Shadow Work: the Key to Your Unconscious Mind that Ignites Your Soul Magic.

  • Are you feeling a bit stuck in your spiritual journey? Facing same blocks over and over?
  • Frustrated that despite being a conscious person who did a lot of healing work already, you are hitting an invisible wall?

The truth is, there’s a powerful force at play here – your Shadow side. Your Shadow Self can either sabotage or spark your manifestation process, depending on how you engage with it.

Through understanding and acceptance of your Shadow Self you gain access to the ageless wisdom that resides inside you, revealing exciting opportunities to ignite your Soul Magic and manifest the life you really want.

In this post, learn what Shadow Work is all about, why it should be done, how to start practicing it – as well as recognizing when you are in your darker side, the Shadow Self, so that you can begin to transmute it like a pro!

In this post you will learn:

1. How to uncover and distinguish the Shadow from your unconscious identity.

2. What are the negative benefits of being in a victim role and what choices you have instead?

3. What situations trigger your Shadow and how to differentiate between real danger and perceived danger?

4. How to practice self-acceptance, witnessing and self-compassion?

5. How to change the behavior that comes from your Shadow and unlock its power?

What is Shadow Work and its benefits for your life

Shadow work is a transformative and empowering process that invites you to explore the hidden dark aspects of yourself, linking your conscious and unconscious mind – the parts that may have been overlooked, rejected or suppressed. 

This deep self-inquiry involves delving into the shadows of your psyche to uncover the hidden treasures, strengths and wisdom that lie beneath the surface. 

By embracing and integrating these shadow aspects, you allow yourself to evolve, nurturing a more authentic version of you. By truly accepting all of who you are, you experience greater self-awareness and self-empowerment. It frees you from the constraints of your limiting beliefs and helps you to break through the barriers that have held you back.

Shadow work is about healing the wounded part of you (that might present as a “screaming child”, “a bully”, “sarcastic and judgmental”, etc.) so that you can be whole.

What is the Shadow?

The shadow is the dark side of our personality, it consists mostly of negative emotions and impulses like rage, envy, greed, selfishness, self-destructive desires, limiting perceptions, and the striving for power over life.

Despite Shadow archetype bad reputation, if you believe the Shadow’s darker aspects message and see it as “Truth” about you, you cut yourself off from many of your best qualities.

Shadow is a natural part of your Soul Design Strategy as a human nature – we all come in with a Shadow to heal as a way of evolving ourselves, the Light work of emotional health.

Shadow work is a brave, bold and powerful journey of inner work that shines a light on your True Self, your positive aspects, and the limitless potential within.

How does your Shadow Self affects you and how it can sabotage your manifestation and wellbeing

Embracing your Shadow Self is a powerful and transformative journey, as it unveils the hidden aspects of your own Shadow personality that often go unnoticed.

These darker elements buried deep within your psyche have a significant impact on your well-being and can inhibit your ability to manifest your desires. When left unchecked, the Shadow Self holds the potential to sabotage your innermost aspirations and hinder your progress.

This is why it feels sometimes that despite all the self-work you've done, you are still hitting the same dark inner issue!

However, by acknowledging and integrating these disowned parts, you can reclaim control and harness the Light energy. Practicing Shadow work you can overcome self-imposed limitations and unlock limitless possibilities for manifesting your dreams and enhancing your Happiness, Abundance, and Well-being. 

Remember, profound personal growth – and with it, your ability to unlock multidimensional access, ignite your Soul Purpose, and live by your Sour Design Strategy – emerges from the process of empowering yourself to face and transcend the challenges presented by your Shadow Self. 

I know you have done your work and you are brave to face your deeper darker nature. It doesn’t have to be scary, but it does require courage and determination.

Why the Shadow is not necessarily negative and what is its' Purpose

The Shadow, often misunderstood as a representation of negativity, holds within it an empowering purpose. Shadow work prompts your acceptance and understanding of your shadow selves, and activating personal growth and cultivating a deeper connection with your authentic self.

