Hello & Welcome!

I’m the Conscious Coaches on a Mission podcast host, Eugenia Oganova. We focus on celebrating spirituality, business growth, leadership and contribution to human awakening. You’ll be hearing real stories from real women. 🔥 My desire is for you to have a front-row seat to a real-life mini-transformation, and to get tangible takeaways that you can apply to your life and to scaling your own business. 💸

Twice per week in my 20 min. conversations, I’ll be celebrating one lucky conscious entrepreneur on a unique Mission, their expertise, business growth, leadership, and contribution to human awakening.

I know that if you are a conscious coach or healer on a Mission, you have a unique message which can positively impact this world. I’d love you to be the guest on my podcast and share on the topic you are well-known for. If you’d like to be featured on Conscious Coaches on a Mission, apply below.

Here are some things I stand for:

✔️ I believe you shouldn’t have to choose between spirituality and wealth.

✔️ It’s simply NOT ok for you to not have the ease and flow you crave because you are too busy running your business.

✔️ I totally understand how much pressure you feel when you are pushing to make a meaningful impact in the world while feeling frustrated for not having the space you need, and yet when you do give yourself that space – you might feel guilty for doing it!

✔️ I also get that you’re different, sensitive, and heart-centered, and how hard it can be to not know how to scale your business into multiple 6 and 7 figures without having to work harder or burning out from the effort and caring (yes, I know how MUCH you care! 💖)

I have helped many Leaders, Coaches, Healers, Holistic Professionals just like you to understand how your system really works and how to design your whole Business and Marketing to meet your needs – so you can avoid years of pressure and forcing yourself into ineffective strategies, accelerate personal transformation, and Quantum-leap your coaching business into multiple 6 & 7-figures with ease, sustainability, and flow.

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