A journey into the sacred mysteries of Ancient Egypt

MerKaBa Mastery

Activate your Light Body in higher dimensions
so you can step into your divine worthiness,
release attachments,
ignite your soul power,
and effectively manifest your dreams.

September 4th - December 30th, 2023

Are you ready to align with your true purpose and inner self while contributing to the betterment of humanity?

Are you seeking to strengthen your self-love and acceptance journey, bridging the gap between conceptual understanding and genuine experience?

Do you yearn to rise above the noise of politics and social media, reclaiming your inner peace and tranquility even amid challenging times?

Are you determined to elevate your vibrations, occasionally grappling with fear-based thoughts that hinder your path to lasting fulfillment and boundless joy?

Do you possess the unwavering belief in your ability to manifest your desires, yet find yourself navigating the frustration of unrealized potential despite your dedicated efforts?

Are you enchanted by the ancient Egypt, driven to uncover its mysteries and weave them into the fabric of your present existence, catalyzing humanity’s awakening through your unique journey?

Unlock the multi-dimensional MerKaBa keys
to a life imbued with purpose, self-love, clarity,
and power to manifest your dreams

Envision a Life Where You…

Embrace and embody your inherent worthiness, forging an unbreakable connection with your Soul’s authentic purpose.

Cultivate a profound sense of self-love and unwavering self-acceptance, nurturing a foundation of genuine inner peace.

Liberate yourself from the confines of distractions, allowing profound clarity to illuminate your path forward.

Ascend beyond the grip of fear, empowering yourself to step boldly into the realm of your Higher Self.

Foster the regeneration and healing of your body, tapping into newfound vitality and well-being.

Effortlessly channel your dreams and aspirations into tangible reality, harnessing the boundless power of manifestation.

Seamlessly integrate the ancient wisdom of Egypt mystery schools into your being, catalyzing humanity’s collective awakening through your personal transformative journey.

Bridge the gap between the timeless wisdom
of the secret ancient Egyptian mysteries
and your present moment,
as you chart a course towards your highest potential

Why Is This Important?

Unleash the power of your MerKaBa through the ancient Egyptian mysteries, unveiling a unique multidimensional technique that propels your Light Body into realms beyond the confines of 5D, leading to heightened states of consciousness.

Activate your profound connection to Isis, Horus, Hathor, Amun and Aten, and harness their targeted support and specific frequencies to dissolve persistent barriers hindering worthiness, sovereignty, healthy boundaries, authoritative potency, and latent wisdom and mastery.

Attain mastery of your Merkaba’s multi-dimensional spin, catalyzing the ascension of your inner authority to higher dimensions as you liberate yourself from karmic entanglements and the shackles of negative collective field programming.

Embrace trust as a gateway to harnessing the boundless potential of the Quantum Field, enabling you to modulate the frequency of your Merkaba spin, seamlessly transmuting your dreams into palpable manifestations within the physical realm, all with an effortless grace.

What is included:

18 multi-dimensional energy transmissions (each 8-hour long!) – to activate your MerKaBa in 5D, 6D, 7D, and 8D;

4 Masterclasses await you, unveiling the profound ancient Egyptian Mysteries of Isis, Horus, Hathor, and Amun-Aten, designed to facilitate your embodiment of the transcendent experience and guide you in seamlessly integrating these insights into your daily existence.

Delve into 4 illuminating Spotlight Solar Council teachings, as they unravel enigmatic truths, leading you to unlock inner realms of joy and serenity that effortlessly radiate into the tangible manifestation of your aspirations.

Embark on a transformative journey through 4 multi-D encoded Meditations to ignite the radiant multidimensional potential of your Light Body and activate your MerKaBa in 5D, 6D, 7D, and 8D.

20 Journal prompts to integrate the material;

That is hours and hours of nowhere-else-available teachings!

PLUS Transcripts & MP3 of all the trainings;

PLUS all video & audio material is ENERGETICALLY ENCODED by Eugenia & the Solar Council to help you absorb & apply it, expanding your energy system as you study!

PLUS a private Facebook Group where you can ask Eugenia questions and connect with other students!

Investment in Full

Four Month Payment Plan

This program lives inside the Transcension Gate membership.

If you were a TG Member in the last 4 months, you’re automatically enrolled in this Program with 30% savings 🙂

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How does TG Membership work?

You prepay for 12 months & have access to everything that I teach during these 12 months!

There are 3 live courses per year – 4 months each: January-April, May-August, September-December.

[Payment plan is available for 12-month access].

17 multi-dimensional energy transmissions (each 8-hour long!) – to receive the Impact Codes and clear what might be in the way;

4 Mentoring classes – to understand your role in the evolution of humanity and know exactly what to do to create your contribution to the human collective;

4 Spotlight classes – to deeply connect with Source, the Solar Council, and activate higher vibratory states;

4 Meditations – to help you embody the transcension experience, the Impact Codes, and your own unique resonance;

4 Sets of journal prompts – to integrate the material;

That is hours and hours of nowhere-else-available teachings!

