Food, Exercise and Sleep
to Welcome Soul into the Body

Spirituality is not “somewhere out there,” but anchored in the material body. Our physical bodies are our “Soul temples” – the places that our Souls take up residence in for a lifetime. Currently, there seem to be three patterns of thought about this:

  • the materialistic one that says that we must do the proper things for the physical body in order to stay healthy, but this is done out of fear of illness and aging;
  • the old religious way that says that the body is “evil” and in order to be one with Spirit/God we must avoid pleasure and any support for the body;
  • and the balanced way that reminds us that the body is the anchor point for the Soul and must be respected and supported in order to help us awaken to Spirit/God.

Obviously once a person steps onto the path of spiritual awakening, he realizes that the material body is an essential component of it – it heavily influences our perceptions! 

If the body is unhappy, we are in survival mode, i.e., no spiritual growth can occur, because we are too preoccupied with material matters.

In the material area of our lives, self-care can be divided into four categories:

  • water intake,
  • food intake,
  • movement,
  • rest.

It is our responsibility to allow our matter-vehicles, our bodies, to function properly in these areas. Drinking a lot of water is necessary for hydration, for the electro-magnetic conductivity of the energies we are processing, for the flushing out of toxins.

We are what we eat, and so the food we send through our digestive tracts must be as pure as possible: organic and light. Red meat and sugar are the heaviest substances out there, followed by dairy products; chicken and eggs are lighter, fish and seafood even lighter, and vegetables, fruits, and nuts are the lightest. No food change should be exercised based on mental or political decisions. Sometimes we actually need the substance we think we should not eat. 

Everyone is different. When a person is feeling angry a lot, letting go of eating red meat would be a great choice, while if someone is experiencing much fear and anxiety, and inability to pay attention to material matters, they might actually benefit by adding some red meat into their diet for a while. When the inner work brings a person to a fast and light vibrational range, he might not have any desire anymore for heavy foods – they would serve no purpose in his body. At this stage, foods like vegetables, grains, nuts, fruits, and honey would be the best. Honey is also sugar, but it is holographically harmonious with the planet because the bees have added sacred geometry codes into the honey through a special enzyme which divides the sucrose into glucose and fructose – two simple sugars for our bodies to absorb directly, synchronizing us with the planet.

The movement does not have to be strenuous exercise. When we are in the process of working through our fears and issues, we might require very active work-outs. Getting into the body and building relationship with it is necessary in order to help it awaken, and building muscle will definitely get you into the body! Very active aerobic exercise is effective in the dispersal of fears and anxiety. But as one becomes more attuned to the higher vibrations, less strenuous exercise becomes more appropriate – like walking, yoga, Thai Chi, etc. Eventually breathing itself becomes all that the body needs. Deep breathing exercises, not the muscles (the macrocosm) but the cells (microcosm). As the rate of vibration of the material body increases, it will not require oxygen either, being able to breathe the life force directly. Obviously, do not try to do that until you are ready!

Rest is not only about sleep, but it is also about being calm and harmonious. When we are in stress and anxiety, in worry and circular thinking, we are not at rest! Intense energies are meant to activate our systems, but it is our responsibility to use the positive end of that energy. For example, if you are experiencing anxiety, switch your inner viewpoint, and it will become excitement. Frustration can become courage to face the issue, depression can become emotional letting go, confusion can turn into the experience of spaciousness and opening for something new to come in.

There is a common misconception that when one does the consciousness work, one needs less sleep. During sleep, we recharge and regenerate the body, but we also download information, allow our “medical team” guides to help us with upgrades, process energy and, eventually do a lot of “travel” and energy work consciously. Therefore sleep is a tool we can use. Be kind to yourself, and never override your sleep patterns, allow them to unfold and use them appropriately.

Read more in my book “Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit”

Just as Nature cannot be hurried, we cannot be at the next step of our Soul consciousness before we have matured into it. Once water and food intake is appropriate, and the movement and sleep patterns are harmonized with the spiritual awakening process, we match the speed of the Soul. It is a unique speed for each person and there is no “right and wrong” here! 

One more component is needed for further awakening – listing within. It is impossible to properly use intent or arrive at a different level of self-awareness without a certain amount of self-knowledge and inner guidance, which can only be gained through spending some time alone. 

Unfortunately, we are conditioned to serve others, like spouses, children, family, job, friends, but not ourselves. Yet these components: Water/Food + Movement + Rest + Inner Voice, are essential for our awakening. The physical parts are requirements to make the inner voice easier to hear!