The Cat as a Divine Presence

This is an interview-conversation between
Dasha Alexandrov & Eugenia Oganova

Some of you might remember Dasha from the beautiful paintings that she did for our Energy Pulse Calendars 2006-2012, and many of you own her work. An amazing shamanic artist, Dasha brings not only meaningful symbols into her art, but also imprints it with an energy charge that can be felt, explored, and utilized by the viewer. Dasha has been working on The Cat Traveler series of sepia monotypes – they are encoded with the feline multidimensional nature and can help open psychological/energy portals during your meditations. All works are available for sale (the size of the monotypes are 11×17 and 12×14) – please inquire through me, or ask Dasha directly through her website. All of Dasha’s energy-imprinted works are unique (there is only one of each picture). There are only 23 monotypes in this series.

Dasha: Eugenia, in your book “The Secret of Sekhmet” you mention Sekhmet’s mentor, presumably on Sirius, who is a Cat-being that was responsible for seeding the Feline template on Earth.  Could you tell us more about her?

Eugenia: Sekhmet is a 6th dimensional feline being, a “hybrid” of  humanoid and feline genetics…

In the Sirian star system there are four species: felines, humanoids, cetaceans, and Urmah. Felines look like giant cats; humanoids look like tall people with white-blue skin and elongated heads, some are amphibious; cetaceans are similar to whales and dolphins, they live in the water mostly, but some are amphibious and spend some time on dry land; and Urmah – they are humanoid-feline hybrids, they have  feline and  humanoid (white-blue skin) forms overlapping.

Sekhmet is an Urmah, but she was specifically designed. She is unique and  has a much wider range than most Urmah. Urmah are usually limited to the 5th dimension but Sekhmet has the full range of 4D, 5D and 6D consciousness. And while on Earth she was in the 3D, which was thought impossible by the 6D humanoid and feline Sirian species (which is why they left Earth when its frequency range descended from 4D into 3D).

Sekhmet’s mentor is a fully feline being, a Kadishtu who not only was instrumental in the design of Sekhmet, but also in the creation of the Earth Simulation. That being looks like a large black cat, huge if she could appear on Earth (about 25 feet tall while sitting). Sirian felines never travel off world, they remain on their planet, go into a trance and “travel” by projecting their consciousness. Sekhmet’s mentor had created many forms into which she could project her own consciousness, and these forms could travel off world and into other dimensions. One of these forms was a female human-looking body. She was on Earth a long time ago, before the consciousness fell, when Earth was in the 4D range. That person ascended (became enlightened). After that occurred, her consciousness and form were paired with another aspect of that feline mentor – a golden lion-looking form. This is what became known as Sekhmet (a united consciousness of two forms/aspects of her mentor, functioning as an individual unit).

And yes, in my book I mention how Sekhmet’s mentor on Sirius was able to send a message to Sekhmet. Sekhmet felt trapped in her 3D reality, unable to penetrate it and unable to have access to the experiences outside Earth’s Simulation. Her mentor was able to create a temporally link, projecting her consciousness into 3D space where Sekhmet was.

Dasha: What is the purpose of Felines on Earth? Why was the Feline concept brought here? 

Eugenia: in my understanding there are three components to the feline concept on our planet: one being the genetic imprint of species from Sirius; the second is the anchor for multidimensional travel; and the third is the support of dual focus development for the humans. Let me explain…

Species from all over the Universe are interested in adding a component of themselves into our planetary Simulation – some to run their own experiments, others to be a part of an already existent Earth project. Sirian felines also wanted to add their genetic code into the etheric library of Earth – which is what resulted in the many varieties of felines we have on the planet (although they, obviously, do not have the consciousness that the Sirian feline beings have).

“Multidimensional travel” ( by projecting one’s consciousness) is what 6th dimensional feline Kadishtu excel at. Having a feline template (form and etheric parameters that come with it) on Earth anchors the concept of such travel. It’s like a “coded message” waiting to be de-coded by the humans and cats are the carriers of it.

And cats know how to be in focus and in relaxation at the same time (almost no other species can do this), and they are always linked to the energy of pleasure. This compressed focus and dispersed focus at the same time is what generates the pleasure. Humans have not learned yet how to do this.

I have seen your sketches, drawings and paintings of cats and they are such great representations of cats’ “multidimensional travel” poses! The movement of a cat is filled with intensity, pleasure and magic. What do you find the most rewarding and the most difficult about drawing cats?

Dasha: To me as an artist, the Gesture is the most important thing. I define Gesture Drawing as a 2D map of the direction and distribution of mass of my object.  In a gesture drawing, the artist tries to capture the way the object moves, which, in a way, is the essence – or let’s say ” the signature” – of the object. After I have drawn something a thousand times, I can draw it in any position, even if I do not have it in front of me because I know its signature and can reproduce it. 

Drawing cats in principle is not different from drawing anything else, but I enjoy it so much, as a process and a challenge, because cats give me such a huge range of possible movements.  Their spines are so flexible that they make an infinite number of shapes.  The beauty and the challenge of it is that they physically move so much that, after a while, I stop drawing the pose of an individual cat, and start drawing the continuous cat-movement itself.  Cats force me to do that.  

I feel that the cat is here and not here at the same time, in motion always; it seems to me that if you just follow the movement of a cat you will glimpse all sorts of different worlds, which interests me greatly.  

