Sound Energy Healing
& Tibetan Singing Bowls

Sound is a physicalized vibration, and vibrations which are within our material range realign vibratory patterns in matter-based forms. Toning is a fine tuning of the instrument (our energy systems) through sound. This applies to all of our bodies: physical, emotional, mental and the rest. When the sound resonates through our entire energy field, it vibrates our energy bodies to its frequency, cleansing, purifying, uplifting.

There are two types of toning: internal and external.

Internal toning is sounding your own voice to a particular frequency. It is like being your own resonator/tuning fork. Usually a person sounds the note of the internal experience (discomfort, pain, sadness) and then allows that note to evolve and become cleaner and higher – eventually arriving at a harmonious frequency for that person (it has to “sound you” instead of you “sounding it”). Some toning can begin with an already pure vibratory pattern, like a mantra. All true mantras are related to Spirit. They resonate with “Spirit is All That Is”. For example, the famous mantra “AUM” (it is the proper sounding of the “Om”) is the trinity of the Cosmic Root Substance, the Creator, and the Light/Code. When that sound is made, it synchronizes the resonance of one’s energy field and physical body with the Universal Spirit.

External toning is the process of experiencing the sound wave that comes from something/someone else. That harmonious wave resonates through one’s energy field, and it synchronizes to the wave.

An example of this toning can be the sound of Tibetan Bowls. The vibrations of a singing bowl are so pure that they interpenetrate the entire energy field. The resonance is not simply heard with one’s ears, but it is felt through the cells, the tissues/blood/bone in the physical body. The physical body is an anchor for the whole entity that we are here on Earth. When the matter-body experiences change, it is like changing a foundation of a building! – everything above the foundation has to be modified to match that change. Our dis-eases are not created on the physical plane – they are energy imbalances first (conceptual, mental, emotional), and material illnesses last. Thus when the lowest foundational level of our being, the matter-body, is vibrated with harmony by the Tibetan singing bowl, the entire energy system remembers that it is one with Spirit – in other words, the vibratory resonance of the bowl brings us HOME, where no imbalance, dis-ease, or fear is possible. The Tibetan bowls’ sonic pattern facilitates one’s awakening to Spirit.

The Tibetan bowl resonance creates physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual changes. So, why are Tibetan singing bowls so effective? Because the resonance of a Tibetan bowl vibrates at Alpha and Theta brain wave frequency, and a repeat exposure to that sound trains your brain to synchronize easily with that brain wave pattern (so that you can do it with more ease on your own when you choose to relax, to heal, to harmonize). If you are not familiar with brain waves: Beta wave pattern is our “normal” awake state; “Alpha” is the relaxed state (a daydreaming gateway to the subconscious), and “Theta” is the state of awake-yet-deeply-relaxed, activating insight, inspiration, vivid visualizations (a gateway to your Higher Mind and the Soul).The Alpha and Theta waves of the singing bowls create the range of sound that restores harmony in the stressed, dis-eased, and emotionally imbalanced system. When we fully allow the sound of the bowl to penetrate us, we let the Universal consciousness work through us, harmonizing us with Spirit.

– based on the “Toning” chapter of  my book “Awakening the Harmony Within.”