PLUS Transcripts & MP3 of all the classes;

PLUS all video & audio material is ENERGETICALLY ENCODED by Eugenia & the Solar Council to help you absorb & apply it, expanding your energy system as you study!

PLUS you can go AT YOUR OWN PACE, and take a weeks/months, or a year, to really embody the teachings – because you are UNIQUE!

PLUS if you pay in full, you get a BONUS: an email access to Eugenia (to be able to ask her questions relevant to the course).

This program occurs inside the Transcension Gate membership.

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inside the merkaba mastery course


Peeling Back the Veil of Isis: As Within, So Without

𓆃𓆃𓆃 Immerse yourself in the ancient mysteries of Isis, the goddess of divine worthiness and oneness.

𓆃𓆃𓆃 Discover how these timeless teachings dissolve subconscious unworthiness, allowing you to embrace your true essence.

𓆃𓆃𓆃 Activate Isis mysteries within your Light Body as your Soul remembers the wisdom of the teachings inside your body.

𓆃𓆃𓆃 Forge a deep connection with Oneness as you activate your Merkaba in 5D and reconnect to the field of unconditional love.


The Mysteries of Horus: Sovereign Spirit Inside Spirit

𓁳𓁳𓁳 Break free from the constraints of modern life by immersing yourself in the timeless principles of Horus mysteries.

𓁳𓁳𓁳 Reconnect with your innate power and liberating yourself from fear-based constraints.

𓁳𓁳𓁳 Embrace your true origin and activate your sovereign path of Horus and you embody the divine boundaries and release attachments.

𓁳𓁳𓁳 Transform the reflection as you activate your Merkaba in 6D as a conduit for inner transformation.


The Quantum Anchor Mysteries of Hathor: As Above, So Below

𓋹𓋹𓋹 Create a powerful synergy between your inner and outer worlds.

𓋹𓋹𓋹 Cultivate unshakable inner authority and alignment with your Soul’s purpose, unlocking the gateway to manifesting your dreams with precision.

𓋹𓋹𓋹 Walk the path between joy and chaos as you embody Hathor birthing magic and anchor in higher frequencies.

𓋹𓋹𓋹 Set the focused intention for your Quantum Anchor as you activate your Merkaba in 7D using magic of Hathor.


Manifesting Alchemy: Vibrational Signature Beyond the Mirror

𓂀𓂀𓂀 Communicate consistently with the other side of reality – the Source Beyond the Mirror – so you manifest your desires.

𓂀𓂀𓂀 Harness the energy to bring your intentions to life, witnessing your desires manifest in profound and tangible ways.

𓂀𓂀𓂀 Play with the Law of Polarity as you turn negative emotions into positive, alchemize your life using the magic of Amun-Aten.

𓂀𓂀𓂀 Hone in on the energy signature of your desire in the Quantum Field as you activate your Merkaba in 8D.

Meet Eugenia Oganova

Eugenia Oganova is an international Leader in Personal Transformation, a Transcension Mentor and Spiritual Business Coach with over 20 years of experience. She is the creator of the Conscious F.U.T.U.R.E. Method and the Transcension Method – systems that allow you to step into Self-Mastery and multi-D Wealth. She teaches practical strategies for Self-Love, Sovereignty, inner Authority, Abundance, and Soul-led Business. Eugenia supports conscious leaders in accessing their unique Soul Design Strategy, their innate expertise, so they can confidently realize their purpose and manifest their Soul Mission (and get paid well for doing it). 

Eugenia is a best-selling author of 3 books:

  • “Mission Alpha – The Wise and Passionate You” (a manual for human energy-anatomy),
  • “Awakening the Harmony Within – How to Create with Spirit” (a comprehensive and practical explanation of how to take charge of your Personal Reality),
  • “The Secret of Sekhmet – Why Akhenaten Challenged the Gods of Egypt” (a metaphysical historical mystery novel based on Eugenia’s direct memory of her own lifetime at that historic period).

Eugenia has traveled the world teaching her methodology and wisdom in 27 countries, took people to sacred sites around the globe, and has been featured in over 100 networks and publications. She’s a self-made millionaire in the personal transformation and conscious business niche. Not a typical writer or a business coach: Eugenia is clairvoyant and she uses her extraordinary abilities to transmit frequencies for Wealth Energetics, Transcension, and Soul-led business strategies.

What 98 clients who went through this Course say...

The MerKaBa Mastery Course is based on Eugenia's TRANSCENSION METHOD©

The Transcension Method© 

is Eugenia Oganova's transformational system
for conscious Self-Mastery & karmic cleanup
that leads to the transcension of conditioning & limitations,
reconnection with the Universal Wealth Energetics of Abundance,
and embodiment of the higher harmonious frequencies
at the leading edge of human evolution
(1D-12D range)