Conscious Energetics
& Self-Transformation

for Service-driven Souls

Step into your Soul Mission
of Purpose & Freedom,
Express your Unique Brilliance
to the world.

Eugenia Oganova Soul Strategy


Go HIGH END & finally stop over-delivering and over-giving, so that you can align with your SOUL MISSION & not only SERVE at the highest level, but serve the RIGHT CLIENTS who you’re MEANT to help, without sacrificing your income or your self-care time.



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Online Training with Eugenia Oganova

Born clairvoyant & conscious, I’ve been in telepathic communication with the Solar Council & multidimensional Guardians my whole life – and now I show you how to do it!


  • Meet the Solar Council & experience their energy;
  • Stargates as energy spheres – what are they and how they work;
  • Multidimensional travel through these stargates;
  • Activate your internal technology – how this works;
  • Universal Intelligence – what is it and how to live plugged in;
  • Activate DNA wisdom codes – what you have pre-installed;
  • Internal and External technology – similarities and differences;
  • the 11th chakra membrane as an access portal to your own stargate;
  • 6 requirements to access Universal Intelligence – you must know prerequisites for successful activation;
  • Extended MEDITATION with the Solar Council, energy ACTIVATION to access YOUR own path to the Universal Intelligence!


What others say about this webinar...

Hi, I'm Eugenia!

I am an international Conscious Energetics and Self-Transformation expert with over two decades of expertise in spiritual therapy and conscious healing energetics.

I am an entrepreneur, Soul-Driven Business & Intuitive Marketing Coach, and a best-selling author.

Using an energy-based approach coupled with transformational psychology and my clairvoyant wisdom, I have created many programs that activate long-term core-level life transformation in my students.

What others say about Eugenia...

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Eugenia for a few years. She is a gentle and wise multidimensional guide. She has the rare gift of seeing beyond the illusions that keep us from being who we truly are. And with her rare abilities to see Higher Truth (with a capital T) and soul clarity, she can help you step fully into your personal power and highest potential. You’ll find that everything has meaning, and from this place of Truth, you can embrace your life fully and joyfully. I recommend Eugenia with all my heart and soul!” – Elari O.

“I have worked with Eugenia for the past 11 years, and I am a much different, more grounded person today because of her guidance. Her knowledge is vast and her insights are keen. Eugenia has given me a new way of viewing the world, life events relationships, and my purpose. I highly recommend Eugenia to anyone who wants to feel more empowered or have a more positive impact in life.” – Cindy P.

“Eugenia is an insightful writer, wonderful teacher, gives great personal counsel. I have known Eugenia to take complicated subjects and break them down in a way that brings immediate understanding as to why and how… and what to do to change or integrate each situation. As a healer she was able to help my child overcome his learning disability. As a counselor she helped me understand how to overcome and move thru some personal situations. As an author she guides her readers thru understanding energy and how it works, past, and present …..and how to achieve an inspired life.” – Linda B.

“Eugenia, you are amazing! I learn so much from your ability to expand and “be with” all these multidimensional energies! What a great capacity you hold! Your wisdom and Clarity helped me feel confident and so much more grounded in my life! I can’t believe how much better I feel! WOW!” -Alyson M.

Soul Strategy Program

Who is this for?

Designed for service-based women-entrepreneurs, acupuncturists, nutritionists, herbalists, other professionals, healers and coacheswho are already making SIX FIGURES+  in their business and are looking to take it to the next level: strategically FREEING TIME while CREATIVELY LEADING.

 You’re a SOUL-DRIVEN freedom-oriented heart-centered entrepreneur with an AMBITION to show up fully, SERVE at the highest level, and get PAID WELL.

 You are BEYOND READY to step into ABUNDANCE and live your SOUL MISSION through your business.

 You desire to orient your business around YOUR unique needs while FREEING TIME for self-care and travel.

 You are not only willing to DO WHAT IT TAKES to make your dreams a reality – you are super EXCITED to do it!

What is covered?

♦   Get clear on WHO YOU SERVE and WHY, and attract your dream clients.

♦   Raise your fees, CHARGE WHAT YOU’RE WORTH and no longer under-charge or over-deliver.

♦   “Package” your talents, add INCOME to your bank account while FREEING YOUR TIME.

♦   ALIGN what you do with your special SOUL MISSION and SERVE humanity through your UNIQUE SUPERPOWERS.

