Astral Body activation


The Light codes of Individualized Oneness are being activated in our bodies by Pi, the new host of Earth. As we experience more personal uniqueness without judgment or competition, we arrive into a different state of being. That new person possesses a much stronger 3rd chakra (identity), and it is balanced with an open heart (love/compassion).

The Codes of the Individuation are the multi-dimensional Light codes from the Source. They are related to harmonious creation through individuality and uniqueness. When the energy anatomy configuration is of an old design, the 3rd chakra is wobbly and because of it competitive, drawing strength for that individual by “having to be better than someone else”. The heart chakra is also off, either closed because of judgments, or overly open (self-sacrifice). That old design is what we humans have been living in for a long time, only generating disharmony. It was not a “mistake” but a necessary step in learning. Yet now it is outdated and the time has come for us to awaken our Codes of Individualization inside our Astral bodies. These Light codes are amplified by Pi, and they circulate throughout the Astral body of our planet.

The human Astral Body’s reality feels to us almost as a universe in itself. This is because the astral perception is the one that we are expanding into (from the mental) and so we are beginning to perceive many more details of the planetary Astral level through our own Astral bodies all the way down to the material body. This is why it feels so real (like a feeling, or a dream, that afterwards stays with you for a long time because your material body has felt it). If we could look at life completely through our Astral Body’s senses (i.e. the Astral perceptional lens), we would be living in the 4th dimensional reality (archetypal, story-lines). The Astral Body is fluid and multi-colored, emotions and feelings can flow freely through it, creating a harmonious picture, or get clogged and stuff-up the body, creating an ugly picture. On the Astral level many things can exist simultaneously, which is very unreasonable for our logical/linear perception. Inside of our Astral bodies we can have many conflicted, opposite feelings co-existing together, which can feel at times as if one is becoming insane! Yet if the Light codes of Individualization are properly anchored within the Astral body, then opposites harmonies and co-exist without causing us anguish – because we become an Observer at the same time as a Participant.

“Lower Astral” – this level contains our fears, negative desires, manipulations, agreements with the “dark side” for personal gain – everything that connects to the fear-based human who forgot that he/she is God. If this level is dominant, it is easy to be influenced by the negative emotions and storylines of others, which then amplify our own fears. It creates mob violence and group hysteria (as absence of individuation!)

We must use our #SoulWorkTools to activate these Light-codes of Individuality by watching out for our behaviors very carefully – in order to NOT be caught in the “lower astral” human mess – people tend to react, sometimes violently, when the infusions occur, but Pi (next level of consciousness for the planet) is here to stay, and we are, overall, moving towards the harmonious creation.

“Middle Astral” – this is the 3D version of the archetypal “good and evil”, where the “good” must succeed over the “evil”, the “Hero/Heroine” journey; this sub-category is the one we read about in fairy tales, what the super-hero ideals are based on – the idealism/heroism (think of “Lord of the Rings”). If as children we are not exposed to this way of understanding life in archetypal terms, we grow up limited, narrow-minded and lost (psychopaths and serial killers do not have this energy in their Astral bodies.

A healthy dose of idealism is necessary for romanticism – without this sub-category we lose the ability to be romantic and are unable to associate ourselves with something bigger than us, instead becoming stuck in our fears and limitations.) Thus use your #SoulWorkTools to activate these Light-codes of Individuality by consciously refocusing your criticism and sarcasm into a more positive view of a situation, and also try to “take the higher road” in every situation.

“Higher Astral” – this is the archetype of benevolence – giving and receiving support with no price attached (while still being equal in order to be in Abundance!) because this energy is in alignment with Life. When we are using this Higher Astral energy, supportive synchronicities abound, and we feel effortlessly “in the flow.”

We can use our #SoulWorkTools to increase our awareness of this energy when we wish, or intend, for ALL life to prosper. Prayer or intent-setting meditation for the benefit of all (but without a particular idea of how that benefit will look!) This is the area where Pi wants to apply the individuality codes the most – to help us create harmoniously.

There is so much more information about this in my book “Mission Alpha” – check it out HERE.

The Light codes of Individualized Oneness are ready to activate inside your Astral body. What if you chose to focus on your personal uniqueness without judgment or competition?