The New Evolutionary System

The incoming Galactic Light Codes, and the new Enveloping Light around the Earth (fed by the Galactic Light) are accelerating the release of the Old Evolutionary System of Duality based on Separation  (old belief patterns, morphogenic tribal fields, and the negative personal codes). 

The Earth is evolving into the New Evolutionary System of Unity based on Diversity. This is a new cycle for our Simulation that the Kadishtu beings (galactic altruistic group of enlightened beings) are promoting in the 3D of Earth. 

The next sub-harmonic (4D, 5D, 6D) is already operating on this belief that diversity is a form of personal uniqueness that is to be explored and cherished. In this next sub-harmonic, comparison exists only as a form of defining, not as judgment. In our sub-harmonic (3D, 2D, 1D) so far the Earth Simulation has been on the path of “duality through Separation” with judgment, cruelty, fear, revenge, and victim-ness as the flag-posts.

The Earth Simulation is a very complex type of morphogenic field itself – it is a program that exists for us to learn through. It is like a computer game with rules that allow us to move along the Ascension Stairway. 

Harmonious thoughts, actions, beliefs and emotional responses allow us to move up a step, and disharmonious ones make us step down. It is not “wrong” to move down a step – it is a pre-set consequence of our behavior inside the Simulation. 

The key is to keep your focus on the proper component of the Simulation – the LEARNING that occurs within you. On the lower steps of the Ascension Stairway people over-focus on their FEELINGS and the EXTERNAL world and their desires associated with it. 

Learning and spiritual growth are the real reasons why we are in this Simulation in the first place, and the only way to move up along the Ascension Stairway is to focus on the INTERNAL world and your perceptions of life. 

The value of personal uniqueness cannot be underestimated here – without it we are back to the tribal system of lower morphogenic fields, lost in Separation.

Starseeds and Forerunners are already in upward movement on the Ascension Stairway, because they are on the “college” level and above. But don’t think this means that they are better than the ones who are on the lower steps – no one is better than anyone else. 

All Earthlings are one Soul, all Starseeds are from different places, and Forerunners are a mix of the more conscious Earthlings and some Starseeds. Either way, in the big sense of universal consciousness, we are all ONE – from the same Source. 

But the majority of Earthlings are on the lower steps right now, while the Starseeds and Forerunners are higher. This comes with its own challenges: Earthlings are in pain because they feel the friction of the collapsing lower morphogenic tribal fields, and are fighting to keep their “sheep”, while Starseeds and Forerunners are in pain because of their ability to FEEL ONE with everything – thus feeling the cruelty of Separation that Earthlings are in (and some of their own wounds as well). What balances this is Love, Joy and Peace.

To support the New Evolutionary System of Unity based on Diversity within yourself, do this:

➤ Focus on the internal, on your own unique personal perception of reality (instead of externally-delivered opinions about how you should think/feel);

➤ Stay in your vertical tube no matter what (pain, fear, confusion, lost-ness, frustration, apathy, overload and worthiness issues are NOT excuses to leave your tube!!!)

➤ When you encounter hopelessness (and there will be moments like this as the old systems are breaking), tune into PEACE – the white soft calm energy that IS – no movement, just pure presence in harmony;

➤ When possible, focus on the Higher 3D positive energies that are inside the Enveloping Light – the Love and Joy 🙂