What is Shadow comprised of? Here are 3 things:

  1. Your karmic overlays – i.e. whatever in your Soul Design Strategy that come in from previous lifetimes and is meant to be a learning process in this lifetime;
  2. Your personal trauma – i.e. what occurred in this lifetime to activate your lessons, usually events from your childhood and linked to the authority figures (like parents, teachers, etc.);
  3. Your rejected bits – i.e. the experiences that are habitual to you and yet are not seen as acceptable (usually because external authority figures and/or society deems them “bad”).

What specific purpose do each of these 3 things has for its existence within your Shadow Self?

1.. Your karmic overlays are the unfinished lessons from the previous lifetimes. Karma is not a “bad thing” or something you have to “pay back” – it is simply something you had started learning but didn’t finish when that life ended – so it gets carried over into this lifetime.

2.. Your personal trauma, especially from the early childhood, is there to guide you to your core lessons in life. It might seem harsh, but we contract on the Soul level with our loved ones to activate our journey by triggering our karmic overlays. This past trauma can be physically mild but huge psychologically, or can also have an intense physical health component. Either way, it gets your body to become aware of the issue, and thus to focus on it. This is how your Soul ensures you do not miss what you must learn in this life.

3.. Your rejected bits are from social conditioning and programming (from collective unconscious) that allows you to fit in (and “not die” by following rules of the tribe) and imprinting on power figures about what is allowed and what is not. By exploring this aspect of the Shadow, you get to see where you gave your power away, and take it back.

Embracing the Shadow, instead of fighting or ignoring it, opens doors to self-awareness, encouraging you to confront your fears and hidden personality traits, drawing out the innate strength that lies within you.

In acknowledging your dark aspects awakens renewed radiant Light within you, you unveil the potential for transformation, metamorphosing from a caterpillar into a butterfly. The Shadow carries with it the key to your inner power, granting you the ability to become the best version of yourself moving forward.

The Energetics of your Shadow Work, and Where is Shadow located in your Energy Field

Embracing the Energetics of your Shadow Work is a vital step towards self-mastery. Interwoven with your energy field, the Shadow comprises aspects of yourself that remain hidden, often due to fear, insecurities, or past traumas.

So, one of the most common questions I get about the Shadow is “Where is it in my energy?” There is no simple answer to this because your Shadow is not a “thing” but an aspect of your entire being!

Here are the most common Energy-locations of your Shadow:

♦ In your Emotional body. This is where your personal pain, victim energy, and sadness often live. This is also the home of the childhood trauma of any kind (including sexual abuse) and of your emotional self-perception.

♦ In your Astral body. This is where you can be projecting your authority and thus feelings of powerlessness or power-struggles can live there.

♦ Your Mental and Conceptual bodies. These are the energies that allow you to thing and to form an idea about who you are.

♦ Your Unconditional Love body. This is where your disconnect from the divine lives, when you feel alone, or unsupported, or lacking connection, guidance, abundance.

How do you know which areas your Shadow expands into?

♦ If you had experienced sexual trauma, and/or your habitual Shadow expression is victim feelings, unworthiness, procrastination, abandonment, sadness, lostness, fear, confusion, self-judgment, lack of self-kindness, self-loathing, exhaustion, and other personal darkness – then your Shadow extends into your Emotional body.

♦ If your habitual Shadow expression is about power-struggles, triggered by authority figures (fighting or terrified of them), people-pleasing, rage, loneliness, self-doubt, comparison, sarcasm, self-minimizing to accommodate others, etc. – then your Shadow extends into your Astral body.

♦ If you keep getting stuck in the negative thought loops, and your idea of who you are feels very limited to you – like you know you are more than what you feel and think and yet you still see yourself as “small”, “flawed”, “insignificant”, “disconnected” etc. – then your Shadow extends into your Mental and Conceptual bodies.

♦ If you feel disconnected from the divine despite what you know mentally, often feel separated from your Guides, Angels, Source, experience lack in abundance and wellbeing, etc. – then your Shadow extends into your Unconditional Love body.

