Experiencing an Expanded Reality
of the Higher Earth

Many of you have been interested in the Higher 3-D Earth perceptions – How does one know if one is in that place? or still in the Lower 3-D Earth? or “in between” for that matter?

When you are in the Higher 3-D Earth plane, you experience the Oneness parallel with Individuality of the Self. You might feel like you are in more than one place at the same time. Or that your body is solid and material and at the same time less solid. Or when you fall asleep, you might experience weightlessness… But the most telling is the internal state of being – in the Higher 3-D Earth you are at peace inside, you can hear your Higher Self, you are in sync with Nature and with your Soul, and all the issues and dilemmas of the regular life are viewed with a high degree of clarity, purpose and meaning.

Vibrating at this frequency does not mean that the Lower Self disappears, or that the Ego is totally merged with the Higher Self. There are still issues, emotional pain and sometimes absence of clarity. But issues, pain and not-knowing are handled with the inner knowing that there is a purpose (even if unknown at the time), and that there is a lesson (even if it has caused pain). On this plane there is a knowing that all life has the right to exist, no matter at what level of consciousness it is, no judgment, instead there is compassion, and free will choice. Remaining in this range is not easy – it requires a level of understanding that rescuing is not beneficial for the rescuee or the rescuer (so that we can finally separate from the global pain experience!), and that without a certain level of detachment one cannot arrive at enlightenment. It is possible and necessary to be able to have an open heart while being detached. What we focus our attention on determines our energy range – thus watching, listening, and reading negative information without the higher perspective of the Soul only leads one to join the negativity, effectively taking one out of the Higher 3-D Earth range.

If you are in the Lower 3-D Earth, your experience of life would be linked with your Lower Self defensive reactions – instead of choosing you would find yourself reacting, instead of living you might feel like you are surviving, and instead of compassion you would experience fear, competition, jealousy, comparison, outrage at other’s beliefs, etc. In the Lower 3-D Earth everything is divided into the perceived “right” and “wrong” – and those are determined by the social group one belongs to (a “right” of one group might be a “wrong” of another group). Everything is driven by fear and need to survive – and people are doing what they can to make it according to the external rules, determined not by themselves, but by the social “tribes” they are part of. You can see that this is, unfortunately, the main place of habitation for most humans on our planet at the moment – just turn on TV or radio (in any country). All the political, military, religious, and social “games” are situated squarely inside the range of the “lower earth”.

Being “in between” the Lower and Higher 3-D Earths would feel like one’s Ego is a little confused – sometimes it is able to listen to the Higher Self wisdom, at other times it falls under the spell of the Lower Self fears. Many light-workers are in this place – the part of them that is merged with the rest of humanity is also, unfortunately, dragging them into the “lower earth”, making them lose their footing in the realm of their own higher guidance. Also some of the very mental people are in this place – they reason that being in corruption and negativity is not the way to live, but they do not have enough of a spiritual understanding to be able to replace the non-functioning system with a wholistic one.