How to Alchemize Internal Opposites into Purple Fire of Pi


Pi is a Soul of Earth – she and Gaia are sharing this planet. Gaia is green and blue color and the Water element, while Pi is purple color and Fire element.

In this alchemical world of Earth the opposites are allowed to co-exist. This paradox had allowed Pi’s wisdom (with its Purple frequency) to amply more and more on Earth, supporting spiritual awakening.

We can allow ourselves to be good and bad, right and wrong, light and dark – and NOT be in frustration about it!

Instead we can learn through these opposites and arrive at the harmonious inner point.

When the Fire Element melts into beautiful orange-red color, it feels like honey as it slowly moves in a lava flow. It can actually be supported by the dark-blue Water Element, which also resembles a river. Two co-exist.

This the internal alchemy of our consciousness – we can melt the Fire to unite it with Water.

This means that when you feel angry, or frustrated, or simply unsettled, you can allow yourself to melt all that Fire into soft warmth, into a honey-like river – and that will harmonize you.

So even though normally these two elements, Fire and Water, would have canceled each other out, they can co-exist, and even support harmony!

The melted orange-red Fire is about creation, desire and pleasure. The dark-blue Water is a stream that allows that desire-fire to travel further.

This alchemical process is focused in the second chakra and anchored in subatomic particles called the pions.

Pions change the subatomic relationship inside the atomic nucleus, these particles relate to Pi (she is the new host of our planet, the consciousness of Earth). Pions anchor the energy of pleasure and desire to be alive, bringing protons, which make up matter, into existence.

This new relationship of melted Fire and Water elements is facilitated by Pi anchoring her essence into the elements of platinum and palladium.

Pi’s presence is causing the energy of these atoms to spin, which produces a unique Purple color ray. This color combination is about dynamic aliveness, and Purple color is the signature frequency of Pi 🙂

Purple is the frequency of metaphysical spirituality teaching of all ages, preserved by the mystery schools and conscious individuals throughout time.

This Purple frequency might be hard on us to experience, because it is of a very high vibration (think of something like Amethyst crystals, the Purple Ray of Wisdom, etc.) The atoms which compose our bodies are getting used to the dynamic aliveness of Pi energy.

To facilitate the process, use your #SoulWorkTools and stand in your own identity. Engaging in pleasurable and easy activities is a good way to support your own Self through the process of integrating Pi!

What might happen if you chose to meditate on the Purple frequency by first tuning into the orange-red Fire of Creation, Desire and Pleasure, then adding the dark-blue Water of Potential?