By uncovering and understanding these energies, you can release limitations and integrate these parts of your true essence. This empowering journey involves delving into the recesses of your innermost self, uncovering unseen potential which can propel you towards greater self-awareness, happiness, and abundance.

Specific ways to recognize when you are in your Shadow and how to identify it

The Shadow is an intriguing aspect of your personality that holds a blend of the hidden, repressed, and powerful facets. Recognizing when you’re in your Shadow is an empowering and transformative experience.

You may experience a strong emotional charge or feel defensive, particularly during conversations or when faced with triggers related to insecurities, inadequacies, or unresolved issues.

Another indication you’re in your Shadow is feeling envy or disdain towards people exhibiting traits or qualities that you haven’t fully embraced in yourself.

You might have any of the experiences I wrote about in the Energetics and location of your Shadow…

♥ To identify your Shadow, start by reflecting on your emotions and reactions to certain situations – no judgment, no attachment, simply witness.

♥ Keep a journal to track how you are experiencing life when you are triggered – this will gradually make your unconscious shadow conscious.

♥ Engage in self-inquiry to better understand your past experiences and suppressed feelings. Do this with kindness and self-compassion.

♥ Always ask yourself “What am I getting our of thinking/feeling/believing this way?” – you want to find which part of you benefits by your experience. It might be confusing at first – like how do you benefit by feeling unsupported or disconnected when all you want is to connect to Source?!! Well, in this case, the answer could be “so that you do not have to do what you are afraid of” (i.e. if you can’t have guidance, you cannot be led to do something you are scared of), or “so that you don’t feel love” (because last time you felt love, you felt “out of control” and then something bad happened, maybe you were abandoned by a mother you loved so much, or rejected by a lover you saw as your soulmate, and your Shadow now is tryin to protect you from it happening again).

This courageous exploration of your own psyche can lead to profound self-awareness, allowing you to own, embrace, and integrate every aspect of yourself into a more wholesome and integrated person.

How to integrate your Shadow and release subconscious limitations to ignite your Soul Magic

Embracing your Shadow is a powerful, transformative process – it doesn’t happen overnight. Hurrying it won’t work, but consistency leads to igniting the spark of your Soul Magic and opening up a world of empowerment.

By diving into the depths of your subconscious mind, you can illuminate the dark corners where unresolved emotions and limiting beliefs reside. As you gently confront these fears and traumas, acknowledging them with love, a beautiful alchemy begins to unfold.

So how do you integrate your Shadow Work Journey?
Here are 5 steps:

1.. Become a conscious investigator of yourself. Journal every day to keep track of your experiences so you can learn to recognize your Shadow. It has a specific tone of voice (might sound like your mother! 😉 ) and it is usually arguing with the wiser part of you, attempting to convince you that it is right and you (the Higher Self) is wrong.

2.. Remember that Shadow is NOT a definition of you but of your trauma, karma, or social conditioning and imprinting. This means that when you uncover some unsavory aspect of yourself, you do NOT make it into a part of conscious identity. In fact, you do the opposite, you take it OUT of your unconscious identity and see it simply as an energetic or psychological add-on to your personality that you now got to make a choice about.

For example, you have uncovered that you fall into the victim role and you are disgusted with yourself because you thought you are empowered and sovereign 😉 This is when you say “ok, what am I getting from feeling victim-like? What is the negative benefit here?” (instead of “I am all bad, weak, and not powerful). When you find out what you are getting from being a victim (journal on it!) – you now have a CHOICE. That is the real power that is hidden within your Shadow.

3.. Notice the situations that activate your Shadow. The Shadow manifests itself in your response to a stressful situation or new environment – and it is always a form of self-defense against a perceived danger. Notice I said “perceived”? 99% of the time the danger is not real. Nothing happens to you – you create your reality. No one’s Soul Design Strategy is “to suffer”! So, if you are habitually getting triggered and struggling, looks for WHY are you putting yourself into these situations? Usually the answer is that your Shadow is putting you there unconsciously because it get to be right that way.

