How to create your own Safety

When we become physically sick, we tend to become very scared. The animal part of us goes into the survival mode, which is actually normal. But we add the fear and other negative emotions on top – this wobbles the root chakra, perpetuating the illness instead of healing it!

The energy of safety is anchored through the root chakra at the bottom of the vertical tube – the area between your legs downwards. If that chakra is functioning properly, we feel safe.

There are different levels of not feeling safe – from physical danger to emotional or mental one, even spiritual. These are imbalances of our perception, not actually dangers.

From the Transcension perspective, this material reality is a “classroom” for us, Souls, to learn in, to awaken to higher consciousness.

How can we be in danger if our lives are “classrooms for our learning”? Learning can be difficult and even painful, but it is our erroneous perceptions that turn it into ”danger” if the root chakra is not stable.

When root chakra wobble occurs, we can experience circumstances outside and inside the physical body as danger. It does not mean we are really in danger – we experience danger in relationship to a stimuli which makes us believe we really are in danger.

The physical illness is a message, something we can learn through and not only heal the body itself, but also enrich our consciousness in the process.

Yet when the root chakra is not stable, we tend to feel unsafe when we are sick.

This is based on three misconceptions:

1- forgetting that we are the Souls inside these bodies, the body is only a perceptual vehicle, and so with or without it we have continuity of consciousness (this misconception is a fear of death- funny how it can arise even during a common cold!)

2- forgetting that we are conscious co-creators with our material vehicle, that we can have a relationship with it and help it heal – the body already has all the blueprints it can possibly need to repair itself, it is us that’s in the way (this is about not trusting the body’s intelligence – we tend to assume that someone else, like a doctor for example, can know more about our body than we do! It is always helpful to remember that although doctors can be very helpful, you are still the only expert on yourself, you spent a much longer time with your body than you doctor even will, and you know it more intimately – so be open to suggestions, but in the end it is you who decides, not a doctor)

3- forgetting that no matter what negative stimuli we encountered, we were the ones who placed it there, on our own path! It seems that ”bad things just happen” and we ”catch a virus” and are ”victims of accidents”. We let go of our highest power – free will choice – and instead become victims of circumstances (this misconception is about not seeing yourself as a creator of your physical situation).

If we work with these three malfunctions of perception when we are sick, for example, or experiencing some sort of physical difficulty, we can help our body to get well sooner.

Next time your body is sending you a message, use your #SoulWorkTools and do this:

1- notice the survival fear arising inside you, honor that fear – it is the truth on your emotional level at the time you are experiencing it. But do not give it a further story like ”oh, I’m going to die!” or ”Oh, my god, there is something wrong with me! I have to fix it right now!” Instead take a deep breath downwards, into your root chakra, then further into the Earth. Do this few times until you feel calmer, then bring the energy upwards, from the ground, through the root chakra and up the vertical tube all the way to your head – this helps to remind you that you are a Soul inside this body, not only the body.

2- remind yourself that you created this body for yourself. Utilizing the genetic material of your parents you modified it to fit your life’s journey this time around, and so your body is perfect for you, it has all the mechanisms to heal itself. Tell your body ”I trust you, I will help you heal yourself, I know you can.’‘ (Even if you do not fully believe it, repeating this few times will help).

3- staying connected to your body you might still feel the fear, but take the higher road, the higher self view point that you are safe because you chose to be. Safety is not based on the environment (internal or external), it is self-determined. If you believe yourself to be safe, you are. So ask yourself ”What is the message here? What is my body telling me?’‘ Have curiosity about the message so you can heal and at the same time enrich your consciousness. When we focus with curiosity on the lesson, instead of spinning in fear, we ”get out of the way” and the natural healing abilities of the body can do their job. In other words, if we worry and are fearful, we stop body’s ability to regenerate, but if we are curious of what we are learning through the physical imbalance, we not only help the body heal, we also become more awake. Understanding the lesson resolves the physical issue and it has no more reason to exist.

There much more information about this in my book “Mission Alpha” – check it out HERE.

If in the moment of physical pain or other difficulty you can honor your fear, but focus with curiosity and kindness on the lesson – you bring the energy back into your root chakra and it stops wobbling! That is the Self-determined safety.