The War of Good and Evil

This is such a loaded subject!

First of all – there is no WAR between the good and evil. Yes – NO WAR!!

Good always wins so what would be the point in fighting? The very act of fighting will actually make “good” into “evil” and thus good does not fight evil. Good shows the path of Light to the evil, and evil can take it or not (eventually it does).

Secondly, usually people attach a multitude of judgments to these terms, when essentially anything that does not fit their beliefs becomes “evil” in their eyes. But in Truth, these terms actually do relate to very particular energy patterns which, if viewed without emotional reactions and mental judgments, can be very helpful in clarifying the spiritual path of all of us incarnated on Earth.

To explain these energy patterns we first have to comprehend the terms and dynamics of this Universe:

  • The Source/God-the-Absolute creates the Universe.
  • The Source/God-the-Absolute is comprised of 3 “parts”: 1- the Cosmic Root Substance (which is the matrix of potential – the Life principle, or the Goddess/Dove); 2- the Creator (which is the initial impulse for self-realization – the Father principle); 3- the Word (which represents the initial structures, the materialized matrix on which the entire creation can be built, through which the Souls can explore Life – the Son principle).
  • The Souls (components of Source/God) expand from the Source, moving away from it into density – to explore creation.
  • This process is called the descent/involution (away from the Source/Oneness) and the ascent/evolution (back to the Source/Oneness). 
  • The reason for this entire exercise is that when the Soul returns to Source, it brings something unique into it – the Self (its own unique perception/path) – this is why even though all Souls are the same (came out of the same stuff), we all are different (had different journeys, incarnated in different realities/planets/forms, etc.)
  • When a Soul moves away from Source, it loses the awareness of Oneness (the Life/Goddess)
  • When a Soul comes back towards the Source, it builds its individual Self, and remembers Oneness (the Life/Goddess) – this results in a Soul-Self (or an Individualized Oneness perception).

This describes the normal path of Soul away from Source and back into it – Soul leaves the connectedness, enters the density/separation of the lower dimensions, then eventually turns back to Source, building its individuality in the process, and reuniting with the connectedness of all life. In other words – out of connectedness, into separation, then back to connectedness (but with a unique personal perception). This is the path that is part of the original design, so to speak, and this is what should be labeled “GOOD”.

When this process malfunctions, “evil” is created. This is exactly how it works: 

  • Soul separates from the Oneness, moves into density;
  • Then this Soul figures its own perception inside the separation (far away from the Oneness);
  • This Self then remains separate, disconnected from Oneness, seeing itself superior to it.

The arrogance and selfishness of this separated Self leads that Self to attempt to control/overpower Life instead of work with Life. In other words, when the HONOR and RESPECT of Life is absent, “evil” is created.

Thus it is not the Self/individuality in itself that is the problem, but the separation of the Self, or refusal to reconnect, to the rest of the Universe. Becoming a Self is a requirement in order to spiritually “wake up”, to build a Soul-Self which eventually enriches the Source. But when that Self remains in separation, it goes against the Harmony of Creation – this stubborn selfish extreme separation is what should be labeled “EVIL”.

In Gnostic writings there is this story (this is the highly abridged version!):

God the Absolute created the Universe, and one of his creations was Sophia. She then created Yaldabaoth. He was “hidden” from God-the-Absolute by Sophia. Ignorant Yaldabaoth did not know of God and he barely remembered Sophia. He began creating his own world, believing himself to be the only creator – thus he created our universe that we live in and presided over it as the Creator. Sophia was pained by his arrogance in belief that he could create anything without her, the Life principle which originated him. Yaldabaoth created Archons to rule with him over his universe. Yaldabaoth believed that he originated himself and that Sophia was irrelevant. But at the same time he wanted what she had – the power of Life. He attempted to copy the Life principle, able to create more and more forms – copies, devoid of the Life of Sophia (and disconnected from God the Absolute). Eventually he created people on Earth. But Sophia breathed Life into them (gave them Souls), making Eve and all other women the principal carriers of the true Life principle. Yaldabaoth attempted to take that Life out of Eve and all the women, but he failed no matter what he did to punish and suppress them. One of Yaldabaoth’s Archons called Sabaoth was able to comprehend Sophia and became one of her followers. Sabaoth then created his own worlds with his own Archons, all loving Sophia. Sabaoth became an enemy of Yaldabaoth – from Yaldabaoth’s view, Sabaoth had what Yaldabaoth wanted – the power of Sophia, but Yaldabaoth tried to take it by force and failed, while Sabaoth received it through love.

And people of Earth were fooled, they were taught by Yaldabaoth to worship him as God, and to see Sabaoth as evil – when in truth it is the other way around.

This story illustrates well the creation of “evil” and also means that “evil” is redeemable – it can become “good” if it only learns to honor and respect the Goddess (even though Yaldabaoth is still the arrogant evil ruler, one of his archons woke up and joined the “good camp”). 

This “becoming good” comes with self-responsibility and accountability to the Universe – the very thing that the immature separated Self is trying to avoid. 

This is the path that many starseeds have been on for eons – the rehabilitation of the Souls who believe themselves to be separate from One God.

Stepping into the Unity Consciousness transformation allows one to attain harmony with the Goddess (equalizing it with the Creator-God).