Empower your Perception

The choice to know, make and acknowledge one’s individual viewpoint is absolutely necessary right now on Earth. 

Before we go to someone else and ask how we should be thinking or feeling, or how some events should be experienced, we need to decide for ourselves – (there are always people who are only too willing to tell us how we should be!) 

This is the time to rely on your own perception first. You must learn to ask yourself “what am I feeling about this? What am I thinking about this? Why am I feeling/thinking that?” 

Too often we just follow our programming automatically – “this is how I always feel/think in such situation”, or, my favorite – “this is how a normal person thinks/feels about this!” 

There is no NORMAL and there is no “right way” to feel/think – there is only YOUR way. And the sooner we get connected with our own unique way, the sooner we can clean up our own act! If you can honestly claim what you are feeling, thinking and experiencing because of a particular stimuli (and these might not be all the same!), then you can examine if you AGREE with your own experiences or not. 

Sounds strange, right? How can one agree or disagree with an experience?? We think that we can because we have been programmed to think that these external stimuli determine our experiences, as if the experience is experiencing you instead of you experiencing the experience!

We determine what we choose to experience – we determine our PERCEPTION, not the stimuli. We are taught to focus on the stimuli – “I like when this happens to me and I do not like when that happens to me”, “I get upset when this happens and I get happy when I get this and that” – all of this is based on the stimuli determining us! But the truth is that it is the other way around. 

You determine how you are going to experience an event. For example, someone might yell at you, or be rude to you, and you have a choice – to respond to the stimuli in a programmed way (which is somewhat different for each person, one might get angry back, the other might go into a people-pleasing mode to pacify their attacker) or to respond in a conscious way (as whatever you have previously responsibly decided – “why have I attracted such an “attack” from this person?”, or “what am I learning here?”, or “this is an opportunity to practice compassion/ or practice tuning into that person and learning what triggered them”, etc.)

To be able to change your perception you first must be aware of what you are perceiving. 

Most of us have never been taught to tune in, to listen in – we are only taught to “listen out/outwardly” – thinking “what do other people do?” What do they think of it? What do they feel about us?” 

It is now time to focus in/inwardly. It is a requirement for living in the Higher 3-D Earth. All of the answers are inside of us – we must listen for them. This means that we have to spend time tuning into ourselves in silence. 

This is a scary experience for most people who are not trained to do it. The Ego personality becomes bored immediately, the Lower Self starts freaking out, looking for faults and worrying about everything under the sun… 

Yet one must push through that to quiet one’s mind, to WITNESS oneself. Witnessing means being neutral and just watching/recording what is being viewed. There is no judgment, no agenda – only neutral watching. 

This is a way to gather information about your own internal world. Once you have witnessed your physical experience, your feelings and thoughts, then you can study them, analyze them, harmonize them. Notice if what you are feeling or thinking does not match what you know to be a more harmonious perception. This means that your Higher Self knows something that is beneficial to you, but you are listening to the Lower Self’s fears instead. 

Choose to focus more on the Higher Self’s view, choose to align with it. You will then notice how your experience is changing to a more harmonious one.