Types of Starseed Missions

Here are 8 general types of Starseed missions on Earth:

Lightworker / Healer

Genetic Alchemist 




Guardian of Species

Imprinter of Water

Acupuncture Needle

Lightworker / Healer Starseed mission

This is one of the most known missions. The Lightworker is a healer. Doesn’t matter which modalities are used, this Starseed has an intense urge to help this world and the people in it. They are natural harmonizers, alleviators of pain and suffering, bringers of the Love vibrations and activators of the harmonious blueprints in the body and field. The Lightworker usually is directed to work on people or other species (a type of animal, or type of tree, for example), but occasionally a Lightworker is a planetary harmonizer – these Starseeds work with the planet as a whole to bring harmony to it (through healing ceremonies).

Genetic alchemist Starseed mission

This mission is about cleaning the DNA from generational miasmas (which create not only chronic physical conditions but also psychological and spiritual distortions). When one clears one’s own genetic patterns, this signals a new freedom into the planetary fields, aiding other people in doing the same clearing. Genetic alchemists work with their own DNA (usually cleansing their own bloodline first) and with the genetic patterns of others, facilitating an overall change (a freedom upgrade) in humanity. In order to ascend into the Higher 3D Earth frequency range, one must transmute their genetic dead-weight first. Thus this mission is essential for the Higher 3D ascension timeline. The Genetic alchemist transmutes the genetically programmed miasmas, clearing the path for the transformational energy downloads to upgrade human DNA.

Many of the younger Genetic alchemists are Indigo Starseeds – they have a particular skill with DNA activations and cleanup of parasitical virus programs.

Teacher Starseed mission

This is the other of the most prominent missions. Teacher Starseeds are here to educate Earthlings about other dimensions and a harmonious, conscious way of life, about Universal Laws and the design of the system they are incarnating into. Teacher Starseeds are also the awakeners of asleep, abused, lost, and traumatized other Starseeds – to give them hope, memory, and direction.

Gridworker Starseed mission

These Starseeds are the celestial architects, they understand the math and geometry of the geomantic blueprint, and are able to perceive stargates, the Cosmic Web, planetary multidimensional grids and all sorts of energy alignments in the planetary Light Body. The planetary grid network is a living template of Universal Intelligence, activated by the Sun and the planetary host, and encoded with the original instructions of the Law of One God Source. Gridworkers remove blocks which distort this grid network (intentional Control Agenda programs, trauma miasmas, redirects and other parasitical virus programs) and are able to intentionally direct the life force flow, and build energy template programs for the benefit of all on Earth. Gridworkers help open stargate systems, cleanse Micro-Tubular Networks, reconnect geomantic systems of sacred sites in connection with the Solar Council and the Guardian Kadishtu. Most work on the planetary grids requires access to knowledge we gain in the future. Therefore Gridworker starseeds come from future timelines of many different star systems (and a few are from the Earth’s future too).

Resonator Starseed mission

In order to bring a high frequency into this dimension of Earth, one must be of this dimension and planet. It is not possible to add anything from the outside; one must be on the inside. This is what the Resonator mission is about – to embody the energy to be a conduit for it, resonate it into the space around oneself. The embodiment is a tricky business because one much actually become the frequency – resonate by example. For that, a lot of personal work must be done, and also one must disconnect from any negative influences (or the resonance will be polluted) – unplug from the social and personal (family, genetic, internal) agendas. The resulting resonance feeds into the more harmonious morphogenic fields, further activating them. Human consciousness and all planetary programs run on these morphogenic fields – they are a blueprint for the range of consciousness, so any positive change here is a vast improvement. When conscious and unpolluted, Resonators are aligned with the higher directive of sequential downloads. Resonating these energies through their own bodies then results in a new morphogenic field that can support harmonious consciousness of the Law of One God Source. The Resonators have to be connected to their body and have an active Light Body field in order to download, integrate, and resonate the incoming energies. With every transmission, they add to the overall planetary field, which affects all living things on Earth and the planetary host itself.

Many of the younger Resonator starseeds are Indigos. They specialize in the polarity integration of electric/male and magnetic/female into the Unity Consciousness. These Indigos have a specific skill set to bridge opposites (hate and love, fear and safety, shame and worthiness, separation and oneness).

Guardian of species Starseed mission

These starseeds come to support a particular type of species on Earth – usually an animal or plant. They have very strong love-resonance with these animals or plants, are able to hold the health blueprint for them and work to harmonize them. Each species has its own morphogenic field, and in the planetary memory is the health blueprint for the ultimate state of that entity – these can become disconnected, distorted, intentionally damaged. Guardians repair the health blueprints, reactivate and harmonize the morphogenic fields, and remove viruses (parasitic implant programs) – most of this is done not through the conscious restructuring, but through the compassion and love energies, that these starseeds carry as catalysts for the planet to readjust itself to a more congruous state. There are starseed Guardians of soil, crystals, plants, of sea creatures and of the animal kingdom.

Imprinter of Water Starseed mission

Water has memory. Planetary water and water inside our human bodies acts as a conductor and recorder of multiple frequencies and can be utilized for the advancement of consciousness through the DNA activation. Water does not discriminate in what it imprints – from powerful group prayers to horrific tribal traumas. This attribute of water is known and used by the Negative Aliens to hold human consciousness in the narrow range (being a food source). Humans can change this by vibrating in alignment with the Soul and God Source, which immediately resets the water into a harmonious state. But humans are often stuck in the negative patterns and cannot do this for themselves. Imprinter of Water starseeds are strongly connected to the love energies of the Mother – the Sophia Light and others, including subconscious access to the Liquid Love transcension templates. These starseeds are drawn to water – to be around it, to resonate with it, to pray over it, to vibrate into it. Their mission is the freeing of water resonance and the cleanup of the traumatic memories (on a regular basis in the planetary and internal waters), as well as imprinting water molecules with the Mother love codes and Liquid Love transcension energies.

Acupuncture Needle Starseed mission

These starseeds are very similar to the Resonators, only mobile. Acupuncture Needles need to be in their bodies and with an active Light Body field – they must do personal work to release anything distorting the incoming energies. The body vessel must be clear of distortions to become a conduit for the incoming energies, which are not permanently embodied but are sent through the body into the Earth in an intense event. There are many acute events like this in the Acupuncture Needle life. There are actively directing starseeds (electric and magnetic polarity) and passively receiving starseeds (magnetic polarity).

To the actively directing starseeds this is about being a “needle” with their awareness – about planting a particular vibration of their recognition at the site, gathering statistical data and releasing it, to facilitate more appropriate solutions to the current planetary problem. They might survey a vortex or follow a distorted energy current through remote viewing or meditation (or lucid dream) in order to deliver the “energy package” and to track its path and influence – once they see/feel/know it, it is automatically released into the unified field of the planet, and this information is then utilized by other starseeds (and the Solar Council) to correct the issue.

For the passively receiving starseeds it might feel like they go along living their own life and suddenly feel an intense urge to travel to a particular location (close by or far away) – they might not have had any interest in that place prior but now it feels true to go there. When they arrive, they might feel the need to meditate, or might not be sure why they had to travel there. This can also occur through lucid dreams.

The energies that these starseeds are downloading are the tools for the morphogenic field nodes, and in themselves, these energies are not related to human consciousness, but they are necessary for the activation of the new codes, repair, and reset that are implemented by the Solar Council and many Kadishtu starbeings, and other starseeds. In a sense, Acupuncture Needles deliver the right tools to the right spot at the right moment.

Many of the younger Acupuncture Needle starseeds are Indigos – they travel extensively to facilitate the activation of the Light Codes.