Authentic Self-Inquiry

Without deep personal inquiry spiritual development, and ascension, are not possible. But there are so many misconceptions about what this actually means. The electric mis-translation is “self-analyzing”, the magnetic one is “extreme surrender”.

Personal inquiry is NOT the same thing as self-analyzing. When we self-analyze, we use our mental body in order to figure out the answers based on something we already know. You can see how this process is limited, right? Because the available answers are contained within the parameters of knowledge that the Ego already has. And that usually means that the answers come from whichever part of the Ego is the strongest.

Let us separate a person into four parts – the Body, the Inner Female (emotions), the Inner Male (thoughts), and the Soul (Higher Self). Since we are talking about analyzing – this means that the Male side, the thinking, is the strongest pattern in that person, so their Ego is seeing itself as “mental”. This is an attempt to find answers, and that person will be looking through their own knowledge base in an attempt to do so.

When we try to figure out how to move into the next step of our personal development, we have to use what is OUTSIDE of the parameters of the Ego. If we stick to the Ego view, then we end up in the same place where we started, walking in circles. Thus other mechanisms are required in order to become awakened. Analyzing does work for setting up a strategy based on the available data, and for sorting and organizing information. But not for spiritual development!

Inner inquiry is NOT the same thing as extreme surrender either. This type of surrender is often used as a strategy by the Lower Self to procrastinate, to avoid having to DEAL with the problem. True surrender is meant to be not in letting the Self go, but in letting the Ego go – i.e. the personality is meant to surrender to the Soul, which is in alignment with God Source (the Soul-Self). When one tries to inquire inside, and does it by self-erasure, there is no one to receive the answer! It is an extreme measure to engage in and it is not beneficial to spiritual development either.

So what is personal inquiry then? 

Personal inquiry is a balance between Intuition and the Inner Observer.

Intuition is the means of accessing knowledge that is beyond Ego parameters. It is the Inner Female way – the magnetic energy of connecting to Oneness and at the same time staying true to oneself. That bridge between you and the Oneness will “vibrate” when you inquire, and the resonance it generates brings answers from beyond the Ego.

The Observer is the required component because it allows us to be impartial and view what is going on inside of us as we experience life out in the world. Remember we separated a person into four parts (the Body, the Inner Female (emotions), the Inner Male (thoughts), and the Soul (Higher Self)? Let every one of these four parts of you share the inner space (like a conference room, round table style), and listen to their views. This tells you what the climate is of your internal world. Once you know that, you have choices to make. But first get all four opinions WITHOUT taking sides. This is very important – if our consciousness takes sides (“I should not be thinking this”, “it is stupid that I am feeling this”, “it shouldn’t matter”, etc.), we switch from Observer to the Ego, forfeiting the inquiry attempt. The only way to truly get a measurement of your internal climate is through the eyes of the Observer.

What is required for self-inquiry? – a combination of Intuition and the inner Observer.

What is required to turn the Intuition on? – the bridge between the Self and Oneness (i.e. connect to the Universe while feeling your own preciousness and uniqueness).

What is required to turn the inner Observer on? – detachment (you have to let everyone inside of you have an opinion, speak up, while you stay neutral and collect data).

Authentic Self-inquiry will allow you to see the true source of the inner problems and find solutions (instead of walking around in emotional and mental circles). It will also move you beyond thoughts and emotions, into the world of I AM – where you have access to Universal Intelligence.