Clear your hooks to the controlling planetary morphogenic fields and deep ancestral overlays;

 Step into and fully embody your Soul Contract for this lifetime;

 Release the old overlays of persecution, trauma, hiding, minimizing, and settling, and unleash the power that is meant to come through you;

 Stand in your sovereignty as an empowered Leader and learn to help others stop getting caught in division, competition, and fear;

 Work directly with the Solar Council and multi-D Guardians to lead humanity into the ultimate harmonious timeline of planet-wide peace, when people are aware of their inherent divinity, when ALL life matters and is honored, when Nature had finally received our support and forests and habitats are regrown and restored;

 Clear path to move through fear, anxiety, confusion, and all your limiting stories that are holding you back from fully serving humanity as a Quantum Consciousness Leader on Earth that you are meant to be!

Overcome not-good-enough emotions, self-sabotage & comparison,
so that you can powerfully anchor your SOUL MISSION,
and trust your Soul GUIDANCE with confidence,
even if you struggle with self-worth or overthinking.

The Transcension Method©

The TRANSCENSION METHOD© is Eugenia Oganova's transformation system
for conscious Self-Mastery & karmic cleanup,
that leads to the ascension into higher frequencies of
Harmony, Abundance, and Freedom.

Self-Love / Non-Judgment >> 

Learn to truly love yourself unconditionally so that you can stop feeling isolated or unworthy and finally feel like you belong and accepted, approved as you are.

  • Acceptance of yourself, others, karmic lessons
  • Non-judgment of yourself, others, life
  • Unconditional kindness towards yourself & others
  • Self-worth & true Value
  • Riding emotional waves

Sovereignty / Boundary >> 

Become self-governed, independent, and self-reliant on your journey, so that you can activate your inner resourcefulness and create personal energy-space that is your sovereign kingdom, where you get to feel safe and free at all times.

  • Clear Strong Boundary
  • Always Soul-aligned & present 
  • Being an Individualized Self
  • Living UNDEFENDED because you are Sovereign

Authority / Higher Self >> 

Fully step into your Higher Self and live in alignment with your Soul, as a powerful force for good, so that you feel confident, capable, present and strong.

  • Always thinking, feeling and acting from the Higher Self
  • Self-responsibility & Self-Discipline
  • Becoming a conscious kind parent (Higher Self) to the Lower Self
  • Make decisions quickly, easily, with clarity of inner Soul guidance

Mastery / Soul-Self >>

Activate your Soul-Self connection through conscious alignment with your Higher Self Authority and by being detached from the outcomes while aligning your personal desires with your Soul – so that you can clean up karmic attachments and transcend limitations of your Ego’s perspective.

  • Living your Purpose (conscious meaning)
  • Being worthy of your Mission
  • Being of Service & a Conscious Leader
  • Conscious Higher Self control at all times

Eugenia is an international Conscious Energetics and Self-Transformation expert
with over two decades of expertise in spiritual therapy and conscious healing energetics.
Using an energy-based approach coupled with transformational psychology and her clairvoyant wisdom
Eugenia has created many programs that activate long-term core-level life transformation in her students.

TRANSCENSION GATE is for people who:

COMMITTED to personal growth and want to live consciously EVERY DAY;

Feel they’re meant for bigger things – like TRANSFORMING THIS WORLD!

Intuitive, SENSITIVE, self-aware, spiritual-knowledge-curious;

RESPONSIBLE for their conduct and perceptions;


This isn’t for people who want to play victim, who complain, blame, and avoid taking responsibility for their own journey, who aren’t willing to open their mind to a higher perspective, or who expect to become enlightened overnight.

What members of TG say...

"This will be the greatest, most supportive & enlightening group you've ever belonged to!"

If you want to feel better, to finally have peace of mind,
to heal yourself, to feel present and powerful,
and to bring more Abundance into your life –
then Transcension Gate is for you!

Why do you need to join us for the
Trancension Gate Quantum Evolution?

Each of us INDIVIDUALLY is responsible for the collective future of humanity.

You might conceptually understand that you create your own reality, but… in 2022 the energetics are such that you ACTUALLY get to DO it.

The veils are thinner now from 3D to multi-D, and manifestation will become closer and closer to the instantaneous as we progress from 2022 into 2027.

Self-discipline and “doing the work” (internal and in 3D external) are essential to manifest the future you want in 2022 (vs the one you fear!)

This means you:

  • Consciously create correct habits that keep you deeply aligned with your Soul Work, your Purpose;
  • Access multidimensional support from your guides, the Solar Council, and the universal communities;
  • Activate the power of your body to anchor the vitality and ultimate health;
  • Restructure your life and communities you are a part of (family, social, business) to reflect your values.

♦  Live a SOUL-DRIVEN life when you are guided by the Universe so that you can make DECISIONS from the Higher Self without confusion, hesitation, or fear.

♦  Create INNER SPACE so that you can hear your Soul GUIDANCE and receive all the ABUNDANCE that Universe is waiting to give you!

♦  Step into INNER FREEDOM from habitual negative emotions and mental self-talk loops so that you can permanently retrain the SELF-JUDGMENT voices in your head and finally FEEL FREE as you were always meant to feel!

♦ EXPRESS your uniqueness and SHINE YOUR LIGHT brightly so that by transforming yourself you help transform the world.


