We are one Universal Mind, exploring itself through different individual experiences – each Soul is a unique perceptional focal point within the law of One God Source.

This applies to all species – human (the earthling Soul group), Starseed (Souls who originated not on Earth), all animals and plants on our planet – and ALL life in the Universe – we are all One.

Comprehension and application of this principal of Individualized Oneness through RESPECT and NON-JUDGMENT of ALL experiences and species is an integral component of transcension.

In the Lower 3D, the human species has been living inside the selfish tribal morphogenic fields for a long time now. Currently we are transitioning into the Higher 3D, applying the altruistic (service-to-others) 5D morphogenic templates – building the Higher 3D Earth ascension timeline.

If you want to live in the Higher 3D, you MUST let go of the lower 3D (you cannot be in both!) – this is how we all help to RESOLVE the current social mess of the tribal warfare mentality.

Transcension is about moving beyond the Ascension Stairway steps into the Soul-Self (being one with God Source). To do so we must keep the personal mind open – only then can it align with the Universal Intelligence (Divine Mind).

Universal Intelligence contains ALL knowledge, and there is no “right” or “wrong” knowledge – depending on the species and its place on the Ascension Stairway, some knowledge is seen as more beneficial to pursue, other knowledge as less beneficial if applied – but all knowledge is equal in value.

The knowledge of the power of the atom and its quantum components can be a blessing for a civilization that has arrived into the understanding of Oneness, or it can become a weapon that destroys that civilization if it is still in the Separation stages. Computer-type technology can be highly beneficial for advancement of a civilization, while taken to extreme that knowledge can advance to the Artificial Intelligence level that takes over that civilization.

It is our consciousness level that determined the benefit or detriment of knowledge. But when we judge the knowledge by that benefit (assigning value to it) we take ourselves out of the neutral Observer state of the Higher Self and Soul. We begin to take sides in disputes based on our own fears and issues, instead of standing neutral in our truth.

Taking sides always leads to conflict, which requires resolution – taking sides is not the same as “having an opinion”. One can have an opinion and know that it is one’s truth, without projecting any self-worth issues onto it, while at the same time allowing others to disagree with him/her.

To prevent yourself from taking sides and projecting value onto your own opinions, it is important to always study the belief system of people whose opinions you disagree with. Their opinion is based on the range of their consciousness, on their perceptions of reality, their beliefs, fears and issues, etc.

Understanding how people are “designed” in their psyche allows us to remain a neutral Observer. We then can be a non-judgmental, open-hearted, and compassionate person towards anyone, even the people whose opinions we disagree with.

Judgement is a form of emotional value attachment to a perceived fact (an opinion).

“Positive judgment” (a factual view without an attachment of value) is discernment, an ability to differentiate (which is obviously necessary for sanity in 3D!)

Negative judgment is really a glorified personal opinion – it is meant to label us “right” (with the value going up) and the other party “wrong” (with the value going down for them in our eyes) – or vice versa if you are the self-judgment type.

Because we live in Separation and linear time, we require some measurement for our progress, for one something against the other something – it is a form of DEFINITION that makes our minds feel safe. This definition looks different in the higher dimensional realities, but an ability to differentiate is a healthy component. When paired with intuition and a link with the Universal Intelligence, we call this DISCERNMENT. The value attachment to a perceived fact (an opinion) is what turns it into a judgment.

This value attachment to a factual view is the basis for the Victim-Victimizer morphogenic field, and when one is judging others or self-judging, one is contributing to the strength of this field, supplying energy into it.

If you are judging others’ behaviors or beliefs, it implies that you are believing in “ultimate right” and “ultimate wrong” – the False God programs in the Lower 3D. Out of that assumption comes the conclusion that if you are right (and your feelings tell you that you are) – this means others, who believe differently, have to be wrong.

Or if they are right, then you are wrong. This is the basis of all negative judgment – we emotionally defend our position, forgetting that we have the right to an opinion without having to prove anything! Because all of us are unique, we all will have different beliefs, and feelings and actions that come out of them.

It is essential to respect the uniqueness of others, to allow each person to walk their path – this frees you to walk your own. Being powerful (self-masterful, sovereign, in charge of oneself) means letting other people go through their own lessons, even if these are dissimilar to your own.

How do you know you are not respecting the uniqueness of others?

Our responsibility is to pay attention to our reactions to other people’s expression of themselves. Our reaction carries in it an unlearned lesson – we are reacting because our own conviction is not as stable as we would like it to be, and we perceive external stimuli as a challenge, or as an activator of pain. The pain was already in us, the wobble was already hidden in our belief – but if we do not take responsibility for that (and extract the wisdom from our reaction), we project it outside of ourselves, perpetuating negative judgment.

If you find yourself judging yourself, or others, FACE the internal pain – it is always related to your self-worth and “need to be right as a means to feel safe/loved”. There is a component of the Lower Self that is asking to be dealt with.

This also means that one first has to unplug from the lower morphogenic field of Victim-Victimizer in order to sort out one’s own issues. Once one has released the burden of the morphogenic field influence, one must find where there are links of worthiness to love and safety in one’s psyche – these will be the keys to cleaning up judgment.