Where are Starseeds from?

All Starseeds are from different places in the Universe – some are from neighboring star systems and from the cultures who are heavily involved with Earth, others are from higher dimensions of this galaxy, others are from the future timelines of Earth and other worlds.

Indigos, being the prominent group in the current planetary events, are also from many places throughout the galaxy, but all are guided by the Kadishtu Guardians and monitored by the Sirian High Council in 6D (the origin of their mission to Earth).

There are 5 main groups of Starseeds on Earth currently:

Pleiadean human with 5D consciousness,

Sirian human with 6D consciousness,

Sirian cetacean with 4D consciousness,

Arcturian human with 4D and 7D consciousness,

Urmah feline with 4D and 6D consciousness

There are also countless smaller groups and even individual Starseeds – from Angeli and Lyrans to Dragon people, Elvin people, and insectoids, and many more.