Are you ready to step into your Purpose
and become one of the Leaders

of Conscious Awakening on Earth?

Copyright ©Eugenia Oganova. All Rights Reserved.


♦  Imagine CLAIMING YOUR POWER and ACTIVATING YOUR SOUL’S MISSION with joy and fulfillment.

♦  Imagine who will you be if you LET IT BE EASY to FEEL CONNECTED so that you can IGNITE INSPIRATION and LIVE IN ABUNDANCE.

♦  Imagine finally FEELING GOOD ENOUGH and PERMANENTLY RETRAIN the negative SELF-JUDGMENT VOICES in your head to be KIND and LOVING!

♦  Imagine FEELING CONFIDENT in your decisions, knowing that they come from your Higher Self as all times.

♦  Imagine OWNING YOUR SPACE so that no one can psychically mess with you – eliminating any negative external interference!

♦  Imagine that you are CONSISTENT and EFFECTIVE in your spiritual practice.

♦  Imagine actually CHANGING the world!

I know how you feel…

You are a SENSITIVE person who is constantly HURT by the human unconsciousness.

You experience FEAR and ANGER waves when you see what humans are doing to this planet.

When you look at the stars you feel like “GOING HOME”.

You are SEARCHING for your PURPOSE and the deeper MEANING of reality.

You become OVERWHELMED by the everyday stimuli and CONFUSED why you can’t be “like normal people”!

You GIVE and GIVE, but it never feels enough – the PAIN is still present.

You get DISCOURAGED that your efforts to live consciously lack DISCIPLINE and ACCOUNTABILITY, allowing you to fall into the Lower Self too easily.

I’ve seen this with so many people who came to me for support…

This is what I told them: 

You already ARE in the RARE GROUP of people with an EXPANDED frequency range! And your SENSITIVITY is a blessing – the means to reactivate the FORGOTTEN CONNECTION with your Energy Guides and other multidimensional Intelligences. 

You are meant to feel ABUNDANT and CONNECTED, to live in EASE and CONFIDENCE, to become POWERFUL and INTENTIONAL with your MISSION.

I'll show you how!

You have to stop trying to DO IT ALLreceive SUPPORT from the Universal community, CLARIFY YOUR OWN path, commit to it no matter what, and CONSISTENTLY practice.

Ready to get Started?



We’d love to have you! I and many multidimensional non-physical beings will mentor you every step of the way so that we can actually CHANGE the world together!

What members say...


you will:

♦  PRACTICE LOVE – for yourself, for others, for the planet. Live with your HEART OPEN and always listen to it.

♦  INVESTIGATE your beliefs, emotions, thoughts, behavioral patterns, fears, judgments – STUDY YOURSELF, and BUILD A CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK of knowledge to help your Ego handle difficulties of transformation.

♦  TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for what is yours. Being free means being self-masterful – in clear mind and with an open heart, in the positive control, in alignment with the Higher Self.

♦  LET GO of what is not yours – UNPLUG from unbeneficial relationships (external and internal) – learn to be an OBSERVER who uplifts and doesn’t judge.

♦  EDUCATE yourself about energy anatomy, Transcension, Ascension Stages and symptoms, so that you give your Ego CLARITY OF PURPOSE and to alleviate fears of the unknown.

♦  Apply SELF-DISCIPLINE and CONSISTENCY in study, practice, and meditations – sustained effort is required for the change to take place. With ACCOUNTABILITY assignments and community support you will become EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT in your efforts.

♦  Practice GUIDED MEDITATIONS, receive MULTIDIMENSIONAL ACTIVATIONS, and sit in the GREAT SILENCE daily – clear your mind and be expanded. Through DEEP PERSONAL INQUIRY and ACCESS to the HIGHER STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS you will build an intimate relationship with your Soul.

♦  Follow your INNER GUIDANCE above all else (above logic, above habitual patterns, above social norms) – relinquish fears of being judged by others. Live your life in alignment with your Soul, become an example for others.

is CLEARLY laid out for you,

with monthly PRACTICAL STEPS to follow,

and MENTORING SUPPORT of the Solar Council and Kadushtu Guardians. 

In Transcension Gate membership 

the Spiral Path

Are you ready?

Inside Transcension Gate membership you will find a community of devoted to this process people – Starseeds & Forerunners of Ascension on Earth. 

Cosmic Support for your Soul

Transcension Training

Gain access to monthly training by the Solar Council and multidimensional Kadishtu Guardians to help you walk the path of awakenings, providing CLEAR STEPS to focus on each month, explanations, and accountability of the Transcension Gate community.

Starseed Initiative

Long time ago, when this planet became corrupted by the Orion Group and the Anunnaki/reptilians with their False God programs, Solar Council set up a program to help Gaia turn back into a syntropic Simulation. All Starseeds on Earth today are participants of this Starseed Initiative.

Transcension Spiral

We do not evolve in a straight line. You probably have noticed how even after processing and clearing some issue, you tend to return to it and see it on a whole other level at some later point. This is because consciousness moves along timeline spirals. You will be able to clearly see your place on the spiral and know what to do next.

Solar Council Briefings

Receive monthly ascension timeline updates on the planetary Higher 3D/Lower 3D bifurcation, what the Solar Council is involved in, what energies are transmuting, and what you need to do to be aligned with the positive changes, to help yourself and the planet.