Compassion is a form of loving, a “communal passion” – a sharing of Love of God Source with yourself, other people, the planet, all living things. It is one of the Universal Laws of One God – an action of loving. The multidimensional Unity Christ template (the Father code) is fueled by compassion that is unconditional.

This pure masculine principal of God had been polluted and a mutated False God program was introduced. In the False God morphogenic field parameters there is either no compassion at all (god is cruel and selfish), or compassion is given out according to a deserving scale.

In the 3D Earth, living inside duality for so long, even the more conscious people tend to apply compassion conditionally – based on who they believe deserve it! (like victims, children, and the poor deserve compassion but the warlords, killers and psychopaths don’t).

God is Love, and the application of this love onto Creation is compassion – without it there is no food for the Soul. Deserving is a human misunderstanding – we all equally deserve love, it is a RIGHT of each being (not one deserves more and the other less).

Compassion is linked to Joy, Kindness, and to the even-tempered Presence. When the heart is filled with the Love of God Source, there is a natural state of Joy. When that love is expressed out into the energy field and then beyond onto the world, it becomes Compassion.

When one accepts oneself, it is Kindness, and when one remains in alignment with God Source, is it the even-tempered Presence. These bring the full embodiment of God.

How can we love others unconditionally, be unconditionally compassionate, if we are not in self-love and self-compassion? If you attempt to love everybody when you are in fear, self-judgment and not accepting your own divinity, you will end up in self-sacrifice mode instead of the compassionate state.

The ability to be unconditionally compassionate implies fearlessness – towards your own inner issues and towards people. Fear of people’s reactions (that they will laugh at you, not like you, be mad at you, hurt you) is the activator of judgment and the killer of compassion. One must process their fears and issues with authority in order to be compassionate.

Kindness is a daughter of Love and a sister to Beauty

It is easy to get stuck in self-judgement if you are processing a painful issue or experiencing Ascension Symptoms. The Ego builds “agendas” and attaches value to them – thus when we are not succeeding according to our own timeline, we end up feeling bad about ourselves.

This is a program of self-minimizing, a karmic pattern that stops us from growing because it is disempowering.

All personal cleanup must proceed with kindness – for yourself and for others. Kindness is NOT comfort, kindness is an application of the Love principle. Just like judgment (diminishment, criticism, sarcasm, hatred) can hurt, Kindness can heal.

Kindness is about honoring where we are, not pushing to where we think we should be. Are you doing everything that is in your power? Processing, studying, meditating, remaining vigilant about your Lower Self strategies? – if so, then be kind to yourself, you are doing the best that you can right now. It will improve as you keep going if you are fair to your process.

Random acts of kindness and beauty are the seeds of Transcension.

♦ Want to learn to love yourself better? To let go of not-enoughness and self-sacrificing?

♦ Desire to STEP INTO LOVE RESONANCE so that you can be truly compassionate to yourself and others?