Your Mission Alpha is to live consciously!

If there is a voice inside you that wants you to experience more love and fulfillment, wants this elusive feeling of power, of belonging and love? It is the voice of your Soul reminding you of who you are.

But how do you become awake?

No one is perfect and we are not in “perfect balance” all the time, but we can learn to recognize when we are not in alignment, and know our own unique ways of restoring it. There are a lot of inspirational literature out there talking about how we ”should be”, but not that many books actually explain HOW do you get there.

We are programmed to look for some grand “purpose” for our lives, some amazing “magical power”, but in reality we are simply attempting to compensate for the feeling of “not good enough” inside. That feeling is painful and so we get bored with everyday things, feel insufficient, and lost – we hide from the pain of it all, attempting to entertain ourselves with information. But this does not heal the nagging feeling of not being all you can be.

Our struggle with our bodies, emotions, relationships, careers and the meaning of life, is simply about us not remembering how to “read the manual” of our system, how to function in an awakened state which we are meant to live in. The “reading of the manual” implies some effort – we have to learn a whole new way of interfacing with our own consciousness that no one taught us about before.

Yet this effort is well worth it. It helps us to consciously understand our internal workings, beginning with our energy systems and looking into the physical, psychological and spiritual components of our psyche so we can discern what is not working and why, and also how to fix it.

Studying “how you are designed” leads to purposeful living and satisfaction. Each one of us already has the “equipment”, we just have to learn to “read the manual” and use it correctly. In this book I help you look at all these pieces of your Self, decoding the mystery of life that is you.

And the first page of any personal manual is always the energy system. By understanding why it exists and how it works, you can see how illnesses are created and how you can heal yourself on all levels. From the beginning of my life I could see energy, timelines, Soul contracts, beliefs, thoughts and emotions, and so to me nothing ever looked separate from the rest. “There is no Other”, my energy guides had told me, “there is only you”.

So when we harm someone or something, we are harming ourselves. When we feel harmed by someone, it is our own energy returning to us, the authority we had projected onto that person in the first place. And we do so unconsciously because our energy system follows some automated program we inherited or invented as a child, which does not serve neither us or the world.

We are meant to be more. And we can be more, if we only applied the basic effort required to understand our own manual, how to use our system correctly. We can create miracles, can attract to us all we need and want, can heal our bodies – but we must change our internal set up from the autopilot to a conscious mode. In my book you will read about where these “switches” are located and how to turn your Real Self on.

The real magic of life is about the Reality bleeding through the illusion, it’s the process of awakening. Alignment with the Source, the power of true identity, the balance of energy systems and the health of our physical bodies, all become enhanced by the expansion of conscious focus. This is the Mission Alpha, the primary mission, of every spark of God – us.

There is so much information in my best-selling “Mission Alpha” book – about living consciously by UNDERSTANDING your Self, your energy system, your thoughts, emotions, beliefs – check it out HERE.

Excerpt from “Mission Alpha: the Wise and Passionate You”, 

the “Mastery – Design Your Self” Chapter:

”… The persistent universal flow is a wake up call, as it enters our humanity, it can intensify survival fears, emotional vulnerabilities, and powerlessness. Note that I did not say create these, but intensify them, because these issues were already there to begin with, and because awakening means “awakening to the traumas and shocks first, power later,” not just power and pleasantries. Wrestling with these personal struggles is an act of courageous exploration into our internal unknown. We cannot become an awakened Self without the desire to be the Self. We cannot become aware and powerful without going through all the powerlessness. To some extent powerlessness is necessary to show us what power is, because we learn through comparison in duality. It is naïve to assume that when you welcome the universal flow, you will suddenly leave behind all your troubles and “everything will be okay.”

Truly free universal energy feels great, but when it first enters us, it of course will hit all the blocks we have, smashing them open. Don’t you think that might be uncomfortable? It usually is an uncomfortable process, because you have to reevaluate your views on reality, and your ideas and beliefs. But do not despair, it is not an agony! Every time you feel the intensity of your fear, you also gain more tolerance to it, and when you process the pain, you gain knowledge and experience, which end in wisdom and power. And so with each block the clearing becomes easier, even if the blocks themselves are painful. This is the reward for doing processing work! The blocks are not necessarily any less traumatic or painful, but they do not suck us in, do not scare us as much any longer, and do not define our reality, hence they are just uncomfortable. The wisdom is well worth it!…”

I am so excited to have this book available for you! 

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