Spiritual Acceleration
& Galactic Light

The acceleration and opening of our planetary spiritual range is going through yet another wave. This acceleration occurs regardless of our personal choices (from the Ego viewpoint). 

The personality might scream, “No! I’ve had enough, I just want to hang out in the “familiar” and not have to be vigilant, responsible and present, not have to be a Self at all!” – but the Ego doesn’t get the vote in this. 

All of the Souls incarnated on Earth right now have signed up for this spiritual acceleration, no matter how hard it feels at times. 

We all are evolving this Simulation to its next level, all communally choosing the future timeline path for Earth.

The Light from the Galactic Center is a hundred times faster than anything we have experienced before (not since the beginning of this human cycle anyway). These are the waves of completion coming out of the Galactic Center in the 7D and cascading down to the Solar System and into the Earth Simulation as photonic super-charged multi-dimensional Light.

Because the energy will only get faster, we need to train ourselves to utilize our current aches and pains, confusions and self-doubts, transmute them as fuel in order to propel ourselves along the Ascension Stairway. 

We want to be able to integrate the new Light Codes, not be overloaded and shocked by them, and this means we have to build our tolerance now. This is an opportunity to evolve faster, to increase the Higher 3D range further and to be able to live fully in it. 

The Universe is supporting us in this endeavor, sending the 7D Light spirals our way – but we have to do our job and keep doing the inner work. 

And it does not matter if we are tired/scared/overwhelmed/hurt – it only matters that we keep walking on the Path, because all the rest of this is only the “avatar perception” (from the part of us that is inside the “game” of this Simulation). 

The Soul/Source is in love with us, in deep respect and gratitude for what we are accomplishing here on Earth.