Sanctuary Spheres

One of the most immediate goals that the starseeds have on Earth today is to support the Higher 3D ascension timeline by creating Sanctuary Spheres. These are energy zones of spheroid shape, resonating from a person, but not maintained by that individual’s energy – instead they are maintained by the current that that individual starseed is able to run through him/herself to sustain it.

The Lower 3D Earth is interlaced with destructive morphogenic fields, amplifying addictions, fears, pain, confusion. These are life-erasing entropic systems which are designed to prevent ascension of consciousness. By remaining in the Higher 3D, starseeds are adding their charge and intent to the ascension timeline, anchoring and maintaining it for all. Human consciousness though (or unconsciousness!) remains trapped in the Lower 3D. According to the Law of Non-interference we don’t have the right to somehow awaken humans from the outside of them (if this was even possible!). We are here to change their ENVIRONMENT so that humankind has an easier time awakening.

How do we change the planetary energy environment? We REMAIN in the harmonious Higher 3D, while building Sanctuary Spheres from the material level of our bodies and up into the frequencies that we can handle. This anchors the harmonious energy into matter – in a sense by-passing the lower morphogenic fields of the Lower 3D Earth.

How to build a Sanctuary Sphere?

You must be self-responsible and able to remain in the Higher Self identity most of the time (the Lower Self and Ego are still there, but managed by the Higher Self). If you are grounded in your body, as it is going through the neuro-psychological consciousness shift, you are anchoring the ascension charge in the Earth’s grids naturally. The awakening Kundalini current resonates through the plasmic filaments of the Micro-Tubular Network and all of the planetary grids like a pulse. This is the same pulse that resonates in your system, activating the pineal and thymus glands, changing your perceptual lens, connecting you to Oneness of God Source.

Each one of us can generate a Sanctuary Sphere. But being grounded is a requirement here, because the circular spheroid field mimics one’s Vertical Tube – you have to be IN it in order for this to work!

As each of us generates these Sanctuary Spheres, we are essentially walking around in the Higher 3D bubbles inside the Lower 3D. Not only does this amplify the ascension timeline, it also gives humankind an opportunity to experience Higher 3D when they are in the vicinity of us. The stronger one’s Vertical Tube charge, the larger spatially the bubble will be. When starseeds and forerunners (awakened earthlings) do this together (like a group meditation or prayer), the Sanctuary Sphere can encompass the Earth for the duration of the event. This is what we do in Transcension Gate Membership! We are SERVING the planet by VIBRATING SYNTROPICALLY.

Each of us can generate our own Sanctuary Sphere to add to the planetary ascension timeline and awakening of humankind.

In Transcension Gate Membership you will work with the Guardian Kadishtu beings and the Solar Council not only on improving your own personal journey, but also on serving this planetary evolution. Join us today!