Transcension of Duality
& the DNA Codes

Transcension is a path of transcending the limitations on perception, self-imposed by us during our descent into matter-reality. Transcension of duality is the ultimate goal of the 21st century inner alchemy. We are returning to the immortal state, only this time with the Self awareness.

Matter and Spirit are one energy in different stages of manifestation. These stages allow for alternate ways in which we perceive ourselves and our reality. This level of perception (this morphogenic field) is the recognition of the holographic nature of reality/manifestation. Through the comprehension of this holographic awareness we can appreciate deep levels symbiotic resonance that defines us as individualized aspects (Selves) of the unified divine consciousness (Source). Our physicality is a complex manifestation of our divinity, individualized by our wisdom and by our karma.

We are designed to be everlasting – we are held in the matrix of the Universe as precious vehicles for enriching the Source. Our human DNA is uniquely designed for this task. The masterpiece of human design is the sensory organ for planetary ascension, as Earth is a sensory organ for human ascension. Our matter-form is a sacred geometric matrix, an instrument through which we will transcend this materialistic perception, entering the next Golden Age, the 3rd, harmonious, level of human consciousness.

We are moving from the tribal energies of “me vs. you”  to the balanced “One Life”. This is a hard transition for a lot of people because their identities are linked to the tribe that they feel they belong to, and their pains are linked to the tribes that they felt they were abandoned by or pushed out of (family, country, religion/church, job, etc.) In the “tribal” way of living the “right-ness” of that tribe becomes the rule, which creates wars with other tribes, each believing in their own “right-ness”.

The release of this “tribal right-ness” began back in 2011 and is going to continue through 2060 – that is how long it will take for everyone who still needs to learn through or complete with their karma, related to the tribal identity, tribal pain, tribal fears. Starting at 2013, these tribal energies are being squeezed to the point of eruption – which is where we are now (and will be till 2060). But we are slowly moving from COMPETITION to COOPERATION and COMPLEMENTARITY.

The competition as a way of moving forward is not be supported by the planet anymore, even though human beings still are holding on to it. It is not “wrong” or a “mistake”, it is a natural completion of the 2nd level of human conscious and progression into the 3rd, Humanity is attempting to birth itself into the Golden Age – and the madness we see in the world today are the birthing pains. Imagine two rams, horns locked, pushing at one another. One wins an inch, then another, but all in all they remain pretty much locked in the same position. This is what we have experienced on the planet lately: politically, religiously, socially, medically, even internally! This of course does not mean that humans suddenly will agree on everything. 

Our consciousness affects our chemistry, and vice verse. The tribal consciousness we had been in for a very long time had closed many divine codes in our DNA (bio-chemistry of the matter body, which allow us, or not, to receive Light). This state of our DNA relates directly to our creations: disease, wars, genocide, cruelty, suffering. We are in the 2nd level of human consciousness, which is a transitory disharmonious step between the 1st (Nature/animal) and the 3rd (super-human). These mutations of our DNA codes are necessary for the learning curve. These DNA codes affect the holographic matrix, which mirrors a state of collective unconsciousness back to us (visual and audio feedback). By studying the feedback we receive in our daily lives, we can learn where we need to modify our energy broadcast in order to create a different refection in material world around us.

Yes, in our Golden Age (the 3rd level of human consciousness) we are meant to become stars! Click your heels together three times, and you are home 🙂