The Expiration of
the Old Belief Systems on Earth

We are moving into the time when the old unconscious belief systems, linked to the morphogenic fields inside this Earth’s Simulation, are becoming expired.

Yes, that is right, the disharmonious morphogenic fields, generated by the unconscious humans, are going to expire! This means that the Simulation itself will not support these morphogenic fields in the Higher 3D Earth reality (and they are already not supported/allowed in the 2nd Sub-Harmonic Agartha/Earth of 4D, 5D, and 6D). The old fear-based systems will not be allowed to operate in the Higher 3D Earth at all.

The Lower 3D Earth will still have these old negative belief patterns because people are not done learning through them, and because most humans still have a lot of their personal karma linked to these negative morphogenic fields (and, hence, are intent on feeding them). The fear, pain, jealousy, greed, shame/guilt, anger, blame, victim self-perception, righteousness/judgment – all of these experiences are linked to the lower morphogenic fields which are generated in Separation from the Oneness. Many people in the Lower 3D Earth still use these belief systems out of an absence of consciousness. Without the existence of inner knowing, the inner navigator of the Higher Self, the habitual karmic behaviors take over.

True Individuals can have their own opinions, tune into the inner voice of conscience and act from that place, while tribal mentality only generates a mob of self-absent people who feel stronger by the fact of being part of such a herd. 

The fear that we do not own is projected, and when many people are afraid of the same thing, they generate a morphogenic field out of their disowned fear energy. That field overtime gains a power of its own, being fed by so many, and begins to behave as its own “entity” (this is how the “devil” is created, among other dark images). Once the morphogenic field is strong enough to behave as an “entity”, it begins to attract new “recruits” – other people who are afraid. These new people might have been projecting the fear that generated the morphogenic field in the first place, but end up joining in, plugging into that field, because it amplifies their own fear and feels familiar.

When someone inside a tribal-consciousness system tries to wake up his/her individuality and step out into self-consciousness, the old negative morphogenic fields that his/her tribal group subscribes to end up holding him/her back. The people in the tribal-self will do everything they can to “not lose the members” of their tribe. The tribal mentality is supportive of these negative morphogenic systems because it is DEPENDENT on them! Without these negative fields it will be much easier for people to leave the negative tribal mentality.

The tribal mentality still exists in the Lower 3D Earth, linked to these negative morphogenic fields. But it is not going to be allowed at all in the Higher 3D Earth. And having the Higher 3D Earth energy range and placement inside of this material reality will help people in the Lower 3D Earth to wake up their individuality.

It is very important to not fall into doubt about the fact that these negative systems do NOT exist in the Higher 3D Earth! 

That higher component of the 3D Simulation will soon not have any of these old systems, but if we doubt that, we end up “checking to see if it is true” – i.e. actually looking for, locating and tuning into these negative fields in the Lower 3D Earth. And by doing that we drag our own I-Am-ness out of the Higher and into the Lower 3D Earth! 

Stay vigilant about being your own Self and not plugging into the lower morphogenic fields or falling, out of habit, into your own negative beliefs.