Cat as a Traveler is the subject of this particular series.  And of course I love merging with the Pleasure of the cat when I draw.  It teaches me so much about the nature of Pleasure. A lot of my cat images, especially the ones with more portraiture in them attempt to translate that pleasure visually. 

We often talk about the Human Energy Field.  Can you tell us about the Feline Energy field and how it is different from ours and other animals?

Eugenia: all forms inside this Earth’s Simulation have the same basic “layout” for the energy field – even plants have the vertical tube of circulating energy, with the basic root and crown chakras. The more complex the species, the more elaborate their energy field anatomy. Humans have a vertical tube with root and crown chakras on each end, and also many chakras in between, and some above the head, and on the front and the back – our basic anatomy is a 7 chakra system. All mammals are the same (cats are mammals). In other words, a cat has a vertical tube of energy running along its body (which ends up not vertical since it’s a quadruped), with the second chakra at its hips front and back, third at its midsection, heart chakra front and back, same with the throat and the 3rd eye chakras.

The main difference between human and cat energy anatomy is not the anatomy itself, but how it is utilized. Humans tend to be a mess emotionally at times, have difficult astral level connections, and are not always grounded. They think too much and most do not have their higher chakras open. Cats on the other hand are always grounded, have very well developed 5th, 6th and 7th chakras, and if they are stressed, it is usually on the etheric level, not emotional (although cats which are pets can have emotional issues too).

Dasha: In your book “Awakening the Harmony Within” you talk about animals on Earth as collectively representing one animal Soul: all cows are one Cow.  You go on to say that this situation changes with animals (like pets) that are in close proximity with humans. Can you elaborate on that issue – especially the Individuality of our cats, because the cats I know are extremely individualized!

Eugenia: cats on Earth are not anywhere near as conscious as Sirian felines, even though Earth’s cats do have an ability to travel multidimensionally. Yes, there is one group Feline Soul – the overall consciousness of the feline species (as a genetic branch and an energy template). It is subdivided into sub-categories: like Lion Soul, Lynx Soul, Cat Soul etc. All wild, feral animals are part of this group system. But when an animal comes into close contact with humans, it begins to interact individually – it still broadcasts the gained knowledge/experience to the group Soul it is a part of, but it has its own personality while alive. Most domesticated cats (same for any domesticated animal) do still return to the group Soul when they die. It is like if you take a drop of water from the ocean (incarnation) and then put it back into the ocean (death and return to the group Soul), when you take a drop out again, it won’t be the same drop that you put in.

Right now there are 7 animal species on Earth who are learning to step into more individuality – i.e. when that animal dies, its Soul remains individualized and then can reincarnate as that animal. These species are cats, dogs, horses, elephants, pigs and chimpanzee and gorillas. Obviously, not all cats, dogs, pigs etc. will suddenly become individualized – I mean that a few from these species pools are in the process of becoming individuals on Earth right now because of their personal direct contact with humans.

Dasha: What is the best way to communicate with a cat?

Eugenia: first of all – be present! If someone is ungrounded, a cat won’t link to them. Cats generally will tell you when and how they want to interact with you – they will come to you, meow about their life, perhaps claw at you gently, etc. Listen and match what they are doing. Never try to force a cat to communicate with you – they have to choose you, or it won’t work (not like the dogs who always choose their owner!) A sleeping cat is an energy bridge to other realms. Meditating next to a sleeping cat can help one expand their own consciousness range.

Cats are energy-absorbers – they take in imbalanced energy and transmute it. A cat might sit on the area of one’s body that hurts, or come and cuddle when one is emotionally down. Cats do not like sharp energy changes, so they will scatter if there are loud noises or a fight. But once it is over, cats tend to come into the room and sit in the area of imbalance to transmute it. They do so subconsciously.

The presence of cats naturally lowers the risk of cardiovascular problems in humans, balances any blood pressure issues, minimizes the possibility of heart attack and stroke, and of sudden death in babies (dogs don’t). The energy pattern of cats calms human cardiovascular subconscious rhythms. Human babies tend to leave the body when asleep and a cat sitting by the baby acts as an energy bridge, so that the child’s Soul does not travel too far, (because of feeling trapped by the body.)

Cats increase immunity in humans. Having a child exposed regularly to a cat will help her immune system to develop more strongly, with less future allergies, and a lesser risk of asthma problems.

A cat’s purr lowers human blood pressure, and by stroking a cat gently one can also lower cholesterol and triglycerides. Psychological benefits for humans include stress reduction, anti-anxiety codes which all cats have, and cats can also act as anti-depressants and mood-amplifiers 🙂

I remember reading a study once where it stated that there are 4 statistical similarities in people who end up living a long healthy life – one is being in a long-term committed relationship/marriage, second is not driving in traffic, third is having a spiritual life, and fourth is having a cat!

Dasha: I find this discussion of other species on Earth very interesting. It puts our human experience in perspective and hopefully will make us understand ourselves better too.  Thank you so much!

Eugenia: And I hope that you will eventually add more to this “Cat Traveler” series of monotypes 🙂 We can show more of your artwork, perhaps over another conversation about the multidimensionality of cats?

As a reminder, all Dasha’s work is original, so hurry if you would like to purchase one. Please visit her website at

And I heard that there might be a picture book eventually of this and other “CatTraveler” monotypes – we’ll all look forward to that! I am very glad for the few lucky ones who will purchase the originals from you – a truly amazing artwork!