Walking the Starseed Path

Each person’s path is unique, and all paths have the right to exist. The Earthling soul group has a communal path with a variation for each individual. Starseeds have their own unique paths – since not all Starseeds are from the same place! We all come from different star systems, different dimensions, different experiences – and thus we carry different skills, wisdom, and have different learning paths as well.

All starseeds have their own paths – one is related to the general “Starseed mission” and the other to the personal journey within the Separation, based on unique lessons (and the karmic patterns).

Our spiritual paths become apparent to us when we begin to WALK them!

Looking for one’s path counts. It is better than not doing anything. But when someone does not like their path, they cannot just get off because they do not like the scenery!

Before coming to Earth, we agreed to walk on our path – we “signed a contract”, the Soul Contract. By doing so we became a piece of the planetary puzzle, a component that is now incorporated into the current Earth experiment.

If we do not walk our path, we INTERFERE with the planetary evolution as a whole!

A Starseed is a powerful energy access point – if it is “hijacked” by fear-based Control Agendas, a Starseed’s energy is added to the negative fields. And we have a LOT of charge – all Starseeds do.

Thus, it is our responsibility to walk our own path (the “Starseed mission” and the personal lessons) to remain contributing to the Higher 3D ascension timeline.

Walking the path is the only way to awaken. But quite often people just give in to their fears and stop – in a sense they sit down on the road and refuse to move. That is not ok – it is detrimental to us and the planet.

We have a purpose and that purpose is linked to us walking the path.

When we refuse to do it (and there is always fear behind the stubbornness), we immediately drown in our karma and genetic memory. Taking a break on the path can be necessary, especially if what you are going through feels very hard to you. But a “rest stop” is not the same thing as stopping and refusing to get up when it is time.

Giving up is NOT an option – what came down must go back up to God Source!

How do you know the difference between the “rest stop” and the refusal to move?

Simple: “rest stop” is NOT an avoidance of the path; it is a way to take care of oneself (and the part of the Self that we take care of is NOT the Lower Self!) It can be very beneficial to allow yourself a break in processing of some emotional pain, or in dealing with a difficult problem – kindness is above all. But these breaks are not open-ended; they have parameters for when we will resume the work.

When we attempt to avoid our life because it is too hard, because we do not like it, because we do not believe we can live it – as soon as we stop, all our fears and issues surround us.

So, be kind to yourself, treat yourself with respect, allow time to heal trauma, but do walk your ascension path.


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