♦   Clear Marketing overwhelm by setting up an EFFICIENT STRATEGY so you know exactly what media, style, and topics to focus on.

♦   Clean up MONEY-KARMA and negative habits so you can POWERFULLY LEAD while attracting money.

♦   Feel CONFIDENT talking with prospective clients using HEART-CENTERED  SELLING STRATEGIES.

♦   ENJOY the BUSINESS that WORKS FOR YOU as you line up the puzzle pieces to match your overarching Soul Strategy adventure!

Multidimensional Consciousness Shift

Our planet is a multidimensional Simulation which currently exists in two timelines simultaneously.

We are leaving the Lower 3D timeline of CONTROL, VICTIMNESS, FEARS, CRUELTY. Earth is expanding its range into the Higher 3D timeline, rejoining the galactic community of BALANCE, PEACE, EMPOWERMENT, and COOPERATION. This activates the paradigm shift in human collective consciousness – from fear to love.

We are the avant-garde of this change and our job is to amplify the Ascension Timeline of the Higher 3D Earth by being CLEAR, PURPOSEFUL, and UNCONDITIONALLY LOVING.

We are ALL ONE God Source!

Are you ready to Live your Purpose

in freedom & Abundance?

♦  Live a SOUL-DRIVEN life, guided by the Universe, make DECISIONS from the Higher Self;

♦  Create INNER SPACE so that you can hear your Soul GUIDANCE and receive ABUNDANCE;

♦  Step into INNER FREEDOM from habitual negative emotions and finally FEEL FREE;

♦ EXPRESS your Unique Brilliance and SHINE YOUR LIGHT;

♦ By transforming yourself you are transforming the world!


Living the ascension process...

We are living in the time of a PROFOUND ENERGETIC TRANSFORMATION on all the frequency levels of the 3D Earth – from the quantum to the conceptual, crystalline and beyond. We, along with our planet, are going through the ASCENSION PROCESS into the frequency range of the higher dimensions of consciousness. On the personal level, this means physical, emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual transformation for each of us. It comes with a range of experiences – from ecstatic awakening moments to uncomfortable transitional steps, which can be managed. I refer to these uncomfortable experiences as “ASCENSION SYMPTOMS”.

Pesky Ascension Symptoms!

I find that most people experiencing these uncomfortable “ascension symptoms” tend to MISTAKE them for anything from an illness (physical or mental!) to possession by some dark entity! In reality most of the “ascension symptoms” result from our ATOMIC STRUCTURE HAVING DIFFICULTY ADJUSTING TO THE INCOMING LIGHT. Inside the TRANSCENSION GATE MEMBERSHIP I offer mentoring on how to live through the ascension process, anchor transcension templates into your Light Body, and remain centered even when experiencing these uncomfortable “ascension symptoms”. It is essential to make sense of your current experiences and put them into the proper perspective for personal transformation.

Self Study programs

Go at your own pace, learn PRACTICAL STEPS for becoming CONSCIOUS, INTENTIONAL, and SELF-LOVING, integrate ENERGY TRANSMISSIONS, process fears, deal with your negative beliefs, clean up karmic patterns - all while being supported by the starbeings.

Planetary Timeline Bifurcation

Track monthly planetary FREQUENCY CHANGES progressing along the Ascension Stairway, JOIN the SOLAR COUNCIL in its harmonizing efforts, be directed to the most appropriate ENERGY ALIGNMENTS by easy-to-follow guided meditations, and find your own place within all this change.

ET Spotlight

Access multidimensional Intelligences' TRANSMISSIONS, starbeings' GENEALOGIES, alien AGENDAS (positive and negative) on the planet right now, and briefings about the Earth's ascension beyond the limited control range of the Lower 3D and becoming a SYNTROPIC multidimensional Simulation.

Transcension Library

Will start your understanding of the MECHANICS OF ASCENSION, how its applicable to you and to the planet as a whole right now, and how to join in CO-CREATIVE INTEGRATION of your Soul into matter - in order to transmute it (BIOLOGICAL ascension).


There is NO place for judgment in Transcension Gate.

We are one Universal Mind, exploring itself through different individual experiences. Each Soul is a unique perceptional focal point within the law of One Source. This applies to all species – human (Earthling Soul Group), starseed (Souls which originated not on Earth), all animals and plants on our planet – and ALL life in the Universe – we are all One.

Comprehension and application of this principal of Individualized Oneness through RESPECT and NON-JUDGMENT of ALL experiences and species is an integral component of transcension.

