Channeling and
Your Personal Energy Broadcast

Channeling is a way of aligning with the higher frequencies. All cultures trained and cherished individuals, who were able to communicate with the unseen, able to bring vision and purpose to their people. There are many names for these people – prophets, seers, shamans, oracles, mediums, psychics, channels. Some were born with an innate ability to remain in alignment, others had that ability activated by their own Soul, or through special training.

So much confusion exists today about the term “channeling”. There are three types of channels: trance channel, download channel, conscious channel.

The trance channel is a person who falls into an unconscious state to allow the information to come through – his everyday consciousness is unable to expand to the level where the information is coming from, therefore he “moves out of the way” (Edgar Cayce is a good example). Mediums are also examples of a trance channel – a medium is a person who not only “moves out of the way” energetically, but vacates his body altogether to allow another entity to enter and speak, using his material body. 

The download channel is a person who receives an entire package of information while being in an aligned state, but is unable to comprehend the information. In such a case the information then has to be either tuned into for intuitive interpretation, or the knowing just “drops in” as the crown chakra translates it.

The conscious channel is a person who is able to remain in a conscious relationship with the information received or an entity that this information comes from. A conscious channel person can have a “conversation” with an energy guide – remain themselves in the Higher Self/Soul and from there relate to another non-physical being.

I do not call what I do channeling, but if I did, I would fall into this third category since I am conscious multidimensional clairvoyant.

Conscious channeling is only possible when one is able to consciously not only uphold the alignment and travel along the vertical link established, but also be able to fully comprehend the Code/information directly.

In all three versions of channeling, the source of the information varies. The message can be coming from the Higher Self/Soul, our personal energy guides, other entities/intelligences from other dimensions and/or time, and others. To complicate things, this information can arrive in many different forms: as a voice in one’s mind, as a visual image, as a movie playing in one’s mind, as a concept, or even something that moves the body (like making a sign, or writing, or drawing the information). Telepathic, verbal, auditory or written, the message still only has value for our awakening if it comes from a harmonious place in higher frequencies. 

Desiring a channeling ability for the reason of “feeling special” is caused by Lower Self insecurity and personal insignificance fears, and attracts entities from much lower frequencies which are less harmonious.

The channeled information is only as pure as the one receiving it, because the frequency range one can access is in direct proportion to one’s own range. If someone only sees in black and white, but the information is in yellow, it cannot be delivered. This is why we can never receive answers out of desperation – desperation implies limitation in range of perception, it is always a wall that we must first face, before we can overcome it.

If one has done some inner work in their current and/or other lives and is able to align oneself with the higher vibrational component of oneself, that person will be able to download information within that range. That information might be from an external source, like a guide, or from one’s Higher Self and will feel as if it has come from someone else – that is because that person has not expanded his own consciousness to incorporate this range into his own identity. And that information will be unknown by that person’s conscious mind, it will feel external to it. Only if the conscious Self can expand to incorporate the range of frequencies will the information be known as one’s own, or can be received in complete conscious communication with a guide or another entity.

Why would one want to learn to channel higher frequency information/energy? Because an alignment to the higher frequencies increases one’s spiritual growth many times over, thus practicing that alignment is essential for awakening. The more we strengthen the inner connection to the Source within, the more purposeful and joyous our lives become.

From “Awakening the Harmony Within“:

“We are resonators. We broadcast our unique energy frequency, and it attracts to us whatever matches it. If we are abundant and joyous, we will attract more abundance and joy into our lives, and also the people who bring us abundance and joy. If we carry a lot of fear, we will attract something that will activate that fear in order for us to have an opportunity to clear it inside of ourselves. A person with a lot of fear will attract to themselves people who are the activators of that fear (they trigger a fear response in us through their actions), and also people who are similarly afraid (they amplify our fear, making it very obvious)…”