How to transmute Harted into Passion

Let’s look at the emotions as they are associated with the Elemental energies. One of the hardest emotions associated with the Fire Element is hatred. 

Generally people have a hard time dealing with hatred, and so they tend to elect to not deal with it at all. We sort of hate our own hatred… As you can imagine, that is not a very productive solution. 

You might feel hatred because you are comparing yourself to someone, or because you do not approve of someone’s beliefs or actions… Nothing justifies hatred and thus is must be dealt with. But judging yourself for having this emotion int he first place is not productive!

There are three ways of handling the energy of hatred that people tend to use:

1- go after what you hate – that is what we call vengeance, and it only generated more karma;

2- try to suppress your hate – but it comes out sideways on unsuspecting people, and also generates more karma;

3- make your hate into a fire wall which incinerates YOUR negative patterns in relationship to what you hate – turning it into Love.

Obviously the third option is the most productive if you are interested in awakening yourself to the higher consciousness 🙂

Inside the emotion of hatred the Fire is negative, but the Fire itself is not bad. Think of it like this: Fire is a candy, and the negative or positive charge is the candy wrapper – if the wrapper said ”passion, desire, pleasure” then it is a positive Fire, if the wrapper said ”anger, hatred” then it is the negative Fire. 

When we balance the hatred energy with Love (Fire with Water) is can work to take the edge off the hate, but it does not resolve the negative charge itself. It stays as an aftertaste… We have to give ourselves permission to use the Fire, trapped in the negativity of hatred, but do so responsibly. 

By tuning into the feeling of hatred – the one that makes you shudder and growl – you can extract the Fire element itself. 

That is the ”option #3″ when you make it into a firewall (like a burning ”egg” of fire around you) – now it works FOR you, not against you. 

By allowing the Fire element to exist in your system, but NOT directing it onto anyone or connecting it to anything, you are letting the Fire burn your own negative patterns – that is the alchemy of transmuting negative Fire of hatred into positive Fire of passion and aliveness.

There much more information about this in my book “Mission Alpha” – check it out HERE.

Will you extract the Fire our of emotion of hatred and let it burn to free you?