Disappointment or Gratitude?

Anything that we experience can be polarized into either gratitude or disappointment. It is our ATTITUDE that does the polarization. Attitude is an emotional reaction, and it is we who must be responsible for our emotional reaction to any event.

When you look at a glass of water filled half way, do you feel it is “half full” or “half empty”? We have an emotional inclination to feel one way or the other, while both statements materially are equally valid.

All events in life are originally emotionally neutral – it is we who attach emotional reactions to them.

Negative emotional reactions are contagious, just like the irresponsibility itself. Someone blaming an event for their discomfort (i.e. someone who is choosing the attitude of disappointment) might attract others who also want to blame something for their anger or unhappiness, because blame is easier than responsibility. It takes no effort to blame. But blame can only be generated by an immature part of us – it is the part that is looking for a parent, someone outside of us, to take care of us, and when we do not feel “taken care of” we look for that “parent” to blame.

It is very important to understand, deeply, that there are no “bad events” no matter how difficult they are for us. Instead there are positive or negative REACTIONS to the events!

The harder the event, the more effort it takes to stay positive, but the “reward” of personal growth of Soul-Self is also higher in these circumstances. One can go through a very difficult illness, or a painful life issue, and feel stronger for it, more sure of themselves than ever.

All emotional reactions are always based on our conscious/subconscious expectations.

The opportunity to reprogram ourselves is there in every moment. All we have to do is remember that it is our perception of the event that determines our choice to react positively or negatively.

We must look for the thoughts and beliefs that have generated our perception, and start changing them

If this seems too hard right now, then simply go into gratitude – it is a fail-safe for positive emotional reaction. Choosing positive perception benefits us, and others, including the planet.

But having a positive perception does not mean avoiding looking at the issues. Most people have a misconception that “being positive” means not having any negativity. That is avoidance and escape, not true harmony.

Being positive means that we choose to face directly our fears and the negative beliefs that created them, and that we dare to challenge these negative inner patterns, eventually bringing them to the harmony of the Higher Self. 

This is actually how we heal the Lower Self, which is a defensive part of us that is meant to protect us from the world. When we know how interconnected we really are, there is no more need for protection.

based on “The Universe Responds to Our Expectations” chapter of my book “Awakening the Harmony Within.”

What if from now on you EXPECTED positive flow of energy into your life? What if you chose GRATITUDE as you main attitude?