Release restrictions of your Self


Let’s look backwards at the recent planetary changes that are leading Earth into stepping into Individualized Oneness.

Gaia had shifted out of primary host position back in 2012, leaving that place to Pi. In preparation for her “leaving the planet” event, Gaia shifted her passage through Time into an upward phase back in 2005. In the Mayan calendar this began a year of Yellow Cosmic Seed, initiating us into the 8 year period of Cosmic Awareness and wielding power, culminating in 2013 with the “blue star” comet (Comet ISON), and exiting an 8 year period of Aboriginal Continuity and proper conduct.

In other words we are exiting the victim mode of the rule of majority and entering the creator mode of curiosity and individuality.

In this new phase human orientation in time/space is based on Earth AND Cosmos, adding remembrance of the stellar lineage codes to the genetic ones – it is the “Individualized Oneness”.

The Light of awakening is getting so bright that the darkness within humanity is more noticeable than ever before. As the focus on materialism is released, spirit shines more fully. It is an incredible honor to have been alive in the last years of the Great Cycle (the entire cycle of 3113 BC- 2012 AD) as we are dreaming ourselves awake into the New Time of Uniqueness.

We are building new systems of reality which will be more in alignment with the Enlightened Human we will eventually become. It will take hundreds of years for these emerging patterns to evolve enough to create a more conscious “super-human” species, but we are all, each one of us, alive now, at the beginning of this new formation of what it means to be Human.

All religions eventually will become ONE. It is simple: no need for an external temple, no need for a complicated dogma. Instead the body becomes our temple, and the philosophy is Metaphysical Spirituality of Kindness, Is-ness, Preciousness of Life in ANY form.

There are many people who are strongly affected by the “catastrophobia fears” concerning planetary destruction. The overall integrity of the physical planet will remain intact as it is meant to endure and continue to function as a “simulated environment” for learning. So many necessary and beneficial changes draw us into charged focused mastery of Soul-Self. We are in a spiritual school – a Mystery of Life school – and that school must endure in order for us to continue education. We are not ready to graduate, and so the school is going to provide us with safe environment for acquisition of knowledge, experience and feeling perception.

There are planetary adjustments that will continue to occur (geological and weather-based changes), and many human challenges to handle, concerning authority issues, karmic patterns, politics, safety and free will. The most potent changes amplify the need for each human to process their fears (perhaps resulting in wars, political stand-offs, and financial fears). There is also forthcoming some new guidance from various energy beings, who oversee and witness our journey (like the Solar Council, the Sirian High Council, the Rosicrucian Council, the Shenu etc.), and all of them are stating that it is time for humans to know the truth and awaken to it.

The Truth is only perceived correctly by the receiver when one is in the expanded state of consciousness that matches the resonance of that Truth.

Most of the ancient Mystery Schools kept the truth hidden for a very long time, believing that people were not ready for the information. But now, most of the energy beings giving spiritual counsel, state that they believe, ready or not, humans MUST have access to, receive, and integrate the information in order for the human species to have success in the process of awakening/ascension.

We are entering the Cosmic Selfhood phase of the Great Time Cycle that we are in. Presence in each moment of unfolding time is key to balancing the personal space of Identity with the totality of the space of the Whole. When we are overly defined by our mental and emotional stories, our internal space is constricted.

Presence in the Now leads to the opening up of these constrictions, allowing for the spaciousness of peace and an internal generation of life force. The jittery feeling of being stuck in a too-fast electrical current is replaced by a healthy, invigorating electric flow through the core, while being supported and nourished by the magnetic peace of the Whole. The dynamic aliveness of uniting instinct (physical body component) with creativity (personality component) and intention (spirit component) leads to uninhibited interaction with Time/Space—the Art of Being Self.