You are always loved
by the God Source!

You are loved right now. As you are. With all of your imperfections.

In the “beginning” the God Source was “bored”, and so it split into many parts of itself in order to “entertain” itself. These sparks each went on their own unique journey – these are our Souls. On these journeys of exploration of the Universe, the Souls learned a lot and the COMPREHENSION of reality came into being.

The Souls participated in different experiments – in “classrooms” like our Earth. Inside each Simulation / classroom, a personality was created by each Soul in order to learn further. The imperfection of each personality fed into a magnificent tapestry of God Source, further “entertaining” it 🙂

You are always accepted as a perfect divine aspect of God Source, a sacred extension of creation.

When we feel bad about ourselves, it is connected to the friction between the image of how we should be and the image of how we are.

If the “should” is connected to the Higher Self (let’s say one feels guilty because one lied, or betrayed someone, or was irresponsible, etc.) – then we feel bad as a consequence of our conscience. The solution here is to FORGIVE ourselves and move on. When we feel bad because we didn’t behave as we knew we could, we automatically claim the lesson. But the key here is to forgive ourselves. We must take responsibility and either fix the situation we behaved incorrectly in, or commit to doing better the next time. But either way, we must let it go. Forgiveness and letting go are the solutions to this type of “feeling bad”.

‘If the “should” is connected to the Ego or the Lower Self (let’s say one feels bad because one went against the norm, didn’t do as someone else had expected them to, or we chose to put ourselves first in a selfish way, etc.) then we feel bad because we are disappointing someone or breaking someone else’s expectations of us, or we didn’t get what our ego wanted. The solution here is to REVIEW the origin of the expectations that you are placing on yourself, be clear if they are your own or not (most of the time they are either the parental or socially expected ones), and then recommit to your own idea of yourself. The key here is to RELEASE someone else’s expectations of you. It is ok to disappoint others – they are not walking your path and they are not your Higher Self, so they have their own agendas. It is not ok to be cruel or aggressive about it, but if you KNOW what you must do and it is not what someone else wants of you, you still must go for it, but be clear, kind and present. Comprehension and release of someone else’s expectations are the solutions to this type of “feeling bad”.

The substance we are made of is Love. We are not made of restrictions and expectations. These limitations are just the patterns of our own perception. If one’s perceptional lens is clear, one is Love. And Love is Abundance.

You are a broadcasting station – from you into the Universe resonate the waves of images, perceptions, beliefs, emotions, and thoughts. What are you broadcasting? Are you embodying a belief that you are loved and supported, and that your imperfections are simply components of your learning process and are precious just like you? That you are working on becoming a master of yourself, remaining in the Higher 3D Earth and ascending further into the higher frequencies?

Or are you embodying a belief that you are deficient, defective, that your Lower Self will always win and that you are lacking some magic trait for awakening?

We are the ones generating these beliefs. Thus we are the ones who can change them into anything we want. A belief is a combination of presence in the body, emotional experience, and thought patterns – a blend that we don’t usually question, but simply accept as is. Most beliefs are karmic, and amplified by the upbringing from the earlier years of our lives. If you want to change a belief, QUESTION it!!! When you move it from the category of “for sure 100%” into “this is one of the opinions”, then it is easier to further move it into “what if this is not true?” and so on.

Practice. Look at your negative beliefs and question them. Look at your fear of disappointing someone else – this could be another person, or a Lower Self inner-child that has a fear about disappointing the Higher Self inner-adult.