What is the Starseed mission?

There is one “mission” for all living beings – to evolve, to comprehend, to create, to serve the God Source. Thus, first and foremost we are all here to LEARN and to SERVE the propagation of divine blueprints into forms.

Starseeds are on a spiritual humanitarian mission to Earth:

  • to help awaken Earthlings;
  • to clean up False God programs;
  • to free the planetary host and the souls incarnate on Earth from the oppression of Mind Control Agendas (human and alien);
  • to recode the DNA blueprint to facilitate multidimensional access;
  • to activate the universal transcension templates and grids inside this planetary Simulation;
  • to modify negative timeline influences.

Starseeds are on a personal mission while on Earth:

  • to gather intel for their home race (reconnaissance to facilitate change).
  • to cleanup their own past difficulties with duality and Separation perception.
  • to have a direct experience of being controlled in order to comprehend it, and know how to prevent it.
  • to experience extreme duality as a dynamic interplay of opposites and gain knowledge of Self inside such conditions (personal achievement).
  • to activate the Unity Christ Consciousness at this level of density and disharmony (personal achievement).

Each Starseed has a type of a mission here on Earth that is related to the planetary and Earthling evolution, in addition to one’s own learning.

Each Starseed has a unique path of learning and service, depending on their Soul Contract, planetary contract with the Solar Council, agreements with their home race, etc.