The Victim Trap &
How to Get Out


“Victim programming does not just exist in the chakras, it anchors there and affects entire energy levels. For example, third chakra victim energy might color the whole astral level with expectation of failure; root victim energy can make the entire conceptual level overly rigid. To simplify, we can place all the levels in two main categories: fluid (unconditional, astral, emotional) and structural (conceptual, truth, mental, etheric).

There are imbalances in the fluid levels because too much energy is taken in, and in the structural levels because too much energy is being pushed out. These imbalances are represented in our internal landscape, affecting perceptions and behavior. Looking at the diagram below, notice which category you tend to fall into, it might be different depending on the issues (for example challenges of single parenting might send you into fluid imbalances, while dating into structural ones).










Do it for me


Do it my way

Feeling the negative pleasure of being wounded


Feeling the negative pleasure of wounding another

Emotionally frozen


Hyper vigilant




Being overly affected by the outside world and over-worrying about your actions towards it (over-identification with others/world)


Being unaware of how the outside world affects you and not noticing how your actions affect others (not connecting to others/isolation from the world)

When we experience an imbalanced perception/behavior, either structural or fluid, it is because somehow this acting out serves our inner Victim. Of course it is a negative service, because it helps the Victim to stay in power. Our positive desires are able to manifest only in the state of empowerment, so if you want to create something great (balanced relationship, fulfilling job, physical health), the Victim has got to go. Making the negative servicing of your Victim conscious is another tool for disarming it. This also diffuses the negative charge on realizing your desire. You can use a particular procedure to help you with this. Here is one of the ways:

Drop into your body and let your awareness guide you to the origination point of the imbalance you are experiencing or choose to work with. This origin point may be anywhere in your physical body or energy system. Once you have identified this location, the goal is to find the reason that this imbalance serves the Victim. Using patience and perseverance expand into the origin area and discover why this form of powerlessness exists in you. The resultant understanding is the healing.

The energy imbalances create physical symptoms. Yes, our own victimhood creates physical conditions that seem to perpetuate feelings of a victim type. Since everything is one organism, the physical symptom is an anchoring point for the victim energy in the physical level of the energy system. To heal the physical condition we need to stop supporting it by our energy programming. Remember, nothing can exist physically unless it is energetically supported. Put your hand on your body in the place that represents the physical symptom of the imbalance. Connect to the pain and move into a state of gratitude for the lesson that the body is giving you. Gratitude is the gateway for reversing the process that brought the imbalance into form in the first place.

To eradicate victim programming we need to use conceptual understanding in tandem with experiential states. Nonattachment, internal safety, excitement, curiosity and willingness are the essential attributes for the demise of victim consciousness. Non-attachment represents the conceptual understanding that all this ‘reality’ is an illusion and experience instead nonjudgment (no right or wrong). Internal safety is the concept of self-reliance and the experience of Soul related peace. Excitement is a conceptual acceleration and experiential joy. Curiosity conceptually is open-endedness and a desire to experience. Willingness is the concept of participation and experience of courageous anticipation. 

Applying these principles helps you to face victim obstacles with compassion. As you use all these tools we were reviewing here, remember to not allow yourself to care about what others will think of your choices and actions, because the Victim is often supported by social patterns. To get out of your victim mode you have to be an independent Self!..”

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