How to Equilibrate Elemental Happiness

Inspiration (Air), peacefulness (Water), passion (Fire) and stability (Earth) are the products of elemental balancing in the body.

Each one of many dimensions of this Universe has its own form of consciousness, its own aliveness. The elements we are talking about are not chemical or physical, although all physical forms are built out of these elements… They can be considered beings without a localized form. Together their consciousness acts as building blocks for everything in any dimension… And our physical body consists of elemental energy also. These four elements are required for the creation of anything, from form to concept, feeling, idea and so on.

These spiritual elements link us to Earth and synchronize our combined evolutionary progress.

When we know which of the four elements we are favoring in our usage and learn to identify the deficiencies and over-abundances of them, we gain the conscious cooperation of the Universe.

Instead of floating without knowledge, we become co-creators. There are many ways to co-create and becoming conscious of the elements is just one of them, but since elemental energy is the closest to our physical body, this way might be one of the simplest. Mastery is in the equilibration of the four elements.

How to know if you are balanced? Or have too much or too little of one of the elements? (remember we all have all of them, but in different proportions):


Balanced Air element: you are uplifted, inspired, clear, able to conceptualize, communicative, fast.

Too much of Air: you are spacy and confused, ungrounded, scattered, cannot track well what you are doing.

Too little of Air: you are bored, feeling stuck, lack creativity, life is an endless waiting for inspiration.

Balanced Water element: you are sensitive, feeling connected, intuitive and peaceful.

Too much of Water: you are sluggish, depressed, perhaps in self-pity, unworthiness, shame, overwhelm and collapse.

Too little of Water: you are frustrated, dissatisfied, “snappy”, unable to connect to people and life in general.


Balanced Fire element: you have a strong sense of identity and lots of passion for life, people, ideas; you are intense and direct.

Too much Fire: you are angry, frustrated, dramatic, demanding, dissatisfied, overactive.

Too little Fire: you are exhausted, sluggish, passionless, you lack curiosity and vitality.


Balanced Earth element: you are stable, deeply present, dependable, consistent, loyal, and secure in your character, beliefs and emotions.

Too much Earth: you are stoic, overly practical, non-feeling, very stubborn, and rigid.

Too little Earth: you are nervous, anxious and uncertain, you do not want to be here on the planet, in your life.

All of the elements that make up our material reality are becoming awakened – the Earth is obviously doing this awakening ahead of our human consciousness.

There are different elements: the Elementals (like Fire, Air, Water and Earth), and the atomic material particles/waves. Elementals are beings, consciousnesses which make the Simulation we live in possible. The matter itself (what we consider material world) is made up by the energies of the Elementals, so if they change, matter changes. The Elementals are changing by adding frequency of Pi (new host of Earth) to their typical earthly energy. It looks as if all the planetary Elementals gain a tint of magenta-purple color – Pi’s signature frequency.

The atomic elements of the periodic table are becoming somewhat “unstable” – it is not that they are somehow “off”, but they are “changing cohesion” (based on what they supposed to be, and were, for a very long time). 

There much more information about this in my book “Mission Alpha” – check it out HERE.

Spiritually, all the elements are awakening, i.e. the speed of their vibration is becoming faster and faster. They are attempting to match the new range in their celebration of transformation.