In the Lower 3D, human species have been living inside the selfish tribal morphogenic fields for thousands of years. Currently we are transitioning into the Higher 3D, applying the altruistic (service oriented) 5D morphogenic templates.

The Law of One

This Universe is a 12D system of interconnected ranges of consciousness that we refer to as “DIMENSIONS”. They all are governed by the LAW OF ONE – the Universal principal of Oneness and Connectedness. In the Law of One God Source it is understood that we all are FACETS OF THE SAME GOD SOURCE, thus have EQUAL VALUE. When this wisdom is fully integrated by the Soul and its avatar (incarnational vehicle inside a Simulation), the entity proceeds with the expression of SERVICE  TO ALL.

The non-physical multidimentional Intelligences that I am in conscious telepathic contact with my whole life, the Solar Council, and the Kadishtu Guardians – all stand for RESPECT and NON-JUDGMENT of life. Inside the TRANSCENSION GATE MEMBERSHIP you will be supported by the beings in service to us, and by your own energy guides. We also offer intricate mentoring in how you can be of service in a healthy (non-sacrificial) way!

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Starseed Transcension

with Eugenia Oganova

The information offered here in Transcension Gate is a composite of the direct personal knowledge that Eugenia Oganova had incarnated with in this lifetime, and countless direct telepathic communications with the Solar Council Kadishtu beings and many other multidimensional intelligences. The information is ongoing and is constantly being updated. Eugenia’s Soul lineage has a direct link to the Sirian High Council and many other galactic groups, but as a human person she is not a member of any councils. Eugenia is NOT affiliated with or a follower/member of any established religious doctrine, any pre-set ascension modality, Law of One doctrine, any human/non-human claiming to be a Teacher within a “guru” model, and she is NOT a New Age Channeler (someone allowing entities to talk through her body). In the event that you choose to apply any of the information presented on this site for yourself, the result is your sole responsibility (Eugenia assumes no responsibility for your actions).


Online Training with Eugenia Oganova

Born clairvoyant & conscious, I’ve been in telepathic communication with multidimensional intelligences my whole life – and now I can teach you how to access your own inner Soul Library!


♦ The special 4 KEYS to unlock your Soul Library so that you can activate your gifts, and no longer struggle with feeling overwhelmed or that you don’t matter, and instead live from your Soul Wisdom;

♦ 8 ways we sabotage the opening of our Soul Library and how to recognize these patterns;

♦ How your inner Soul Library connects you to the Universal KNOWLEDGE so you can draw from it and contribute to it;

♦ This webinar is energy-coded, especially the meditation (which you can practice over and over with different initial questions!);

♦ Experiential MEDITATION to ALIGN your 4 KEYS and OPEN your Soul Library today!


“Wow, this is such a great explanation of  how to get knowledge from the universe! I get so overwhelmed usually but I can totally see my sabotage – and I now know what to do about it! Thank you so much, Eugenia” – Susan G.

“Eugenia, this is such a great class! I didn’t even know I have my own inner soul library and now I can actually pull information from it – planning to write a book this way! You are amazing and I love your relatable style of teaching. It helps me so much to see the examples you mention of what other people struggled with. This was sooo worth the money!!” – Judith M.

“OMG, now I know why I couldn’t do it before – I would start from scarcity – Eugenia, this is HUGE! Thank you so much for this information – I can see what I need to change. I did the meditation 4 times now and every time get more and more answers. Wow!” – Melissa T.

“This was so useful! Eugenia, I just have to drop you a note – loved all the explanations, your clarity and how well you laid out what I need and how I sabotage (I can now catch myself easily!) And I now also understand finally what your Transcension Gate is about – wow! I will join soon!” – Jason O’M.


DESIGN YOUR DIRECTION: Work with me to uncover your SOUL PURPOSE, your karmic lessons, and the true causes of your situation. We will design clear steps on the path to your destiny.



EFFECTIVE STRATEGY: upgrade your business to HIGHLY PROFITABLE, efficient and JOYFUL, clean up Money-karma,
and ALIGN to your special SOUL MISSION
so you can ATTRACT dream clients.



Live intentionally and love consciously.


Get ACCOUNTABILITY to align to your Higher Self so you can LIVE your PURPOSE



SELF-MASTERY: Clarify your understanding of the “mechanics” of your consciousness, the Universe, and ASCENSION process; the SOLAR COUNCIL, current planetary transformation and your place in it.