Who are the Starseeds?

Starseeds are the people, whose Souls came to Earth from elsewhere, while Earthlings are native to this planet’s soul-group.

Starseeds have already gone through an ascension of consciousness in the realities they are from. Starseeds are wise and ancient; they are on a much more advanced level of consciousness than the earthlings, who are young.

Both groups, Starseeds and Earthlings, are susceptible to the Mind Control of Negative Agendas here on Earth – but it is easier for a starseed to recognize these negative agendas, while earthlings do not have this ability active yet.

Starseeds in 3D are in Separation like everyone else, but they have an active link to Oneness – thus they feel more pain from disharmony on Earth, while Earthlings do not notice this disharmony as much (because they have nothing to compare it to).

Starseeds possess a genetic memory of Oneness, of God Source, and of other dimensions – these codes are not always active, but they are present; this is why it is easier to awaken a confused and lost Starseed (these DNA codes wake up, and one remembers) and not possible to awaken an Earthling (they have to LEARN, not remember what has already been learned).

Indigos are the type of Starseeds who have a 6D consciousness (they are born with an active 6th DNA etheric strand that filters their energy field into an indigo hue). The term “indigo” has been applied to anyone who is “psychic and young,” but this is incorrect. Most indigo type Starseeds came to incarnate on Earth between 1970 and 1980 (with 1975 being the most active year), but there was an avant-garde of this group hundreds, even thousands of years earlier – these are now “veterans,” and most are still here (ready to be relieved by the newcomers.) Indigos have a distinct mission to avert planetary destruction, to facilitate the Higher 3D ascension timeline shift, and to support the DNA codes activation for the human race. Indigos are just one Starseed group of many – there is no “hierarchy of Starseeds”!