Outsource your Money to your Soul

How to receive more and feel GOOD about receiving more

Some of you grew up with lots of money, some grew up with nothing.

We all have crap about money…

Fighting about money is the most common reason for divorce and the cause of some of the worst childhood memories for many of you. The entrapment trauma experienced by being born into wealth, the “legacy money” that you are expected to uphold and maintain, is an emotional wound as well.


  1. One of the challenging issues about money is the judgment of “having money” as being “Selfish”. This is a very prevalent belief among the New Age community that somehow everything should be free and people who make a lot of money are “bad”, that everything “for profit” is not spiritual.
  2. Another issue is the fear that if we allow ourselves a higher standard of living, we won’t be able to live without it, becoming dependent on it and thus trapped.
  3. This next money misinterpretation is for the ones of you who think that Money=Freedom. It doesn’t. Freedom is a psychological lens on reality and NO material substance will ever be able to give it to you,
  4. And the most famous issue in spiritual people is: if I only had the money, then I could help people. This is a money trap as well, just in disguise!

Details, details…:

1. This is a person who complains about “doing all that they could” but never being able to manifest money.

When a business owner or a spiritual lightworker person has an issue with receiving money, it traps them in the old mindset of limitations. And we all know that we create our own reality by attracting to us what we need to learn, right? So what happens here? Someone who judges money as “evil” and believes that it is “selfish to have money”, this person starts from scarcity, thus they will attract NO money. If they are looking to promote their practice, or sell their products, no one will come looking for them. Or a few people might be interested, but they will want it for free and argue, even blame, the practitioner or business owner for the price of their services or products. The same goes for jobs – instead of getting a great job, one will get a limited job with a hardship-tag attached so that their Lower Self can be proven right and remain trapped in scarcity. We love to prove ourselves right – it gives us COMFORT to be right. But by this means we are enabling the Lower Self.

2. This is a person who has huge rainfalls, then goes hungry, then again an up, then a down – without any control over it or any ability to maintain a steady flow.

Someone who fears having money because it might become a limitation (of a higher end lifestyle?) can actually attract money as a Soul teaching to “learn to deal with money better” – but this person won’t be able to hold onto it. The opportunities will keep falling through, or some crisis will always require funds to fix it – and before long all of the money has now leaked through one’s fingers… This person’s issue is not the money itself, but fear of having money – that money results in entrapment. Usually, this is a karmic pattern – in this lifetime this person might wholeheartedly desire to have money and be super frustrated as to why it doesn’t happen. They must examine their entrapment beliefs. This karma can also masquerade as a flip-belief – i.e. believing that they are “trapped without money” while actually fearing to be trapped WITH money.

3. This is someone who thinks that there is some “secret” to getting money and if they could only figure it out (if you’re electric) or “fall into a groove/become lucky” (if you’re magnetic), then the money would manifest.

Someone who thinks that money is freedom puts way too much pressure on the SUBSTANCE-SUPPLY as a definition of his/her REALITY. And we know what happens when we put matter ahead of Spirit, right? – karma! So, if you want to be free, then BE free. Right now. Find the internal limiting beliefs, find the emotional wounds that are in the way of this freedom, take RESPONSIBILITY for your own issues, and clean your lens up. Then the money concept is freed from the parameters/pressure you’ve been putting on it  – thus your efforts in money-manifestation will work much better!

4. This is a bleeding-heart person with weak boundaries, who feels the pain of the whole world and wants to fix the world so that they themselves can finally relax and feel better, safer, and happier.

Why is “Money as a means of helping people” considered an issue? Isn’t it good to want to help people?? Yes, it is GREAT to want to help people. But this has NOTHING to do with the money! If you want to help people, then go help people! Period. You can donate your time or your skill if you don’t have the money to donate. You can invest your TIME in a fundraising for some project you believe in. You don’t have to HAVE money for it. This “having to have money so that you can help people” becomes a dampening energy field on your desire to have money – your container already has holes in it – you want to “have money” so that you can give it all away. The energy of money will never manifest as money for someone with this belief. If you want to be HELPFUL – great, you will attract a lot of opportunities to show the Universe that you are a helpful person. If you want to make money, have money, contain money, you have to have something of a Self to magnetize that money to! It cannot be for someone else. Once you have the money, true – you can share, give, donate all you want. But this CANNOT be the intent to get the money.

What are the negative beliefs that you have about money?

What do you fear you’ll become if you have the money? – will you become selfish? Cruel? Cold-hearted? A Republican? A non-environmentalist? A prissy queen? A demanding entitled king? Will you give all your money away to charity and earn a ton of karma? (but hey, at least you’ll be poor again, right?!). Will you be treated differently by your family, friends? Will you feel guilty and ashamed that you have the money? Will you have to become responsible? Do you think that the money will FIX some shame or guilt issues you have? (wouldn’t it be nice if a material substance could resolve an energy issue, right?)

Get honest with yourself about your money-story. Own it. Look at the Lower Self desires for money as a “fixer” for your inner problems. Then take responsibility for these internal misalignments – take the money out of that equation. 

Now ask your Higher Self – what do I want the money for? How will it support my life? My spiritual journey? The world?

Money is not positive or negative, it is a resource, an energy tool to help you create what you want.

Our beliefs color the money as “good” or “bad,” and mess with our ability to manifest.

As long as you hold onto your negative beliefs about money, you will be repelling it.

Instead of thinking that if you want to generate money you are a “money-driven person” – think of yourself as an “EXPERIENCE-driven person”. You want to enter into different states of experience – this way the money is an energy that will match what your Soul lesson is. The Soul then will pull towards you the experiences that you need to have for your personal awakening journey – and the money to make them happen.

Outsource money to your Soul !!

Then you can allow more money to come in and OVERFLOW (exceed your NEEDS so that you can share it with the world from that place of fullness!)