4.. Do NOT get stuck in over-analyzing! It is so tempting to dive into all the details of “why”, “what caused it”, “what happened when I was 5” etc. But even though it is a good idea to understand some of these connections initially, if you have been trying to face and integrate your Shadow for a while, this is not the way to go. Instead, you want to practice self-acceptance, witnessing, and self-compassion. The key here is to love your Shadow – love that lost, hurt, disconnected and often terrified part of you that is trying to do its best to help you “survive”.

5.. Change. This is the part of Shadow integration that most people miss. Once you noticed it, excluded it from your identity, realized when you get triggered, and dove into self-love – now is the time to behave differently. Trying to change behavior (step 5) before the previous 4 steps will backfire. What does it mean “to change”?

It means that you now can clearly differentiate the voice of your Shadow from your Higher Self, and you know what is it protecting you from, and you also choose to stand in the truth that A: there is no actual danger, and B: that you are not that voice, and C: that you get to choose how you will see this situation and yourself in it. From this place your behavior naturally changes.

By this last step you finally unlock the power that these hidden aspects of yourself have been withholding, release the energetic blocks of self-protection based on past-referencing that have prevented you from stepping into your true potential, and fully live your Soul Design Strategy.

You are now free to create YOU. Clarity, power and trust your own inner guidance to see you through whatever comes your way – this is the freedom that Shadow Integration brings into our lives.

So be brave, dive deep, and enjoy the journey!


Q: What is Shadow Integration?

A: Shadow integration is the process of uncovering, facing, and integrating some of the unconscious aspects of your personality that are known as your ‘shadow-selves’. These hidden aspects can be anything from unrecognized fears and repressed emotions to part-selves that do not fit into your conscious identity. By uncovering and integrating these aspects with the conscious mind, you can gain clarity, power and trust in your own inner guidance.

Q: What are the benefits of Shadow Integration?

A: The primary benefit of Shadow Integration is the freedom. By facing and integrating the hidden shadow aspect, you can release the energetic blocks of self-protection based on past-referencing that have prevented you from stepping into your true potential. This empowers you to live more fully in alignment with your Soul Design Strategy.

Q: How do I begin Shadow Integration?

A: To begin Shadow Integration, start by looking for any triggers or patterns in your life where you may be getting stuck. Is there something that consistently causes you to feel overwhelmed, anxious or triggered? Once you have identified these triggers, it is important to practice self-acceptance, witnessing, self-reflection, and self-compassion. Finally, once you have noticed and excluded it from your identity, you can start to change how you view the situation and yourself in it. This will allow you to unlock the power that these hidden aspects of yourself have been withholding and begin to live more fully in alignment with your Soul Design Strategy.

Q: What does it mean “to change” the Shadow Self?

A: To change means that you now can clearly differentiate the voice of your Shadow from your Higher Self, and understand what it is protecting you from. It also means that you recognize that you are not that voice, and that you get to choose how you will see this situation and yourself in it. From this place, your behavior naturally changes. This is the part of Shadow Integration where you fully unlock the power and potential that these hidden aspects have been withholding. This freedom allows you to live your Soul Design Strategy.

Q: What should I expect on the Shadow Work journey?

A: When practicing Shadow Integration, it is important to remember that it is a process of self-discovery, conscious awareness, and healing. There may be times where you feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed, and it is important to give yourself the space and time to process these feelings. It is also important to remember that this process requires a lot of self-love, patience and compassion. As long as you remain open-minded, honest and practice self-care, you will find that Shadow Work can be a powerful and transformative journey.

Q: What is my Soul Design Strategy?

A: Your Soul Design Strategy is the unique blueprint for how you are meant to express yourself in this world. It represents who you are at your very core, and is often found in moments of clarity or insight where everything suddenly makes perfect sense. I can help you identity your Soul Design Strategy more specifically and help you ignite the power of your energetics and your unique way to manifest happiness, money, health and a spiritual leap: your Life Purpose, your Profit Potential, the Life Cycles, and the DNA Light Codes you can here to activate. Soul Design VIP day>>>